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Course Notes for: Empire at War Overview

Imperial Space Units
Rebel Space Units
Imperial Ground Units
Rebel Ground Units
Imperial Heroes
Rebel Heroes
Minor Heroes
Pirate Units
Hints, Tips & Tactics


Welcome to the Star Wars: Empire At War course. This course is intended to give you an overview of the platform as well as explain the different units, strategies and tactics. Read over the course notes and then proceed to the exam. All but one of the answers is in the course notes.

It has been over a decade since Lucas Arts started making games. They used to be renowned in the 1990s for their great space simulations and adventure games. Then as the prequels started coming out, like the films, some of the new games were pretty poor. Especially RTS games like, Rebellion, Force Commander and Galactic Battlegrounds. These games were not completely forgotten however and quite a few people seemed to enjoy them despite popular opinion.

Star Wars: Empire At War, released in early 2006 was somewhat inspired from these three titles and takes components of each of these games. And even though the previous titles were considered sub standard, EaW definitely seems to have impressed the gaming community.

In Star Wars: Empire At War, you will take the role of the Galactic Empire or the Rebel Alliance in a quest to gain control of the galaxy and restoring peace and order. You will be fighting both on the ground and in space with a braod range of units and heroes from the movies, novels and games.

System Requirements

-Required: 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible computer (comes with the CD)
-Required: Intel Pentium 1.0 GHz or AMD Athlon 1.0 GHz
-Recommended: Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz or AMD Athlon XP 2.0 GHz
-Required: 256 MB RAM
-Recommended: 512 MB RAM
-Required: 32 MB 3D Graphics card with Hardware Transform and -Lighting (T&L) Capability
-Recommended: 64 MB 3D Graphics card with Hardware Vertex and -Pixel Shader (VS/PS) Capability
-Required: 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible PCI, USB, or Onboard -Audio Device
-Required: 8X Speed CD-ROM drive
-Recommended: 16X Speed CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
-Required: Keyboard and mouse


Installation requires 2.5 GB of free hard drive space. We recommend that you have an additional 500 MB of free space available after installing the game for save games and Windows file caching.

Imperial Space Units

Probe Droid

A cheap and useful Imperial unit, the probe droid can be sent to an enemy occupied planet in order to see what sort of enemy forces are awaiting you. It is a single use unit, but with its stealth ability it can penetrate far into enemy lines and help avoid a nasty surprise catching you off guard.

TIE Fighter

Like in the movies, novels and any other games, the TIE Fighters in EaW are numerous but not particularly threatening. There are plenty of them on capital ships and they’re not very good at anything except keeping enemy fighters busy. This is why they are best used in great numbers in order to be proficient. For example, it would take 2-3 squads of TIE Fighters to handle a squad of X-Wings.

TIE Bomber

TIE Bombers can destroy enemy frigates, cruisers and stations quite easily. Their proton torpedoes inflict damage on enemy hard points directly, bursting through shields. Personally, at the beginning of a battle, I often amass them together and have them sweep from behind my capital ships to destroy shield generators and hangar bays of strong enemy units. They’re a very useful and invaluable unit in any given battle.

TIE Scout

As it names suggests it’s a TIE that scouts. It’s not powerful in combat and gets easily destroyed. One advantage it does have is speed and a sensor ping to reveal any shrouded area of the map of your choosing, to reveal what lies beneath. I don’t personally see much use in those ships, so I never use them.

Tartan Cruiser

Why the game developers decided to invent tartans instead of sticking with lancer frigates for the game – I don’t know. Still, the tartan fills the exact same role: fighter suppression. The Tartan cruiser will make short work of any fighters or bombers that come anywhere close to it. This is why it is indispensable to have Tartans in your fleet, to shield your other starships from bomber attacks and eliminate the hoards of fighters the Rebellion will send at you.

Broadside Cruiser

A cruiser that fires dangerous missile volleys into enemy starships' hardpoints, space stations or fighter formations, while staying a safe distance away from any retribution. To take advantage of its long range availability, sending scouts or an expandable TIE fighter squad to find targets is advisable. It is excellent for destroying enemy hardpoints quickly. However, in close quarters combat, broadside cruisers will not survive for very long.

Acclamator Cruiser

A ship taken from Episode II: Attack of the Clones, 20 odd years before the setting of the game, which is pretty stupid. It’s a baby star destroyer that will serve you well at the beginning of a campaign or conquest. However as you advance further, it will be severely outclassed. It boasts 4 TIE Fighter squadrons and 2 TIE bomber squad. Acclamators have the possibility to boost their canons for a short time, in exchange of lower speed and a stop to shield regeneration.

Interdictor Cruiser

Like in the games and in the novels, this cruiser is used to stop enemy ships from entering hyperspace, but is pretty useless in combat. It’s a pretty expensive unit, but having one in each of your attack fleets is a good idea to end a retreat; just make sure it stays out of harm’s way. This may not be a convincing enough reason to buy one, but personally I love having this ship even if just for eye candy.

Victory Class Star Destroyer

A formidable component of any imperial fleet. It is slightly more expensive than Acclamators and far more effective at taking on enemy capital ships and stations. It boasts six TIE Fighter squadrons and 3 TIE Bomber squadrons. A group of these can take on pretty much any enemy force single handedly, good for both offensive and defensive roles. Personally, I use victory SDs to protect my boarder planets.

Imperial Star Destroyer

It’s very costly to build and takes quite a lot of time too, but as you already know it is a formidable starship and worth every second and penny. Firstly, it’s a very tough ship to eliminate thanks to its strong shields and numerous hardpoints. It also boasts some very strong firepower. It has a large contingent of 10 TIE fighter squads to protect it against bomber threats and its 5 squads of TIE Bombers can assist it in destroying enemy capital ships. Its special ability is the use of a tractor beam, which despite not being destructive, can stop enemy ships from getting out of its firing range and make them easy targets. The ISD can only be built on Kuat, Fondor, Mon Calamari or Sullust.

Rebel Space Units


As we reach the EaW timeline, the Z-95s have become severely outclassed and in need of retirement. This is probably why we barely see it in the game. It isn’t available in multiplayer and only appears in the first rebel campaigns. It has weak firepower and weak hit points.


They are great fighters and will make short work of any TIE units. They also have a Lock S Foils ability which allows them to travel faster. This can be useful for scouting a map or capturing mining facilities or turret structures before the enemy. Just make sure they stay away from Tartan or Broadside cruisers.


Excellent units which are invaluable in a battle. They can pierce through all enemy capital ship shields (including Imperial Star Destroyers) with their proton torpedoes and have an ion blast ability that can disrupt enemy ship firing and speed. You should always remember ions and use this ability on your first attack run. Like fighters, make sure it stays away from Tartans and Broadsides.


The A-wing is an upgrade over the X-Wing even though they cost exactly the same. It is faster than its predecessor and taking down TIEs is even easier. Its Lure ability is great to attract enemy units and force them to abandon whatever attack they were undertaking and protect your vital vessels.

Corellian Corvette

Excellent for eliminating enemy fighters and thus protecting bigger capital ships. They are invaluable to a rebel force especially with imperial TIEs regenerating over and over again. They can handle their own against tartans and broadsides, but will get destroyed in the face of enemy frigates or cruiser fire. Fortunately, Corvettes can also power-up their engines, which can be used to retreat them from dangerous areas quickly.

Corellian Gunship

Gunships are similar to corvettes except that some of the laser cannons are replaced with missile launchers, allowing them to directly penetrate shields and damage and destroy enemy ship hardpoints. It still has to get close to capital ships to be able to attack and will be open to enemy fire and so will not be as effective as a Marauder. I never use it and go for marauders instead.

Marauder Missile Cruiser

The Maurauder fires long range missiles that can bypass shields and will make quick work of fighters and bombers that get caught nearby. They also work well against capital ships and space stations, without having to get too close. Their weakness is their light armor, which doesn’t give it a lot of hitpoints.

Nebulon B Frigate

This Nebulon B is not overwhelmingly powerful and quite slow but can hold its own against Acclamators. Thanks to its shield boosting ability, it can regenerate its shields quickly and completely when they start to get low, making them good front line ships to lead your fleet into battle.

Assault Frigate

Well armed and armored ships, they are the second strongest rebel capital ships in EaW. While it won’t win any fights against an Imperial Star Destroyer, its armament make it a near match for a Victory Class and it will overpower smaller vessels without much difficulty. It also packs a pair of laser cannons to deal with incoming bomber and fighter units.

Mon Calamari Cruiser

Most likely the strongest space unit in the game – even stronger than the Imperial Star Destroyer (blasphemy I know). It boasts firepower equal to a star destroyer but in addition, also has the benefit of not having a shield generator. So you do not have to worry about enemy bombers leaving your ship vulnerable with one swift strike. This makes it much harder than an ISD to destroy. This ship can only be built on Kuat, Fondor, Mon Calamari or Sullust.

Imperial Ground Units


The backbone of the imperial army in the movies and novels. However this is not the case in my battles in Empire at War. They are useful units in any battle and good value for money, but are not very powerful. They are alright against rebel troopers thanks to their cover ability and can also capture turret and reinforcement points. Another thing to point out is that the rebels seem to be reluctant into running them over. But enemy artillery and T-4B units make short work of them. .

Scout Troopers

They are very fast units and ideal to scout shrouded areas of the map. You can use them to find enemy generators or any other structure to enable you to conduct bombing runs. Another good use is against rebel troopers. Have the speeder fly over or directly in front of enemy platoons and drop a thermal detonator. I also use them against MPTL-2As before they can get anyway near my base or units. However, they are very weak and easily destroyed. Once you commit them, you cannot really expect to have them survive the battle.

TIE Mauler

Cheap to build, quite fast and very effective at killing enemy troops - a squad of them would have no trouble killing an enemy hero. Their rapid blasters make short work of soldiers and if you cannot be bothered with the fuss, just run them over. Their self destructing ability is also pretty effective against armoured units - provided the latter do not destroy them first as their armour is very weak. While it can handle blaster soldiers with ease, PLEX soldiers make short work of them.


While it is not particularly great at killing things, it is quite hardy and will take some damage before getting destroyed. So you can use that to keep the enemy busy and get other units in for the kill. They are mostly good against turrets and when in groups can handle most armoured units and troops. A good unit to use when in large groups.

2-M Repulsor Tank

Pretty much the equivalent of the Rebellion T-2B tank, only better. It is primarily an anti-vehicle unit and fulfils that role rather well. It is also good at destroying structures. Its special ability boosts its weapon power accelerates the destruction of armoured units and structures.

SPMA-T Artillery Unit

An artillery unit. Excellent for destroying anything provided nothing comes anywhere close to it to exact vengeance. It does have a little laser cannon to protect itself, but it is rather useless. It moves on small legs and so it will take some time to move into position. This is why this unit is best suited for a defensive role. This is especially true when operating behind a shield generator. A few shots will be enough to destroy anything that comes too close. However, it is not as effective as the rebel MPTL-2A because it does not shoot missiles and will not home in on your targets; sometimes missing them. A great unit to use provided it is protected by others.


You would expect a lot from a weapon that can only be attained at Tech level 4. However, you should not in this case. It is primarily used as an anti-aircraft weapon to gun down enemy T-47s and bombers. Sadly it will take some time before it does and if these air units use it as a target, then they will make short work of it. Moreover it moves very slowly and so it will take time before you get to position it where you want it. It can be used against ground units but will be ineffective against armor. The splash effect of its guns when used on the ground is OK against infantry. The really good thing about it is its special ability that disrupts missiles from bombing runs… which is excellent for protecting your base. To conclude, the AT-AA is good for defense, bad for offense.


The glorious All Terrain Armored Transport. Although expensive and timely to build, it is worth the money and the wait. While it is bulky and slow moving, its laser cannons will make short work of every armored unit and structure. It is not as effective against troops, so you will have squads of stormtroopers which can be deployed. The AT-AT can run down walls and even crush light vehicles and infantry. Its weaknesses comes from attacks from behind, because it takes a while for it to pivot around. The other major weakness is against tow-cable attacks from T-47 airspeeders which will sadly make it tumble with ease. The best thing would be to eliminate T-47s before deploying your AT-AT(s) by building AA turrets next to your other units. Check out the hints and tips list for another trick.

Rebel Ground Units

Rebel Infantry

Rebel soldiers operate in small groups and can take a lot of fire when under cover. However they are not very powerful. Despite that, this infantry unit is always useful in a battle. Good for killing stormtroopers.

Plex Soldiers

These small groups of 3 soldiers are a nightmare to any opposing team. They are very strong against any type of armoured vehicle and structures. This combined with the fact that they are very cheap and rapid to build make the PLEX soldiers an excellent unit. However, like every other infantry units, they are susceptible to getting run over. And a squad of stormtroopers would eventually manage to kill them.


The infiltrator is an elite rebel ranger, capable of sniping way at enemy infantry or throwing thermal detonators at enemy vehicles. They also move faster than other infantry units. However, it is hard to justify using the map population and making an army out of them, since there are only 2 of them per unit. You can also kiss them goodbye if they come across a bunch of TIE Maulers.

T-2B tanks

A good tank, assuming you have a considerable number of them. Their shields will protect them from infantry fire and after a short while the T-2Bs should be able to waste them. If your group of T-2Bs come across enemy armoured units and one of them is close to losing his shields, you can bring it behind the others for the shields to recharge. This is a good unit assuming there a quite a few of them working together, otherwise it will most likely get destroyed quickly.


The MPTL 2a is a powerful unit for the Rebel faction. It is capable of unleashing a devastating barrage of missle fire on targets from 9 torpedo tubes. The firepower is impressive and allows you to immediately destroy groups of infantry and to severely damage vehicles and buildings. Each MPTL 2a comes with a spotter droid which, when using its PING function, can be used to see anywhere on the map to locate enemy forces and to place airstrike markers for bombing runs. The disadvantages that the MPTL 2a has are that it must be deployed for stabilization prior to being able to fire, is slow to move once deployed and is defenseless at close range.

T-4B tanks

These are bulky, heavily armed and armoured tanks. Although it is unshielded unlike its cousin the T-2B, it has plenty of hit points to work with. It has laser fire to take on enemy vehicles and structures and rocket fire to dispatch infantry units or targets too far out for a laser shot. A formidable unit – a group of them is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

T-47 Airspeeder

In my opinion, this is the most useful rebel unit in ground battles. They cause headaches to the opposing enemy because the only way to shoot them down is through Anti Aircraft fire. This would mean building AA turrets in the right place or provided the Empire has reached tech level 4, and has the use of AT-AAs. It can shoot at anything on the ground and eventually destroy it. Its greater purpose is in taking down the great AT-ATs thanks to its tow cable ability. All in all this is an excellent unit.

Imperial Heroes

Colonel Veers

I love this unit. Firstly Veers commands an AT-AT which is already awesome in itself. In addition to the AT-AT characteristics and the deploy stormtrooper ability, Veers has the Maximum Firepower ability. When activated, it spits out a steady stream of laser fire that destroys the target instantly if it is a structure. In the case where you target an individual unit, it will destroy it and anything around it instantly. I managed to kill a full health Obi Wan with this ability.

Captain Piett

The Colonel Veers of space battles. Piett commands an Imperial Star Destroyer. In addition to all the ISD characteristics and abilities, Piett has a special ability Proton Beam which either disables all of the targeted starships hardpoints or causes a hell of a lot of damage to the ship.

Mara Jade

The Emperor’s Hand. She does not wield a lightsaber in EaW as this is around A New Hope timeline. She is good at dispatching enemy troops with her blaster and has two special abilities. The first is a thermal detonator ability to toss at enemy vehicles and structures (in the case of a vehicle make sure it does not move or you will end up tossing your detonator to the ground). The second is Force Corrupt which she borrows from her master Palpatine, to turn any infantry around her to her side.

Boba Fett

The most notorious and feared bounty hunter in the galaxy. This unit is great in the sense that it operates both in space and on the ground. In space, he can handle hoards of enemy fighters and bombers with his lasers; and with his seismic charge ability he can help in destryoing capital ships and stations. On the ground, Fett is more than capable in killing enemy infantry with his blaster. If infantry surround him, he can just burn his way around them by using his flame thrower in a 180 degree arc in front of him. He can also use his jetpack to fly to any point on the map without having to go around any obstacles. Fantastic unit.

Darth Vader

Vader is about as powerful ground unit as you are going to find in EaW, as he is capable of annihilating enemy armies single-handedly. He can shrug off any blaster fire or vehicle laser fire. His lightsaber can slash through infantry like a knife through butter and given time can destroy armoured units as well. His two special abilities are Force Crush and Force Push. Force Crush can destroy any enemy vehicle in a matter of seconds while Force Push can hurl and instantly kill any foolish infantry units who come close to him. To kill him you will have to surround him with armoured units and an anti-infantry turret, bombard him with artillery fire or conduct Y-Wing runs on him.

In space, he fights in his TIE Advance X1 with a squad of TIE Fighters and is effective at destroying enemy fighters and bombers quickly. When his squad health starts to diminish (he is always the last man in the squad to die), then you can just use his special ability to call in new wingmen and bring the whole squad health back to full.

Emperor Palpatine

Need I say more? By the time of the original trilogy, he looks like an old man with a cane but he is much more than that in EaW. Like Mon Mothma he reduces the cost of any units on the planet in which he stays on by 25%. When entering a battle, he is near invulnerable on the ground. He takes more damage than Vader does and is capable of nursing himself constantly back to full health as he steals life from nearby enemies. His lightsaber will slash through enemy infantry and can destroy vehicles given time. In addition, he gets Force Lightning which kills any enemy infantry within a 180 degree arc in front of him. He also has Force Corrupt which will convert enemy infantry to his side. He is the most powerful hero in the game.

Rebel Heroes

R2-D2 and C-3PO

They are great for stealing enemy technology in the galactic map and giving you new units to work with. They are also great for spying on enemy systems, to see the number of units you will be fighting (it does not tell you what units though). Apart from that, these two are not very useful in a combat situation. In a ground battle, they can repair your damaged vehicles which can be useful and they can also hack into and convert enemy turrets to your side. Unfortunately, they have to get close to the turret to do it and so that leaves them open to damage.

Han Solo and Chewbacca

Another nice team. The great thing about this unit, is you get two people for the price of one. By bringing one unit, you cause double the trouble and use both Han and Chewbacc separately.

On the ground, Han and Chewbacca can both bring down enemy infantry units, with their blaster and bowcaster respectively. They also each have an ability to counter enemy units as well. Han has the EMP Blast ability which will shut down nearby enemy units or turrets for a period of 45 seconds. He will have to be in the middle of a group of vehicles to take advantage of this to its full effectiveness. In itself it is not that useful which is why you will have to follow up with another bunch of units which will be adequate for destroying the disabled units before they activate again. Han also has the sprint ability, which will allow him to move quickly towards a location. This is a great ability to use as an escape if it looks like he might die.

Chewie has the Capture Vehicle ability, which can be used to take over enemy armoured units and convert them to your side just as he does in Return of the Jedi with a pair of ewoks. You will lose Chewie as a ground unit but the new unit you capture will be given full health (in the single player campaign anyway). And if you want to, you can always leave the captured unit and use Chewie as a ground unit again. This ability is best used against AT-ATs. Firstly because, it is the only unit which really needs to take a beating before getting destroyed so you save yourself the trouble of doing that yourself; it is a great way to frustrate and anger the enemy commander. Secondly, it has tremendous firepower which will be very helpful in eradicating the enemy.

In space, Han and Chewie both pilot the Millennium Falcon. Like any other heroes fighting in space, they are good for destroying enemy fighters and bombers quickly. The invulnerability ability on the Falcon temporarily renders the YT-1300 immune to damage.

Kyle Katarn

The developers of the game obviously gave a tip of their hats to the creators of the Jedi Knight series when giving this character a place in their game. Katarn will not be using a lightsaber here like he does in the JK series because EaW is set before the man discovers his jedi abilities.

Like most heroes, he can take down infantry units quickly with his blaster. He also possesses two special abilities. The Thermal Detonator ability to toss at enemy vehicles (just make sure the vehicle does not move if you want to have a chance at hitting it) and structures. Like Han Solo, he also has the sprint ability.

Captain Antilles

The guy who later gets his neck snapped by Darth Vader in ANH on the Tantive IV. He did not seem like he was made of much then, however, he seems to be a different man altogether when you play the rebel campaign. He commands the Sundered Heart, a heavily modified corvette. Like the corvette, the Sundered Heart is great for destroying enemy fighters and bombers quickly and has the Engine Boosting ability. In addition, it has the immensely useful Weaken Enemy ability which drains energy from enemy capital ships in a specific radius you have chosen.

Red Squadron

Although this appears to be no more than a squad of X-Wings, it is a great deal more. Red squad is much more effective at taking down enemy fighters. In addition, like in Vader’s squad, Luke Skywalker will always be the last man remaining (no wingmen regeneration though) and has the Lucky Shot ability to do considerable damage to enemy capital ships - perfect to use on shield generators and hangars of Imperial Star Destroyers.

Commander Ackbar

The opposite of the Empire’s Captain Piett, Ackbar commands a Calamari Cruiser, Return of the Jedi’s Home One. The cruiser’s two special abilities are the standard Boost Shield Power ability you find on other Calamari Cruisers and the Concentrate Fire ability. The Concentrate Fire ability allows his ship and any nearby friendly ships to concentrate all fire on the targeted ship of your choice. One pretty stupid thing though is the fact that unlike any other calamari cruisers, Home One has a visible shield generator which makes it vulnerable to bombing runs. Bizarre, considering Ackbar as a hero is meant to be tougher to kill than regular calamari cruisers.

Obi Wan Kenobi

Contrary to what the movies seem to point out, Obi Wan Kenobi has an active part in the Rebellion in EaW. The old hermit is not quite as invulnerable as Darth Vader in the game, being an older man, and takes more damage from blaster fire and enemy vehicles. However he has his Force Heal ability to compensate. This ability will heal Obi and any close infantry units from a considerable amount of damage when used. Note that he also heals nearby infantry automatically every few seconds. This is all great if you are using an army of infantry units in your battle. You can let the enemy units try and kill Obi Wan, while your other forces (Plex soldiers for example) pick them off. If anyone takes damage, you can take advantage of the healing ability. Obi Wan, being the good light jedi that he is, also has the Force Protect ability to protect a chosen unit from getting too much hampering for a precise amount of time. When engaging in a lightsaber duel, Obi Wan will have to have a considerable health advantage over Vader or Palpatine if you want him to beat them.

Mon Mothma

The middle aged lady that has been causing Palpatine problems from the start. She has no combat abilities whatsoever, but like Palpatine will reduce the cost of unit building on the planet she’s on by 25% on the galactic map. When in a battle, she gives rebel units a morale boost which adds to their defence. This is actually best used in a space battle, where like a fleet commander, she will take residence on the biggest ship and will be less in danger. On the ground, she is extremely vulnerable and just sits in a non moving landing craft or structure.

Minor Heroes

Field Commander

This is quite an expensive unit but very useful as part of a strategy. It gives a 25% health bonus to all units in the battle he is participating in as well as increasing their sight range. It is not very good for direct combat (only the field commander and a group of troopers) but will give you an edge in any ground battle.

Fleet Commander

Like the field commander, it is quite expensive but also very useful. It gives a 25% health bonus to all ships in the battle he is participating in as well as increasing their sight range. He will be more protected than the field commander because he takes residence aboard the biggest capital ship in the fleet; unless of course you have no fleet in which case he will be onboard a shuttle.


You can gain access to smugglers on Nal Hutta, Tatooine, Corellia, Abregado Rae and Atzerri provided you build a cantina first. Smugglers can be used to steal credits from the enemy when you insert them in the steal spot on any enemy planets.

Bounty Hunters

You can gain access to bounty hunters on Nal Hutta, Tatooine, Abregado and Atzerri provided you built a Hutt Palace. They can be used to assassinate other bounty hunters (not Boba Fett though), smugglers (not Han or Chewie), field commanders (not Veers) and fleet commanders (not Piett or Ackbar). Not all that great, but quite useful nonetheless.

Pirate Units

While playing in skirmish mode you can capture Merchant Space Docks which can be a very good way to supplement your forces regardless of which faction you control.

IPV-1 Patrol Craft

This beauty of a unit is essentially a Tartan Cruiser that costs 100 credits less. It comes with shields and the same ability to boost its cannons that the Tartan Cruiser has. It has slightly less hit points but can fill the same role as a Tartan cruiser easily and more cheaply.

Pirate Fighter

This fighter is a nice middle ground between the TIE Fighter and the X Wing Squadrons. It has no shields like the TIE however, a Squadron of pirate fighters can take far more damage than a TIE Squadron. They are slightly more expensive than TIEs and slightly less so than X-Wings. A good supplement to any attacking force.

Pirate Interceptor

Another mid range capital ship from the Pirate units. This Frigate can boost its cannons like an Imperial Acclamator and in addition is capable of taking a significant amount of damage. They arean excellent addition to a front line attacking force due to their hardiness and ability to hand out damage. Use them as a screen for your cruisers and the Acclamators and Victorys can pump out fighter and bomber support at will behind the Interceptor Screen.


Production Bonus

A Production Bonus is when you control a planet with a bonus for a certain unit, all planets will be capable of building that unit for 20% less. You can add Palpatine, Tarkin or Mon Mothma to make the price drop even more. When you control planets with a production bonus for an enemy unit than you won’t gain any bonus for yourself. However the bright side of it is you stop the enemy from taking advantage said bonus.

Weather Effects

Clear: No effect on combat.
Rain: All lasers take a 50% reduction to accuracy
Sandstorm: All rocket weapons take a 50% reduction to accuracy
Snow: Most units take a 50% reduction to their sight range.
Volcanic Ash: Infantry units take a 50% reduction to their sight range.

Planet Bonuses

Planet Weather Effects Bonuses
Abregado Rae Rain Production Bonus: AT-ST
Aeten III Volcanic Ash Higher Credit Production
Alderaan Rain 50% damage reduction for rebel infantry
Alzoc III Snow Higher Credit Production
Anaxes Rain Production Bonus: Victory Star Destroyer
Atzerri Clear Skies Black Market: Higher Credit Production
Bespine No Surface Higher Credit Production
Bestine Rain Production Bonus: Acclamator Cruiser
Bonadan Clear Skies Higher Credit Production
Bothawui Rain SpyNet: Reveals Tactical Info on nearby systems
Byss Rain Firepower boost for AT-ATs
Carida Clear Skies Production Bonus: Infantry Units
Corellia Rain Production Bonus: Corvettes
Corulag Rain Production Bonus: Infantry Units
Coruscant Clear Skies Higher Credit Production
Dagobah Rain Ground Base Stealth
Dantooine Rain Ground Base Stealth
Endor Rain Imperial Light Armor Upgrade
Eriadu Rain Production Bonus: T-4B Tanks
Fondor Sandstorm Production Bonus: Assault Frigates
Fresia Rain Production Bonus: A-Wings
Genosis Clear Skies Production Bonus: MPTL-2A
Hoth Snow Ground Base Stealth
Illum Snow Production Bonus SPMA-T
Jabiim Rain Repulsor Lift vehicles cannot land on surface
Kashyyyk Rain Ground Base Stealth
Kessel Clear Skies Higher Credit Production
Korriban Clear Skies Production Bonus: 2-M Repulsor Tank
Kuat Rain Production Bonus: Imperial Star Destroyer
Manaan Rain Infantry units automatically heal
Mon Calamari Rain Production Bonus: Mon Cal Cruiser
Naboo Rain 25% damage bonus for T-4B tanks
Nal Hutta Rain Black Market: Higher Credit Production
Polus Snow Higher Credit Production
Ryloth Sandstorm All stormtroopers get 35% health bonus
Shola Volcanic Ash Infantry take damage automatically
Sullust Volcanic Ash Production Bonus: Tartan Patrol Cruisers
Taris Clear Production Bonus: T-2B Tanks
Tatooine Sandstorm 25% armor boost for T-2B tanks and speeders
Thyferra Rain Infantry units automatically heal
Wayland Clear Skies 15% speed boost for T-4B tanks and MPTL-2As
Vergosson Asteroids No Service 25% damage bonus for all rebel fighters & bombers
Yavin 4 Rain 25% shield bonus for all rebel fighters & bombers

Hints, Tips & Tactics


Choosing Your Invasions

The way to win a galactic conquest is to constantly invade enemy planets whilst keeping the ones you already have firmly under your control. To do this, you will have to choose your target planets strategically. If you choose to invade a planet that is easily accessible from many different enemy planets, then you will have a hard time keeping control of it. So the best way to advance in the game is to target planets that are cut off from the rest of the enemy territory. However of course, some planets you have to target will not always be completely cut off. Just choose wisely and do not strike for the heart; you need to be subtle.

Defending Your Territory

The EaW AI on the galactic map seems to be reluctant to move its fleets away from a planet which has not yet been conquered on the ground. So the enemy fleets will hover above the planet until another army can be sent down to invade, and will not budge until the task is complete and the planet is completely invaded. This means that your rearguard planets will not be harmed, something you can take advantage of. Since your rearguard planets will not be threatened, you can completely empty them of troops and send these to the front. You also will not have to bother building up defences such as shield generators and turbo lasers. Instead you can keep the ground spots to build mining facilities thus strengthening your economy. Or you can build production facilities, to build advanced units to use in your war effort.

On your boarder planets, you will have to build up some defences to have any hope of keeping them under your control as the enemy will try to push you back. To protect from space invasions, a large space station is advisable. It allows you to build more advanced ships and it is very powerful in itself for holding the enemy back. A few capital ships and Tartans/corvettes is also a good idea. If playing with the rebellion than building Ion Cannons makes a great defence. They can completely disable any large Imperial capital ship for a long time while your space units go in for the kill. When attacking, Ion cannons are very frustrating as they cannot be countered and will even make your Imperial Star Destroyers completely inoperable during the battle.

On the ground, Shield Generators and Turbo lasers make up a great defence. Shield Generators will make bombing runs and artillery assaults (provided you buy the upgrade) completely useless. Turbo lasers will make short work of any ground units and can even be quite effective against T-47s when playing as the Empire. Do not forget to build a few barracks and factories so that you have moving units to win the battle with.


Raid is a special ability only available to the Rebellion. It allows a player to make a small force of units and deploy them on an enemy planet, without the need for taking out the enemy ships in orbit. It is a very small group of units that you are allowed to attack with though, so choose them wisely. A group of T-47s, MPTL, T-4Bs and infiltrators (to capture build pads) would be the best choice. You will have no bombing runs or reinforcements to assist you; you will have to conquer the map with the small amount of units you have. This is why the Raid ability is best used on planets where you know you will have the assistance of the local population such as Kashyykk or Mon Calamari.


Space Turrets

While battling it out in space, you might forget about space turrets. These show up on the map as grey squares and you can claim them by moving a fighter or bomber squad near them. You can either build a Laser Cannon or a Missile Launcher. Laser Cannons are great anti-fighter weapons while Missile Launchers are better suited for attacking capital ships. They are really useful in skirmish mode, where plenty of them can be built on the map. They are also often situated next to mining facilities so they are ideal for protecting them.

Attacking Capital Ships

Most capital ships in EaW have many individual systems such as shield generators, engines and turbo lasers. When you attack a capital ship, you will be able to target one of these specific systems. If you click on the ship in general without targeting a hard point, then the unit will choose a hard point itself. If you order a number of units to attack the target generally then they will all choose a different hard point to shoot at and will not necessarily concentrate on the same one. This is not very advantageous; ideally you will want all the units you have chosen to attack the same hard point for maximum effect. As the wise Pellaeon said, scattered fire will not achieve anything. The two most important hard points you will want to destroy are the shield generator and the hangar. However, you will have to do so with either Y-Wings or TIE Bombers; their torpedoes will ignore shields and will damage the hard points directly. By destroying the shield generator, you will instantly drop the shield which reduces the time and the effort it will take to destroy a capital ship because you will not have to drain the shield energy before hurting it.

The other essential hard point, present on Imperial capital ships only (and all space stations) is the hangar. Hangars are dangerous because they continuously create fighters and bombers which help in deciding the course of the battle. When a squad of fighters or bombers has been taken out, more come out from the enemies hangars. This is especially true on space stations were regeneration is infinite. Imperial Star Destroyers will eventually run out but this is not the case with space stations. So to end the annoyance once and for all, destroying the hangar is the way to go.



Hopefully you will have followed the previous advice and have built shield generators on your planet. If you have then the first thing you will want to do is withdraw all of your units under the shield. Then, if you can afford it, upgrade the shield so that it can withstand artillery fire. By default, it will repel laser fire and bombing runs, which is great in itself, but if the enemy comes at you with rockets, you are going wish you paid the extra cash for the upgrade. When you get an idea of the direction from which you will be attacked, move your units towards it, close to the edge of the shield. Have your artillery units stay back enough as much as their range will allow (you will want them to be able to strike at the base of the shield.) and move your other units in front of them to protect. If fighting the enemy AI, which are not very bright, then you should be able to make short work of the attackers. Now some planets, perhaps even most of them have the power generators outside of the shield radius (not very realistic is it?) leaving them vulnerable to attack. As you know, if they get destroyed, your shield will drop. You can either take measures to insure that does not happen by moving units to protect it, or hope that the AI will ignore it and charge through the shields mindlessly (which is often the case).

Like in space, you will find build points on ground maps. You have six choices of structures to build: anti-infantry turret, anti-vehicle turret, anti-aircraft turret, bacta tank, repair yard and sensor node. Out of all of the turrets, the most useful one is the anti-infantry turret. Firstly and obviously it is the best for dealing with troops. Troops are everywhere, and on planets where the local population is against you, anti-infantry turrets will be most helpful. They can also cause significant damage and kill heroes pretty quickly. Furthermore, they are not as useless against armour as you might think and actually quite effective. And as for maps, where you play as the Empire and the rebels have a few T-47s flying around then instead of building AA turrets, try out anti-infantry turrets. Once they have been built, use them to target the overhead T-47s. You will notice that it causes as much damage as an anti aircraft gun. My point is anti-infantry turrets are great all round for any defensive purpose against any unit, and so it is wise to choose it over the other two options.

As you move further up the map, towards the enemy base, do not forget to build repair yards and even bacta tanks (if you have heroes on the field.) You can nurse your units back to full health as you push further up, insuring they do not get destroyed. Sensor nodes are pretty useless in my book unless you manage to build one close to an enemy base, which will uncover the shroud protecting it, thus enabling you to conduct bombing runs.


Earlier it was mentioned that the best defences to have are shield generators and turbo lasers. But what happens when the enemy has both of these available to him? You go straight for the power generator. Once it is destroyed, both the shield will drop and the turbo lasers will be inoperable (as well as the imperial magna pulse cannon which, by the way, is another pretty good defence). But what if the power generator is inside the shield or if the generator is protected by the turbo lasers and/or the shields? Well this is the worst case scenario but you will find that it can happen. In both situations, you will want to destroy the turbo lasers first as they will stop you from getting close to the base or to the generator. In order to this, you will either have to conduct a bombing run on each of the towers or rush the tower with a group of units. If you decide to use the second option, then you might lose a few units in the process but that is a small price to pay. Once you have rushed and positioned your troops close to the tower, it will be unable to fire on them, and you will be able to make short work of it. After this has been done, you will have to penetrate the shield and go for either the shield generator or the power generator. It does not matter which as destroying either will bring the shields down. Having to go through the shield is much more complicated and you will have to find an ingenious way to do so. I.E head through first with shielded vehicles then follow through with your artillery units; when you are under the shield deploy your artillery and start creeping towards the generator. The enemy A.I will not always be good at protecting the edge of its shield, so you can take advantage of that.


When playing as the Empire, having an interdictor in each of your fleets is great for stopping retreats and finishing off forces once and for all. Make sure they are out of harm?s way though.

When playing as the rebels, use the T-47. It is a great unit that is very difficult to counter. A group of them can win your battles single handed.

Make use of your heroes. They give you an edge in the most difficult battles.

When pressed for money, make use of your heroes to drop the cost of building units and structures.

When using the bombing run on a structure, do not position your target reticule on top of the structure but slightly in front of it for maximum damage.

Something I have recently noticed. When a T-47 makes a tow cable attack on your AT-AT, have it target the air speeder and the latter should abort its cable attack.


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