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Emperor's Hammer Battle

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XvT-TC #50: ZT Force: Cerberus Infection

Battle Name: ZT Force: Cerberus Infection
Number of Missions: 4
Battle Creator: CPT Carren "Angel" Hiles
Battle Released: October 26, 2002
No Patches Required.
Wave Pack: None
Medal Name: ZT Bravery Credit
Average Rating: 2.2500


Bug Reports

High Scores

Battle: 142890 by: CM BlackHellKnight
Mission 1: 27600 by: LCM Luca Fett
Mission 2: 51500 by: CM BlackHellKnight
Mission 3: 37071 by: LCM Danel
Mission 4: 57271 by: CM Daniel Russell


COL Zystem Fryar
GN Kaerner
COL Torres
HA Striker
Darth Vader
CM Arcanix
LC Azazel
CPT Con Selar
CPT Mad Max
GN Smitrock
GN Dax Corrin
COL Shae Kitane
GN Drake
CM Cutter
HA Elwood the Brave
COL Brucmack
FA Marcin Szydlowski
LC Daisuke Airyu
FA Khadgar
COL Loor
AD Gidda
CPT Adam Szydlowski
GN Wil Striker
Khameir Sarin
CPT Tvan'Oris
CPT Predator
MAJ Enzo Matrix
CPT Mace
MAJ Michael
LC Dengar March
MAJ Hunter
CPT Derek Dan
CPT Carren "Angel" Hiles
COL Justin
HA Frodo March
CM Xanatos Screed
MAJ VinDoros
CPT Alsdyr
LC Kenath Zoron
CPT Hermann
MAJ Ryan Chi'Cath
AD TK-2107
CPT TK-6686
COL Andrijas
MAJ Bryan
CPT Quicksilver
SL Ketan-Shej
GN Abel Malik
LC Alec Qarni
AD Daniel Licinius Trajanus
CM Tycho Celchu
CPT John Clark
FA Conker Blackwood Completed On: October 14, 2009
COL TK-7764
CPT Coremy Jertese
LCM Drax Remlinger
PRT Marcus Caine
COL Davi Anthol
LC Girth Snail
CM Gistenjunge
COL Jer Stryker
COL Phantom
COL Ric Hunter
COL Drak
LT Rage Beer
CM Sabbath

COL D. T. Hammer
CM BlackHellKnight
LC Chris Cox
LC Choosh
MAJ Zhaim Jifarr
AD Apophis Kuma
GN Pickled Yoda
MAJ Arid Foxtrot
CM Cabbel
CM TK-9780
CPT Daar Skeloria
CPT Ulath
CM Yukito
LCM Felix Anthraxson
LC Spade
MAJ Aft Skylek
COL CrimsonFury
DA Zeth Durron
MAJ Keiran Laserlight
LCM Luca Fett
CM Michael K Starburst
CM Ghorg
COL Lenvik
CPT Hunterwolf
LCM Danel
LT Mord Gladdian
CPT Tiamat
LC Big Poppa K
COL Trido
CPT Jan Pieter
Malidir Completed On: February 8, 2009
CPT Von Predator
CM El Guapo
GN Earnim Branet
COL Dirty Vader
CM Daniel Russell
COL Moagim Daar
LT Eifel
LCM Marlin
LCM Bribon
GN Rancorous
MAJ Prinz von Hoffman
LCM Jaorrus Morraus
CPT Marenac
RA Zósite Kónstyte Styles
HA Anahorn Dempsey
HA Anahorn Dempsey
HA Anahorn Dempsey Completed On: December 30, 2009
HA Anahorn Dempsey Completed On: May 23, 2010
CPT Vertigo
LC Dunta Polo Completed On: July 20, 2009
DA Tuba Completed On: September 17, 2011
COL Gyssler Completed On: October 30, 2011
HA Anahorn Dempsey Completed On: June 30, 2013
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