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Emperor's Hammer Battle

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TIE-TC #190: Fleet Commander's Honor Guard

Battle Name: Fleet Commander's Honor Guard
Number of Missions: 4
Battle Creator: CM Agace
Battle Released: November 9, 2001
No Patches Required.
Wave Pack: None
Medal Name:
Average Rating: 0.7143


Bug Reports

High Scores

Battle: 388458 by: AD Ranthier Khaen
Mission 1: 22076 by: LCM Janus
Mission 2: 99346 by: AD Ranthier Khaen
Mission 3: 150155 by: AD Ranthier Khaen
Mission 4: 133060 by: COL Styles


COL Zystem Fryar
LC Guthwulf
COL Styles
COL Ricardo
COL Gyssler
COL Torres
HA Striker
LC Turr Phennir
LC Brandon
SL Corran Horn
VA Indaro Gallia
MAJ Valic
MAJ David
COL Joerg
FA Howlader Completed On: September 30, 2009
Darth Vader
AD Reaper
LC Azazel
COL Woobee
AD Theodore
COL Duncan Idaho
COL Chei-Ras
COL Marconius
GN Dax Corrin
MAJ Picard
COL Stuart
COL Shae Kitane
HA Elwood the Brave
COL Brucmack
FA Marcin Szydlowski
COL Astarosta
COL Absolut Vodka
CPT ObiVader
CM Agace
COL Carl Lost
FA Khadgar
CPT Avantar
COL Loor
AD Gidda
CPT Adam Szydlowski
COL* Nav'ric Trow
GN Wil Striker
Khameir Sarin
AD Ranthier Khaen
COL Wysseri Arestar
VA Locke Setzer
CPT Tvan'Oris
CPT Saadam
MAJ Michael
LC Dengar March
MAJ Hunter
COL Bill Kelso
COL Pellaeon
COL Liam Stephens
CPT Derek Dan
Tomaas Banys
LCM Janus
HA Frodo March
CPT Ard Royber
COL Mosh
LC Kenath Zoron
CPT Ninj Prefect
MAJ Daniel Klivian
CPT Hermann
PRT Kodiak Kereban
MAJ Aidan Pryde
CM Arcadius Calidus
CPT Quicksilver
LC Phalk Sturm
GN Abel Malik
CM Lirak Kalist
MAJ Caltin Doros
LC Ace Hobbes
CPT Dujhod
LC Thorn
LCM Gruckn Rahn
VA Philo
CM Vessicant
LC Ardeth Mordor
CM Thomas Solo
LC Curtis
CPT Alexi Stukov
COL Ric Hunter
MAJ Jaron Kai
CM Ernest Penfold
MAJ Zhaim Jifarr
GN Pickled Yoda
LC Scuslem
COL Angel
LC Spade
LCM Tyr Kenaz
DA Zeth Durron Completed On: March 31, 2010
FA Brukhar
CPT Von Predator
COL Dirty Vader
COL Moagim Daar
FA Viper Pred
CM Fahrer
LC Diaboli
GN Rancorous
SL SAvageAz Mk.III
RA Zósite Kónstyte Styles
HA Anahorn Dempsey Completed On: December 24, 2010
HA Anahorn Dempsey Completed On: December 24, 2010
FA Mark Schueler Completed On: September 19, 2011
HA Elwood the Brave Completed On: September 9, 2012
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