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This legacy site is currently used for the Emperor's Hammer Dark Brotherhood and Imperial University/IWATS only. Please visit the Emperor's Hammer TIE Corps site for primary TIE Corps operations in Star Wars: Squadrons, Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, and others. You may also access the Emperor's Hammer Discord Server which is the primary club communication platform in use.

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War College
For instruction in every type of conflict whether on land, air, sea, or space.

Courses in War College:

Crowd Control
A simple guide to crowd control procedures for any Governor who finds his citizens opposing his rule through riots and demonstrations.

Imperial Naval Organization
The structure and force organization of the Imperial Navy

Extrajudicial Execution
A course examining the means and reasons for a governor's recourse to sanctioned assassination

The Tarkin Doctrine
This course covers the elements of the Tarkin Doctrine, a series of methods established by Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin to maintain order through power.

Field Tactics Certification
The Field Tactics Course (formerly known as Standard Stormtrooper Intermediate Course - SSITC) trains Stormtroopers in advanced fighting techniques. These advanced fighting techniques are crucial in Stormtrooper assaults on installations as well as defensive of positions.

Graduates of this course are trained in advanced combat tactics like Room and Building Clearing, Breaching, Advanced Offensive and Defensive Group Tactics, as well as Overall Team Organization. The course is not difficult, and neither is the exam, which is based totally on the course materials provided.

Military Intelligence Basic Course
This is a course in the fundamentals of Military Intelligence.

An overview of the galaxy's most terrifying weapons of planetary and stellar destruction.

Apprentice Sniper Course
The Apprentice Sniper Training Course (SN1) is the beginning of the transformation of a standard stormtrooper into a more advanced and deadly troop: A sniper!

Small Arms
Small arms used by all factions from across the galaxy.

The Observer Training Course (SN2) builds on the knowledge gained in the Apprentice Sniper Course to make you a more efficient sniper in the Hammer's Fist.

The Sniper Training Course (SN3) trains an Observer up to a level where they become a deadly implement of combat for the Hammer's Fist. This course covers topics such as Psychology and Stealth.

Expert Sniper
The Expert Sniper Training Course (SN4) is the last step for any training Sniper. Once this test, which includes elements of Non-Fatal Fire, Scout Squad Combat, Sniper Squad Command and Militia Co-ordination, has been passed, a Sniper truly can call himself an expert!

Urban Operations Certification Course
Training course for those stormtroopers interested in the nuances of Urban Operations.

Close Combat Course
Designed to train each Stormtrooper in the nuances of hand-to-hand combat. For When You Just Don't Have A Weapon.

Vehicle Course - Stage 1
The first stage of the Vehicle Specialist training will instruct in the use of the Aratech 74-Z military speeder bike and the LAVr QH-7 Chariot.

Vehicle Course - Stage 2
The second course in learning the tools of the vehicular trade, the All Terrian-Personal Transport (AT-PT) and Century Tank.

Vehicle Course - Stage 3
The next level up in the series, this course teaches about the All Terrian-Scout Transport (AT-ST) and Mountain Terrian-Armored Transport (MT-AT)

Vehicle Course - Stage 4
The final course in a series of four that will teach you about the ultimate in Imperial mobile ground forces, the All Terrian-Armored Transport (AT-AT), the monolithic super transport of the Imperial Army and Hammer's Fist.

Senior Demolitions Technician
Making lots of things go Kablam.

Enemy Starfighter Engineering and Technology
An informative course regarding the starfighters used by the Emperor's Hammer's enemies.

Imperial Starfighter Engineering and Technology
An overview of Imperial starfighters and the superior technology and engineering that enable them to destroy the competition.

Aviation Tactics
Instruction on leading an air brigade into command.

Survival, Escape, Resistance and Evasion (SERE)
Ever get separated from your unit? Lost in the woods? Stranded in the desert? Well, learn how to Survive the harshest environments, Escape the most dangerous situations, Resist the most oppressive forces, and Evade certain death.

A-Wing Advanced Knowledge
The galaxy is filled with a myriad of spacecraft. Pilots of the Emperor's Hammer must not only know their own vehicles, but also those they may encounter in combat. This course will get in depth with the dreaded A-Wing including its different variants and roles.

B-Wing Advanced Knowledge
Perhaps the oddest-looking starfighter in the service, the B-Wing's main reason for creation was to combat heavily armed escort frigates on raiding missions, without the additions of capital ships. This fighter dates just after the Battle of Hoth, around the same time as the A-Wing, where its power was truly tested.

Y-Wing Advanced Knowledge Course
This course will get in depth with the rugged Y-Wing including its different variants.

Assassin Tactics Course - Part 1
Part one of the Assassins Tactics courses. This is the starting point to become an assassin.

Apprentice Demolitions Technician
Learn how to set off Cherry Bombs in your outpost plumbing system.

Demolitions Technician
Making things go boom really big.

Field Communications Operator
First step in learning how to keep contact between the homefront and the homebase.

Advanced Field Communications Operator
The next course in communications.

Cold Assault Stormtrooper Certification
Want to be able to go on operations to ice worlds like Hoth? If so, you need to take this course!

Scout Trooper Course
The Scout Trooper Course will teach you the basics of moving around as a small recon force.

Aquatic Assault Stormtrooper Certification
The Seatrooper Certification Course (SEA) provides information on the elite aquatic assault stormtroopers and general knowledge of these elite underwater warriors and their intensive training.

Combat Medic
The first stage of the Medic Training Courses provides instruction in the basics of being involved with the army medical units.

Desert Assault Trooper Certification
The Desert Assault Trooper Course will provide you with the basic knowledge needed to operate in the hottest combat zones in the Galaxy.

Naval Stormtrooper Certification
Zero-G Suit and Space Work, all you need to know when being a Naval Trooper available in this course.

Radiation Trooper Survival Course
Basic course in how to survive and fight in a high radiation environment.

Artillery Basics
The first stage of Artillery School, the Basics.

Airborne Training Course
Learn how to function as troopers providing Death from Above.

X-wing Alliance: Capital Ships

Lightsaber Construction
The construction of the majestic weapon of the Jedi: the lightsaber.

Lightsaber Techniques
This course covers basic lightsaber techniques, including the various forms.

Training Lightsaber Course
This course certifies Sith to wield a Training Lightsaber. Required that members have passed Lightsaber Construction and Lightsaber Techniques before a Training Lightsaber is issued.

Forward Air Controller

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