Directorate Operations Manual

Games and Activities

The Directorate provides many outlets for members to participate in various activities in competitions and with fellow members of the Directorate. Some of the various activities of the Directorate are listed below:

  • Star Wars: Rebellion - Governors take command of the Galactic Empire or the Rebellion to vie for power in up to 200 planets with dozens of starships and ground units at their disposal. Rebellion is a turn-based strategy game that allows governors to manage research, unit and building production, fleet movements and even covert operations.

  • Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds - SWGB offers the chance to guide a budding society to galactic domination using a Star Wars version of the Age of Empies game engine. The game offers both single- and multi-player game options, so governors can battle each other head-to-head or team up against others.

  • Star Wars: Empire at War - Empire at War and its expansion pack, Forces of Corruption(FoC), serves as the Directorate's primary gaming platform. Governors compete in Multi and Single Player tournaments to earn medals and other awards.

  • Campaigns - The Directorate runs full-fledged campaigns every few months that involve the entire membership of the Directorate, as well as all of the activities the Directorate supports. Each campaign will differ from the one before, but all will be supported by an engrossing story and will completely envelope the Directorate while it runs. All participants in a campaign will earn a campaign ribbon for that campaign. Each ribbon is unique to its campaign, and no ribbon is ever awarded again after its campaign ends.



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