Table of Contents: The Art of Vendetta

Honour, fair play, and sportsmanship are expected in Brotherhood competitions. However, the following rules, hereafter called the "Art of Vendetta", have been created to regulate and control such events.

Part I: The General Directives

  1. The Forms of the Art of Vendetta must be obeyed.
  2. No House shall make war upon another with which it is joined in a Clan.
  3. No Clan may make war upon itself or any of its conjoined Houses.
  4. No Clan or House may interfere in the conflicts of another Clan or House.
  5. No House may take steps to recruit members of another House.
  6. All Clans and Houses will follow the directives of the Dark Council regarding conflicts.
  7. Competitions must be submitted to and approved by the Master-at-Arms before proceeding.
  8. Members must be in a House or part of a Clan summit to participate in Vendettas and sanctioned competitions.

Part II: The Forms of Vendetta

Vendettas can take the following forms:

  1. Rite of Supremacy

    At this level, Houses will battle for supremacy in the Brotherhood in the form of earning the titles of First House, Second House, and Third House of the Brotherhood.
  2. Great Jedi War

    At this level, Clans and Houses will battle for rewards decided upon by the Dark Council.
  3. Feud

    At this level, two Clans/Houses will directly battle with one another in an attempt to win the possessions of the other.
  4. Sanctioned competition

    This is a competition that has been given the expressed approval of the Deputy Grand Master. It can include an internal Houses competition or competitions involving a Clan. It also covers inter-unit competitions that do not fall into the form of Feuds.

Part III: The Spoils of War

Awards for a Rite of Supremacy

The titles of First Clan, Second Clan, and Third Clan of the Brotherhood will be awarded to those Clans which achieve the top three places of supremacy. Additionally, placed individuals are usually awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze Novas.
Awards for a Great Jedi War

The awards presented to the victor of a Great Jedi War will be decided upon individually by the Dark Council. In addition, placing individuals are usually awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze Novas.
Awards for a Feud

The victorious House shall take one of the possessions of the losing House. The possessions at stake must be approved by the Dark Council beforehand.
Awards for a Sanctioned Competition

Awards are in the form of the Kaiburr Star and/or Crescents.

Part IV: Penalties for Violation of the Art of Vendetta

In the unlikely event that "foul play" is suspected, the Dark Council should be contacted immediately. Cheating can include the following:

Part V: Transfers during DB-wide events

To prevent abuse of the transfer system and to prevent the problem of people moving into Clans solely for the purpose of participation in one large event, it is hereby ordered that all Inter-House transfers stop one week prior to any Brotherhood-wide event, and continue that way until the event's end. This excludes transfers from the Rogues into a House. Also the transfer of new Initiates from the SA into a House is still allowed during such an event.

Table of Contents: The Art of Vendetta