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Emperor's Hammer Battle

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TIE-TC #168: Project Omega

Battle Name: Project Omega
Number of Missions: 6
Battle Creator: CPT Corran Halcyon
Battle Released: April 14, 2001
No Patches Required.
Wave Pack: None
Medal Name:
Average Rating: 2.2500


Bug Reports

High Scores

Battle: 508736 by: MAJ Artyis
Mission 1: 67951 by: CPT Rover
Mission 2: 113350 by: CPT Rover
Mission 3: 93571 by: COL Zorn Starn
Mission 4: 87661 by: CPT Rover
Mission 5: 85325 by: MAJ Artyis
Mission 6: 106929 by: COL Todbringer


MAJ Fink
COL Zystem Fryar
GN Andrzej Mezynski
MAJ Prophet
FA StarLion
COL Gyssler
GN Brian
HA Striker
COL Zorn Starn
COL Todbringer
MAJ Artyis
LC Turr Phennir
LC Brandon
CPT Rover
CPT Phoenix
FA Howlader Completed On: October 19, 2009
Darth Vader
AD Reaper
LC Azazel
COL Den Darkhill
LT Jakar Streng
LCM Ti'Anna
COL Beef
COL Dras Hempor
LC Saeul Trigue
CM Yarik Kelve
COL Marconius
GN Dax Corrin
CM Roger Duncan
LCM Gambit
COL Stuart
AD Proton
COL Shae Kitane
CM Spearhawk
COL Mini Minkus
HA Elwood the Brave
COL Brucmack
LCM Hawky
Mayk Wolverine
FA Marcin Szydlowski
LC Daisuke Airyu
AD Troutrooper
COL Carl Lost
CPT Wap Eal
FA Khadgar
LC Linkan
CPT Avantar
AD Gidda
CPT Adam Szydlowski
FA Mark Schueler
FA Mark Schueler
MAJ Koriel
Khameir Sarin
COL Wysseri Arestar
CPT Tvan'Oris
LCM Richlet
CPT Saadam
AD Darksaber
CPT Predator
Garet Jax
LC Tiger
CPT Mace
MAJ Michael
MAJ Hunter
COL Bill Kelso
COL Wes Janson
COL Pellaeon
CPT Derek Dan
HA Frodo March
MAJ Powerslave
CM Cahir
GN Master
LCM Enneal Voscom
LC Kenath Zoron
CPT Ninj Prefect
MAJ Daniel Klivian
CPT Hermann
PRT Kodiak Kereban
AD TK-2107
LC Phalk Sturm
GN Abel Malik
MAJ Caltin Doros
LC Ace Hobbes
MAJ Tycho Atreides
CPT Dujhod
LC Thorn
COL TK-7764
CPT Rogue
LC Ardeth Mordor
LC Curtis
CM Karce
LCM Hubert
CPT Alexi Stukov
LT Fed Prendergast
COL Ric Hunter
COL Drak
VA Kane Reese
LT Edward De'Galeon
GN Pickled Yoda
CPT Atmos Myremod
COL Angel
LCM Daniel Frost
LC Spade
COL CrimsonFury
DA Zeth Durron Completed On: March 30, 2010
CPT Alphafoxtrot1
COL Archangel
FA Madam Bobo
FA Brukhar
CPT Von Predator
COL Earnim Branet
COL Dirty Vader
SBM Azurin Luna
LCM Josef Hassan
COL Moagim Daar
FA Viper Pred
CM Fahrer
LC Diaboli
CPT Jaques Landeux
GN Rancorous
CM Gward
LT Dark Scorpius
LCM J'Stin Wakerj
GN Kaisin Mirtez
RA Zósite Kónstyte Styles
CM Rue Sokky
CM Sergeyli Completed On: August 16, 2009
HA Anahorn Dempsey
HA Anahorn Dempsey
HA Anahorn Dempsey Completed On: December 24, 2010
HA Elwood the Brave Completed On: August 16, 2012
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