Table of Contents: Grant of Arms

The Dark Brotherhood allows their members who reach the Yeomanry to bear a Grant of Arms, which serves as a heraldic shield to represent and identify the particular member of the Brotherhood.

Grant of Arms overview
Overview of the Grant of Arms

Grant of Arms Guidelines

All members who have reached the rank of Protector or above can afford a Grant of Arms. To request the Grant of Arms you need to contact the Herald or one of his assistants who is assigned to deal with the Heraldic Roll, providing the following information:

Name and Motto plate

This is the place where your Dark Jedi name and motto will appear. Both name and motto are mandatory for the Grant of Arms.

Society Ring

The Society Ring is located in the upper-left part on the Grant of Arms and will display the image of society you belong to. This can be either a Clan, House, Order or an Elite Society. Members of Dark Council prefer to have this ring filled with a Brotherhood Emblem. If you belong to any Elite Society (i.e. Tau Squadron, Grand Master's Royal Guard) you may request an emblem representing this group.

Dark Council Ring

The Dark Council Ring is located in the upper-right part on the Grant of Arms, opposite to the Society Ring. This one is reserved only to the members of the Dark Council, their Praetors and Magistrates. This ring will display an acronym of the position the particular member holds i.e. GM for Grand Master, P:GM for Praetor to the Grand Master and M:GM for a Magistrate to the Grand Master. In addition each of those positions will be represented by different colors: gold, silver and bronze for Dark Council members, Praetors and Magistrates respectively. Members who do not belong to the Dark Council or their staff will have this ring filled with a Dark Brotherhood Emblem.

SubGroup Rank Ring

The ring located on the lower-center part of the Grant of Arms is to show an image of rank you hold in SubGroup other than Dark Brotherhood (i.e. TIE Corps). Requesting to show your rank from the other SubGroup is completely optional and in the case that you choose not to do that, this ring will be filled with the Dark Brotherhood emblem. Be aware that at the time not all SubGroups may have rank images acceptable to be displayed on the Grant of Arms. Check the Herald Office for detailed information.

Personal Crest

In the very center of the Grant of Arms, your personal crest will be displayed. This is the most identifying part of the heraldic shield and thus mandatory. Be aware that you should know yourself what represents you best and that is the reason why Herald and his staff will most likely refuse to create a crest for you in the case that you do not have one.

Position Ring

The inner light ring is responsible for showing your current position starting from one light representing the Battleteam Member position up to eight lights representing the position of Grand Master. If you do not belong to the Dark Council, then the ring will have lights in your Order color (red, purple or blue for Sith, Krath and Obelisk respectively). Only the Grand Master (eight lights) and other Dark Council members (seven lights) will have them in gold.

Rank Ring

The outer light ring shows your current rank within the Dark Brotherhood where one light represents the rank of Protector. This ring will have Order colored lights, except for the rank of Grand Master which is shown by twelve golden lights.

Table of Contents: Grant of Arms