Table of Contents: Identification System
In order to properly identify Dark Jedi in communiqué, the following system of Identification (ID) Lines has been established.

Full ID lines are to be used in all official communication (messages to the Shadow Chamber or other superiors, and in official reports) but in informal settings (personal emails, unit mailing list conversations) shortened versions may be used.

The following format should be used for all Brotherhood ID Lines:

Position/Rank & Name/Battleteam/House [Medal1-Medal2...] {SA1-SA2...}


A member's position in the Dark Brotherhood. This ranges from House Members to the Dark Council.


This is your rank in the Brotherhood, such as Apprentice, Guardian, etc


Obviously, your Dark Jedi name. However, if you are displaying your Brotherhood ID line underneath another ID line which states your name, you omit the name again to avoid redundancy.


This is the Battleteam to which you belong, for example, 'Dark Prophets'.


This is the House to which you belong, for example, 'Drakonen'.
NOTE: At the time of this editing, Clans are not in use.


These are the medals you have earned in the Brotherhood, in order of highest of importance to lowest, separated by a front slash (/).

Shadow Academy Courses

These are the Shadow Academy courses completed by a Dark Brotherhood member. All courses are seperated by a dash(-).

Here is an example of how an ID line would look for a normal member of a Battleteam:

BTM/DJK Kane/Stingray/Drakonen

Table of Contents: Identification System