Table of Contents: Robes

The Dark Brotherhood maintains a strict and detailed prescription for the dress of its members. The differences in attire relate directly to the differences in rank and position, and the distinction between the three Orders of Dark Jedi.

Formal Dress

Formal occasions include official gatherings such as an address by the Grand Master or the promotion of a member. During these events, a member wears the Formal Dress robes, which consist of both inner and outer robes.

The inner robes are gray for lower ranked Jedi, to show that they are still in training. Members who achieve the rank of Jedi Hunter or higher wear the inner robes in their Order color, to represent that they have ascended beyond the basic training and now focus on the teachings of their Orders. The Grand Master's inner robe is black, to show his power of the Dark Side.

Outer robe represents both the Order a member belongs to and his/her rank. Apprentices have their outer robe completely white with one Order colored stripe. When a Jedi climbs in rank, the more black elements are added to his outer robe in order to represent his/her growing skills in using the Dark Side of the Force. Upon reaching the Equites (at least rank of Dark Jedi Knight) more ornaments will be added to the outer robe when he or she will reach higher rank. Starting from the rank of Dark Side Adept, members will be allowed to wear a hood attached to the outer robes.

Finally to show that the Grand Master is above all Orders, his outer robe is black with golden ornaments such as the golden pectoral with ruby, amethyst and sapphire stones that symbolize the unity of all three orders within the Dark Brotherhood. In addition members who achieve sufficient rank may wear a Lightsaber with the Formal Dress robe. Wearing the awards such as Silver Sash and Golden Lightsaber is also allowed. Below you can see Formal Dress robes of each rank and in each Order color.


Training Dress

When conducting official training, members are to wear their inner robes (simple, gray order colored or black robes). This is to allow maximum freedom and comfort while training. The lightsaber may be worn if the member has sufficient rank. No other decoration or awards are allowed to be displayed.

Duty and Off Duty Dress

While on or off duty, members are permitted to wear their inner robes or other suitable clothing such as utilitarian clothing (like flightsuits for Sith or combat suits for Obelisk). No decorations of any sort are worn, although a lightsaber may be carried if the member wishes.

Table of Contents: Robes