Table of Contents: Battleteams

Battleteams (BT) are the basic organizational unit within the Dark Brotherhood and fall under the command of a Battleteam Leader (BTL). These teams are grouped within a particular House. The teams can consist of up to eleven (11) Battleteam Members (BTM) and a Leader. Upon completing training in the Shadow Academy, new members are assigned to a Battleteam with the rank of Novice. Further ranks and awards can be gained by active participation in the team. Members must be in a Battleteam to participate in Vendettas and other competitions. If a member is not in a Battleteam, he/she is placed within the Rogues while retaining their ranks and awards.


Battleteam Leader:

The Battleteam Leader is responsible for the overall welfare of his or her team. This includes keeping members motivated and active. Duties of the Battleteam Leader include and are not limited to:

Battleteam Member:


The Battleteam Leader may award the Dark Cross medal and the following competition awards: the Crescent with Quartz Star, Crescent with Topaz Star and Crescent with Emerald Star for sanctioned Battleteam competitions.


Battleteam Leaders are appointed by the House Summit with approval from the Master-at-Arms. The suggested appointment rank for Battleteam Leaders is Acolyte (ACO).


New Battleteams will only be approved when the other teams in the same House have reached an acceptable level of capacity. This level is normally at 66% but is exactly determined by the Master-at-Arms each time. In addition, any changes to the name of a Battleteam must be approved by the Master-at-Arms.


There is a long time tradition within the Brotherhood to call the Battleteams, their Leaders and Members differently in each Order. As follows, Sith Battleteam is Squadron, led by Commander (CMDR) who is followed by Flight Members (FM); Krath Order has Phyles led by Tetrarch (TET) who leads Tyros (TYR); Order of Obelisk has Brigades being led by Sergeants (SGT) who is commanding Troopers (TRP). Though due to simplicity sake those names were unified to Battleteam (BT), Battleteam Leader (BTL) and Battleteam Member (BTM), the old, traditional names are still common in use, especially within the senior members of the Brotherhood.

Table of Contents: Battleteams