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Emperor's Hammer Battle

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XWA-TC #34: CSF Campaign Phase 1 - CSF HQ Battle

Battle Name: CSF Campaign Phase 1 - CSF HQ Battle
Number of Missions: 5
Battle Creator: CM Ace
Battle Released: April 30, 2003
No Patches Required.
Wave Pack: None
Medal Name: CSF Wings
Average Rating: 0.9091


Bug Reports

High Scores

Battle: 410122 by: COL Dirty Vader
Mission 1: 118568 by: COL Dirty Vader
Mission 2: 140959 by: COL Dirty Vader
Mission 3: 115276 by: COL Dirty Vader
Mission 4: 79104 by: SBL Tygra Shadowclaw
Mission 5: 1595 by: SBL Tygra Shadowclaw


COL Zystem Fryar
MAJ Eugene
CPT Xander Drax
COL Gyssler
FA Plif
CPT Roger
COL Torres
LC Jeffery Domm
COL Todbringer
MAJ Artyis
SBM Rau Aznable
COL Raith Sienar
GN Gilad Pelleaon Completed On: May 17, 2010
GN Dax Corrin
COL Shae Kitane
HA Elwood the Brave
FA Marcin Szydlowski
MAJ Cray Mikalen
SBL Tygra Shadowclaw
COL Carl Lost
MAJ Pete Mitchell
CPT Marc Kendoran
AD Gidda
CM Grzmot
Khameir Sarin
CPT Tvan'Oris
AD Darksaber
CPT Predator
VA Keldorn Cochrane
GN Exar Kit
MAJ Hunter
SWL Crsepe
MAJ Powerslave
GN Master
CM Xanatos Screed
COL Deimos
CPT Alsdyr
COL Mosh
LC Kenath Zoron
CPT Hermann
AD TK-2107
MAJ Johann Glorick
GN Abel Malik
CPT Nakata
LC Alec Qarni
LC Ace Hobbes
AD Daniel Licinius Trajanus
MAJ Nuno
FA Conker Blackwood
COL TK-7764
LCM Drax Remlinger
CPT Serge Broskopf
CPT Viper
MAJ Aeolus
COL Ric Hunter
COL Drak
VA Kane Reese
CM Jason Dehner
LC Chris Cox
CPT Krayt
GN Pickled Yoda
CM TK-9780
COL Angel
LCM Halk Knight
COL CrimsonFury
DA Zeth Durron
MAJ Keiran Laserlight
COL Vladet Xavier
CM Ghorg
MAJ Frankie
LT Zacarias
MAJ Granite
COL Lenvik
COL Archangel
LT Cole Archer
LC Brin Chaser
CPT Voort SaBinring
LCM Gregor MacDonald
FA Madam Bobo
CPT Von Predator
COL Dirty Vader
LCM Dargor
LCM Andrey Ivanovich
GN Rancorous
GN Rancorous Completed On: May 17, 2009
MAJ Prinz von Hoffman
RA Zósite Kónstyte Styles
HA Anahorn Dempsey
HA Anahorn Dempsey
HA Anahorn Dempsey Completed On: August 19, 2009
CM Toran Yarr
CM Thom Shveed'oo
CPT Vertigo
SBM Blade
LC Dunta Polo Completed On: November 30, 2009
LT Chris Pape Completed On: October 5, 2009
DA Tuba Completed On: November 27, 2010
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