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Welcome to the Emperor's Hammer Battle Center

Welcome to the Dark Brotherhood's X-Wing vs TIE Fighter battles! Select a battle from below to find the information for it.

XvT-DB #1: Jedi Academy
XvT-DB #2: Rascar Political Disruption
XvT-DB #3: House Ludo Kressh: Battle for Frondra
XvT-DB #4: Conflicts of Interest
XvT-DB #5: Hand Over Fist
XvT-DB #6: Operation: Razor Ice
XvT-DB #7: Betrayal and Loyalty
XvT-DB #8: Mineral Wars
XvT-DB #9: The Shadow Academy: Dark Fury
XvT-DB #10: Last stand of Clan Alvaak
XvT-DB #11: The Rogue DB Chronicles Part 1: Prelude to Rebellion
XvT-DB #12: The Rogue DB Chronicles Part 2: Hero\'s Memorial
XvT-DB #13: The Adventures of House Ludo Kressh
XvT-DB #14: Rite of Supremacy
XvT-DB #15: Secret of Andevia
XvT-DB #16: Heading for Pyrath
XvT-DB #17: Operation Red Shift
XvT-DB #18: Rescue the Krath Tomes
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