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This section serves as an area where members can quickly look up information about the Dark Brotherhood. The information is presented in the tables as listed below:

Compendium Conventions | Rank Reference | Medal Reference | Lightsaber Reference

Compendium Conventions

Within the compendium, standardised formatting is used to help the reader identify various features. These are listed below:



Graphical section heading, used to inform the reader of the section title
Clans A link to another section within the Compendium
Emperor's Hammer A link to a website external to the Compendium. This is used to inform the reader that they will leave the Compendium website by clicking on that link.
Table of Contents: Reference Header and footer elements for each section, with a link back to the main table of contents.

Grand Master

Designates a heading for a section of text.
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Rank Reference



Grand Master Appointment rank for Grand Masters
Dark Jedi Primarch Maximum rank for those below the position of Grand Master.
Dark Jedi Master
Dark Side Adept Average rank of Dark Councilor. Member may acquire Force Lightning and Double-Bladed Lightsaber.
Battlemaster/Archpriest Consul Appointment Rank
May Obtain Custom Lightsaber (CLS)
Dark Jedi Knight Quaestor appointment rank. Members acquire standard lightsaber.
Jedi Hunter
Guardian Aedile Appointment Rank.
Novice Rank assigned upon completing training and joining a House
Apprentice Rank assigned while completing training
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Medal Awarding Rights Reference


Maximum Award

Grand Master All awards
Deputy Grand Master Silver Sash
Dark Council Emerald Dagger
Consul Sapphire Blade
Quaestor Steel Cross
Aedile Star of Eos
Note- The maximum awards listed are only for general awards. The awarding rights for competition awards are dependent upon the scale and scope of the competition.
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Lightsaber Privilege Reference


Saber Feat. Gained

Dark Side Adept Double-Bladed Lightsaber (Lightstaff)
Battlemaster/Archpriest Custom Lightsaber
Dark Jedi Knight Standard Lightsaber
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Table of Contents: Reference