Table of Contents: Houses

Houses are comprised of a House Summit or Leadership, and a number of members.. The House Summit consists of two positions - the Quaestor and the Aedile. The Quaestor is the primary command position of the House, with the Aedile acting as an assistant. The Aedile also serves as acting commander when the Quaestor is on leave. Houses can receive titles upon being placed in a Rite of Supremacy Vendetta. These titles are based upon the House's placing. For example, the first placed house would receive the title "First House of the Brotherhood". These titles are held by the unit until another Rite is held and the House is displaced.


The House Summit is charged not only with guiding the activities of their members, but also with integrating their House into the Brotherhood as a whole. As such, these positions are important in mediating between the wills and needs of those above and below in the command chain. Duties of the House Summit include:


The Summit has the power to award medals for activity. The Aedile may award up to the Star of Eos, while the Quaestor can award up to and including the Steel Cross. In addition, the Summit may award sanctioned medals for approved competitions. Lastly, the Summit may recommend promotion for members of their Battleteams based upon previous achievements.


The Summit is appointed by the Master-at-Arms if the House is not part of a Clan. The appointment rank for Aedile is Guardian (GRD), while the Quaestor's appointment rank is Dark Jedi Knight (DJK).

Table of Contents: Houses