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Name: Halcyon
E-Mail: Member's E-mail Address
Chat Systems:
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Halcyon's Imperial Navy Pilot Record

    No INPR entered.

Halcyon's Platforms

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Halcyon's Skills

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Halcyon's Fiction

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Halcyon's Images

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Halcyon's Combat Record

Hussar (55 Points)

Battle Stats:
Total overall missions flown: 55
Battles Completed: 6
Free Missions Completed: 26

Battle High Scores (0):
   No Battle High Scores
Mission High Scores (0):
   No Mission High Scores
Battles Created (2):
   TIE-TC 206: First Blood
   XvT-FCHG 2: Eye for an Eye
Free Missions Created (0):
   No free missions created

Completed Combat Engangements

TIE Fighter

 TIE Corps
   TIE-TC 97: Hammer's Week (The Iron Warhammer)
   TIE-TC 141: A New Ally II
   TIE-TC 200: Ascension (Medal of Ascension)
   TIE-TC 206: First Blood

 Dark Brotherhood
   TIE-DB 11: Black Dragon Rising

 Free Missions
   TIE-F 104: Aurora Online
   TIE-F 105: Blowing Crap Up
   TIE-F 130: Chaos in Phare
   TIE-F 145: Demons and Angels
   TIE-F 149: Patrol of Somewhere
   TIE-F 198: The Intrusion of Light
   TIE-F 209: Historic Mission #1367
   TIE-F 215: Pi squadron- Minos Cluster
   TIE-F 216: Indaro\'s Little Adventure

X-Wing vs TIE Fighter
   XvT-F 11: The Test of Skill
   XvT-F 57: Tiss & Mike: Prologue
   XvT-F 65: Wing XIII: Phoenix Squadron
   XvT-F 105: Diplomats
   XvT-F 116: Subjugator Survive
   XvT-F 125: An Exercise in Fast Attack
   XvT-F 127: Folly: The Endless Inspection
   XvT-F 137: Sector Neutral

X-Wing Alliance
   XWA-F 34: Steal a Gunship
   XWA-F 40: The Capture of Firixon
   XWA-F 43: TAC2K
   XWA-F 47: Infiltrator Wing - The Rebel's New Toy
   XWA-F 68: ASF: Avenger Elite Squadron
   XWA-F 73: Space Truck
   XWA-F 75: Tarentum on Patrol
   XWA-F 76: Wipeout Rebel convoy
   XWA-F 94: The Rebel's Escort Carrier

X-Wing vs TIE Fighter: Balance of Power

 TIE Corps
   BoP-TC 17: Revenge and Routine
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