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Message Board - No dedicated message board.
Motto - Intercepting the past, changing the future.
Base - No Permanant Base Established
Site No site established yet
Banner No Banner yet.
Nickname The Flying Sith
Reports - Unit Reports (62)
BTL SBM Coranel Both
BTM DSP Pellaeon
BTM DSM Jarek La'an
BTM SWL Anahorn Dempsey
BTM SBM Rau Aznable
BTM SW Golbez Harvey
BTM PRT Earnim Branet
BTM NOV Bodhan Grayson
BTM NOV Eren Iren
BTM APP Rachel Tahiri Drakon
RG SBM Wraith
RG ACO Drake Starfire
RG NOV Daniel Ghale
RG NOV Dan-Elin
RG NOV Nathan Cole
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