Table of Contents: Awards: General

General Awards are for mostly awarded for a single act or consistant service over a period of time. Below is the General Awards available in the Brotherhood.

Golden Lightsaber | Silver Sash | Diamond Sword | Emerald Dagger | Ruby Scepter | Sapphire Blade | Grand Cross of the Dark Side | Steel Cross | Star of Eos | Dark Cross

Golden Lightsaber (GLS)

Golden Lightsaber

Description: As much a weapon as it is an award, this lightsaber is custom made and then sealed in gold. Its blade also radiates a deadly golden beam. The Golden Lightsaber is the highest award a Jedi of the Brotherhood may obtain.

Awarded for: The recipients of the Golden Lightsaber have displayed exceptional ability in their position(s) and have often gone above and beyond their normal duties to aid the Brotherhood in its growth and function. Such members are nothing less than pillars of the Brotherhood, examples of what a great leader is.

Awarded by: The Grand Master

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Silver Sash (SL)

Silver Sash

Description: The Silver Sash is a great honor for any Dark Jedi. Those who receive it may wear it with their formal robes, telling anyone who sees them that they are an important figure.

Awarded for: Any Dark Council member who has used their position to help the growth and function of the Brotherhood by aiding the Orders and the Lower Clans. An example of this is acting as a resource for both new and old members, or creating activities for them to do.

Awarded by: The Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master

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Diamond Sword (DS)

Diamond Sword

Description: Fashioned from the gems in the deepest regions of Aurora, the Diamond Sword is the mark of a fearless leader.

Awarded for: Members of the Brotherhood who have shown consistent loyalty, innovation and activity in their position for a considerable and impressive length of time.

Awarded by: The Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master

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Emerald Dagger (ED)

Emerald Dagger

Description: This is a useable dagger with a blade carved from a priceless emerald.

Awarded for: Members who have, over a substantial period of time, contributed to the growth and functionality of their Order or the Brotherhood as a whole in the form of competitions or activities.

Awarded by: Any Dark Council member

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Ruby Scepter (RS)

Ruby Scepter

Description: The Ruby Scepter is the sign of a scholar in the Dark Side and its lore. A short, silver-adorned club with a beautiful firelight ruby from the mines of Eos, the scepter is engraved with verses of the recipient's choosing from any book, tome, or Holocron of Jedi lore.

Awarded for: Achievement and/or contributions in the area of instruction, invention, and mentorship to one's Clan or Order.

Awarded by: Any Dark Concil member

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Sapphire Blade (SB)

Sapphire Blade

Description: The blade itself is actually four blades fashioned from a deep blue sapphire found only on the world of Hela in the Phare system. The planet's harsh environment restricts mining of these gems to only one month per year. Since the supply is so limited, only the best of craftsmen work on the blades. Once created, it is affixed to a custom hilt at the climax of the award ceremony.

Awarded for: Consistent service to one's Clan or Order which does not render recognition until seen as a whole. It is often awarded as a medal for multiple services over a long period of time.

Awarded by: Any Dark Council member or Quaestor

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Grand Cross of the Dark Side (GC)

Grand Cross of the Dark Side

Description: A large archaic cross inlaid on a Mandalorian framework of intricate curves, this is one of the greatest honors a member of the Brotherhood can earn. Only the most active and dedicated members are given this medal as a reward for their talent.

Awarded for: Service to one's Clan in areas meant to encourage competition and interaction between members. Such areas include competition creation, IRC, message boards and websites

Awarded by: Any Dark Council member, Quaestor

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Steel Cross (SC)

Steel Cross

Description: A simple medal of a common material wouldn't normally seem very important. Those who have ever been awarded it or known someone who has will tell you quite a different story. It may be awarded more than once, and only the highest award is listed, and after the fourth award, the cycle repeats, so that the recipient may have (SC-SoI)/(SC).

Awarded for: Extended service to one's House or Clan. Service includes aiding one's Consul or Quaestor in their functions, managing and events for the House or Clan, or being a role model for other members to follow.

Awarded by: Any Dark Council member, Quaestor, Aedile, Battle Team Leader

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Star of Eos (SE)

Star of Eos

Description: The Star of Eos is palm-sized metal circlet with jewels-red, blue and purple-inlaid on the circlet to form a triangle. This represents the three Orders of the Brotherhood and their unity. After the fourth award, the cycle repeats so that a member's ID line may read (SE-LB)/(SE).

Awarded for: Consistent and dedicated activity to one's House. Such activity is over the period of several weeks and participation in several projects or events.

Awarded by: Any Dark Council Member, Quaestor, Aedile, Battle Team Leader

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Dark Cross (DC)

Dark Cross

Description: The basic merit award of the Brotherhood. After the fifth upgrade, every Dark Cross earned thereafter adds another diamond to the Cross, thus a person may have: DC-KC-O-CS-Dx2. The complete list of upgrades for the award is below.

Awarded for: Good House activity, usually signified with a strong IRC presence, creation of House fiction or graphics, or participation in competitions and events.

Awarded by: Any Dark Council Member, Quaestor, Aedile, Battle Team Leader

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Table of Contents: Awards: General