Directorate Operations Manual
Directorate Procedures

This section of the manual explains procedures for all members of the EH Directorate.
The abbreviation '(D)GMF' is used for Grand Moff or Deputy Grand Moff, if one is in office.


General Procedures

These are procedures to be used by all members, no matter what position

Change of e-mail address-This is quite simple in the Directorate! Just login to to the DIR site, select 'Edit Profile' from the Administration screen, change the e-mail address in the field and click submit.

Transfers-In order to transfer to another planet, you must use the following procedure.

  1. A governor wishing to transfer must first request the transfer from his Governor General. If the transfer is being requested because of a problem on the planet, now is the time to resolve the situation.
  2. The Governor should now send a formal request for a transfer to his Governor General, CC'ing his System Moff, the Governor General of the planet he wishes to transfer to, and the System Moff of the planet.
  3. The Governor General of the planet to which the governor is transferringshould then reply to all the addressees on the request, CC'ing the DGMF or GMF.
  4. The (D)GMF will now approve the transfer.

Command Procedures

These are procedures necessary for those holding Command Positions(GG or higher).

Weekly Reports-Weekly Reports are to be written by all GGs, SMFs and High Moffs each week. They are to be uploaded to the database and e-mailed to all of the officer's subordinates.
The Grand Moff, Minister of State and Minister of Education are to write weekly report. The Deputy Grand Moff is required to write 1 report per month, and the Minister of Communication need only write reports in order to release updates on major projects involving the DIR Site and database.

Awarding Medals-Medals should be awarded for either specific services beneficial to the Directorate (i.e., creating of a banner for a planet, creating a website for a system, etc.) or for winning a competition and may be requested via the form on the database. This table outlines the medals that can be awarded by each position.

Promoting Governors-Promotions may be requested via the form on the database. In each case, the promotional authority must be taken into account. All promotions are subject to approval by the (D)GMF.

Appointing Lieutenant Governors-Governors General are given a great deal of freedom in choosing their LG. A GG needs simply e-mail the (D)GMF with the request for a RG to be appointed LG.

Removal of Inactive Governors-Inactive Governors should be removed after 30-60 days of inactivity, unless otherwise noted by a superior. To request the removal of a governor, simply e-mail the (D)GMF with the inactive governor's ID # and the reason for his or her removal.

Appointing Governors General-The procedure for appointing a Governor General is quite similar to the appointment of a LG. The System Moff must first get approval for the promotion of a GG from the High Moff. The D(GMF) may then be e-mailed with the request for a transfer to Governor General.

Appointing System Moffs-The appointment of a System Moff is handled by the High Moff, with approval from the Grand Moff.

Appointing High Moffs-The appointment of a High Moff will be handled solely by the Grand Moff.


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