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PIN #:

Name: Jarion Renalds
E-Mail: Member's E-mail Address
Quote: Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever.
Chat Systems:
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Mem Jarion Renalds's Fringe Group Information

ID Line:

Group Rank: Member
Group Position(s): Member
Group Unit Position: Members
Group Join Date: May 21, 2013
Group Last Promotion Date: May 21, 2013

Mem Jarion Renalds's Fringe Medals

Mem Jarion Renalds has not earned any medals yet.

Mem Jarion Renalds's Fringe Competitions Participated in

Mem Jarion Renalds has not participated in any Fringe Competitions

Mem Jarion Renalds's Fringe History

Rank Change from No previous rank to Member
Reason: Induction Rank
Occured on: May 21, 2013

Unit Transfer:Members to Members
Reason: Induction Unit
Occured on: May 21, 2013

Position Transfer:No previous position to Member
Reason: Induction Position
Occured on: May 21, 2013

PVT Jarion Renalds's HF Group Information

ID Line:
REC/PVT Jarion Renalds/

Group Rank: Private
Group Position(s): Recruit
Group Unit Position:
Group Join Date: Dec 10, 2015
Group Last Promotion Date: Dec 10, 2015
Stormtrooper Type: Airborne Infantry

PVT Jarion Renalds's HF Medals

PVT Jarion Renalds has not earned any medals yet.

PVT Jarion Renalds's HF Competitions Participated in

PVT Jarion Renalds has not participated in any HF Competitions

PVT Jarion Renalds's HF Training Completed

PVT Jarion Renalds's HF Uniform

PVT Jarion Renalds's HF History

Rank Change from No previous rank to Private
Reason: Induction Rank
Occured on: December 10, 2015

Unit Transfer:No previous unit to Left the unit
Reason: Induction Unit
Occured on: December 10, 2015

Position Transfer:No previous position to Recruit
Reason: Induction Position
Occured on: December 10, 2015

PVT Jarion Renalds's HF Items

No items owned.

Jarion Renalds's Imperial Navy Pilot Record

Name Jarion Renalds
Gender Male
Species Human
Birthdate 0 ABY
Place of Birth Galactic City, Coruscant
Relationship Status Single
Family Status Mother and father located on Coruscant. Identities unknown.
Social Status Middle-class
Significant Youth Events Born in the middle levels of Coruscant society, Jarion was accepted into a naval academy in his late teens and graduated seventh in his class.
Significant Adult Events In 21 ABY, Jarion enlisted into the New Republic Defense Fleet as a starfighter pilot. After participating in more than a dozen minor conflicts across the galaxy in the cockpit of his x-wing, Jarion was granted a leave of absence to visit his parents on Coruscant in early 25 ABY. After the trip and on his way back to the fleet, Jarion hijacked a small shuttle with the intention of defecting to the Emperor's Hammer, having lost faith in the New Republic and the way it was run.
EH Alignment A serious individual yet enjoys the specific dry humour. Jarion is an obsessive and easily aggrivated man, yet he is exremely loyal and very dependable.
Previous Employment New Republic Defense Fleet
Hobbies Piloting, starship-engineering, gambling.
Traggedies Jarion lost his right hand in a mid-air collision and the subsequent crash landing during a training exercise in Coruscant's atmosphere. Fortunately, Jarion managed to land his badly damaged fighter in an industrial district which gave him enough flat space to land successfully. After the accident he was given a suitable prosthetic replacement to continue his duty in the fleet.
Phobias/Allergies Has a phobia of Gizka.
Views on the EH Jarion's datalog: "It is to my belief that the Emperor's Hammer and more specifically the TIE Corps is the finest organisation in this galaxy for the training of elite soldiers and pilots. Furthermore, the beliefs and values of its members is to be prized amongst a galaxy of terrorists and disloyal opportunists."
Enlisting Reasons Enlisting into the Emperor's Hammer became an option to Jarion after his time with the New Republic's Defense Fleet. The disorganization of the fleet and Republic as a whole as well as the easily noticeable levels of corruption which lay at its surface sickened the (at the time) Lieutenant who took hold of an opportunity to defect to the Empire during his leave of absence.
Date last updated May 22, 2013

Jarion Renalds's Platforms

    No Platforms Selected

Jarion Renalds's Skills

    No Skills Selected

Jarion Renalds's Fiction

Title Date Approved
Morning Inspection with Beta Squadron Jan 6, 2014

Jarion Renalds's Images

Title Date Approved

Jarion Renalds's Combat Record

Battle Stats:
Total overall missions flown: 0
Battles Completed: 0
Free Missions Completed: 0

Battle High Scores (0):
   No Battle High Scores
Mission High Scores (0):
   No Mission High Scores
Battles Created (0):
   No Battles Created
Free Missions Created (0):
   No free missions created

Completed Combat Engangements

   No Battles / Missions Completed
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