Table of Contents: Shadow Academy

Shadow Academy

The Shadow Academy is the Dark Brotherhood's learning institution. The Shadow Academy provides a variety of instruction for the Brotherhood's Dark Jedi.

Once your application to the Brotherhood has been formally accepted by the Master-at-Arms, and the Grand Master has sealed your induction, you are required to complete a two-phase program. The first phase focuses on basic core studies, which all aspiring Dark Jedi need to know by heart. Phase II studies give the apprentices a better fundamental understanding of the ways of their Order.

Upon completion of this two-phase program, you will be elevated to the rank of Novice, and may take up residence in one of the Houses.

Shadow Academy Campuses

Main Campus:

Located on Aurora Prime (capital world of the Emperor's Hammer), the main campus was originally set up when Fleet Commander Ronin was the original Headmaster, and its continued presence on the Imperial capital is symbolic of the close relationship between the fleet's military and Dark Jedi elements. (Apprentice Studies, General Studies)

Krath Campus:

The Krath campus of the Shadow Academy is situated deep within the bowels of the Dark Hall on Eos. From here the Krath students and scholars have access to the Knight's vast archives, the store of all Dark Jedi Knights' lore the Knights are based on. (Krath Order Studies)

Sith Campus:

For field training experience, the Sith campus of the Shadow Academy is located on a seldom-used forward deck of the Super-class Star Destroyer Avenger, flagship of the Brotherhood. The space was allocated in advance for the Sith when Darth Khaen was Battlegroup Commander of the Avenger Task Force. (Sith Order Studies)

Obelisk Campus:
Located on Kaiburr, the historic 'homeworld' of the Obelisk Order, the Obelisk campus of the Shadow Academy is a modern complex built around the well-kept ruins of the ancient obelisk which drew original High Commander Blazer to Kaiburr. (Obelisk Order Studies)

The Shadow Academy is constantly updated to provide the best instruction for all members. Please visit the Shadow Academy or contact the Headmaster for current course categories and course listings.

Table of Contents: Shadow Academy