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PIN #:

Name: Impulse
E-Mail: Member's E-mail Address
Quote: none
Chat Systems:
    IRCIRC: MAJ_Impulse

AD Impulse's EH Group Information

ID Line:
/AD Impulse/CS-6(a)/SSD Avenger

Group Rank: Admiral
Group Position(s): Science Officer
Group Unit Position: EHCS
Group Join Date: Oct 21, 2018
Group Last Promotion Date: Feb 20, 2019

AD Impulse's EH Medals

AD Impulse has not earned any medals yet.

AD Impulse's EH Competitions Participated in

AD Impulse has not participated in any EH Competitions

AD Impulse's EH Training Completed

Imperial University Courses:
Computer Basics | Score: 80
Tie Corps Core
HTML 1 | Score: 100
HTML 2 | Score: 100
HTML 3 | Score: 100
Internet Basics | Score: 91
JavaScript | Score: 94
mIRC 1 | Score: 100
mIRC 2 | Score: 100
PHP | Score: 89
TIE Fighter Tactics | Score: 100
TIE Mission Creation 1 | Score: 100
VB Script | Score: 100
Weaponry | Score: 100
X-wing Alliance: Capital Ships | Score: 80
X-wing Mission Design | Score: 97
Crazy Tactics that Work Completed on April 26, 2011 | Score: 20
Wookiee Studies Completed on June 20, 2011 | Score: 24
History of the Mandalorians Part One Completed on June 24, 2011 | Score: 27
Starfighter Weaponry Completed on July 28, 2011 | Score: 52
Squadron Management 4 Completed on February 25, 2013 | Score: 83
Linux Completed on February 26, 2013 | Score: 39
Stormtrooper Certification Completed on July 11, 2013 | Score: 44
Osiris: Basic Completed on August 5, 2013 | Score: 13
Steam Introduction Completed on August 5, 2013 | Score: 9
Thor: Basic Completed on August 7, 2013 | Score: 7
Ghenna: Basic Completed on August 18, 2013 | Score: 12
Hades: Basic Completed on August 24, 2013 | Score: 16
History of Imperial Intelligence Completed on September 6, 2013 | Score: 36
A-Wing Advanced Knowledge Completed on September 13, 2013 | Score: 42
B-Wing Advanced Knowledge Completed on September 15, 2013 | Score: 36
Computer Basics Completed on November 1, 2013 | Score: 44
Imperial Shield Technician Completed on August 5, 2018 | Score: 20

AD Impulse's EH Uniform

AD Impulse's Uniform

COL Impulse's TC Group Information

ID Line:
FL/COL Impulse/Delta Delta Flight 3-1/Wing I/ISDII Hammer [AQFR]

Group Rank: Colonel
Group Position(s): Flight Leader
Group Unit Position: Delta Delta Flight 3-1
Group Join Date: Oct 6, 2004
Group Last Promotion Date: May 27, 2015
FCHG Ranking: Aquilifer (748 Points)
Combat Rating: None

COL Impulse's TC Medals

Bronze Star of the Empire x3
Palpatine Crescent x6
Imperial Security Medal x17
Medal of Instruction (3 awards)
Medal of Tactics
     Green Hammer
Medal of Communication
     Bronze Oak Cluster x4
     Silver Oak Cluster
     Gold Oak Cluster
Iron Star
     Bronze Ribbon x26
     Bronze Wings x18
     Silver Ribbon x4
     Silver Wings x3
     Gold Ribbon x4
Order of the Vanguard - Third Echelon (3 awards)
Commendation of Bravery
Commendation of Loyalty x2
COL Impulse has not earned any medals yet.

COL Impulse's TC Competitions Participated in

COL Impulse has not participated in any TC Competitions

COL Impulse's TC Training Completed

COL Impulse's TC Uniform

COL Impulse's Uniform

COL Impulse's TC History

Unit Transfer:Gamma Flight 3 to Gamma Flight 3
Reason: Change to unit
Occured on: April 1, 2011

Position Transfer:Reserves to left the position
Reason: Left position
Occured on: April 1, 2011

Position Transfer:No previous position to Flight Member
Reason: Change to position
Occured on: April 1, 2011

Position Transfer:Flight Member to left the position
Reason: Left position
Occured on: September 3, 2011

Position Transfer:No previous position to Flight Leader
Reason: Change to position
Occured on: September 3, 2011

Rank Change from Commander to Captain
Reason: CMDR Recc: CM Impulse has done everything I asked of him as a Flight Leader for some time. He has been constantly active and communicative for quite a while now. I believe his efforts in the position should be deserving of a rank promotion by now, and as such, I’d like to recommend CM Impulse to be promoted to the rank of Captain! SOO: Approved, he has the making of an excellent future CMDR and I look forward to seeing more activity from him
Occured on: January 14, 2012

Rank Change from Major to Lieutenant Colonel
Reason: Impulse has been serving as Flight Leader for the last 10 months as a Major. During this time he has been fulfilling his duties as a Flight Leader with all the dedication and energy I could ever expect from a Flight Leader. He has send in all his Flight Reports in time, has been actively communicating all the time and has participated in all Gamma Competitions. For his hard work and dedication I think he has deserved a promotion to Lieutenant Colonel.
Occured on: September 2, 2013

Unit Transfer:Kappa Flight 3 to Kappa Flight 3
Reason: Change to unit
Occured on: April 13, 2014

Position Transfer:No previous position to left the position
Reason: Change to position
Occured on: April 13, 2014

Rank Change from Lieutenant Colonel to Colonel
Reason: Change to rank
Occured on: May 27, 2015

Position Transfer:No previous position to left the position
Reason: Change to position
Occured on: May 27, 2015

Position Transfer:Flight Leader to left the position
Reason: Left position
Occured on: February 14, 2016

Position Transfer:No previous position to Flight Member
Reason: Change to position
Occured on: February 14, 2016

Unit Transfer:Delta Flight 3 to Delta Flight 3
Reason: Change to unit
Occured on: March 19, 2017

Position Transfer:Flight Member to left the position
Reason: Left position
Occured on: March 19, 2017

Position Transfer:No previous position to Flight Leader
Reason: Change to position
Occured on: March 19, 2017

Impulse's Imperial Navy Pilot Record

    No INPR entered.

Impulse's Platforms

    No Platforms Selected

Impulse's Skills

    No Skills Selected

Impulse's Fiction

Title Date Approved

Impulse's Images

Title Date Approved

Impulse's Combat Record

Aquilifer (748 Points)

Battle Stats:
Total overall missions flown: 623
Battles Completed: 114
Free Missions Completed: 47

Battle High Scores (5):
   XW-TC 1: Score: 199060
   XW-TC 7: Score: 143118
   XW-TC 9: Score: 121236
   XW-DB 1: Score: 62713
   XW-CAB 1: Score: 105176
Mission High Scores (32):
   XW-TC 1 - Mission 1: Score: 27713
   XW-TC 1 - Mission 2: Score: 52676
   XW-TC 1 - Mission 4: Score: 16004
   XW-TC 1 - Mission 5: Score: 3909
   XW-TC 5 - Mission 2: Score: 31325
   XW-TC 6 - Mission 2: Score: 36087
   XW-TC 6 - Mission 3: Score: 34488
   XW-TC 7 - Mission 1: Score: 42243
   XW-TC 7 - Mission 2: Score: 44224
   XW-TC 7 - Mission 3: Score: 31595
   XW-TC 7 - Mission 4: Score: 25056
   XW-TC 9 - Mission 1: Score: 42439
   XW-TC 9 - Mission 2: Score: 43196
   XW-TC 9 - Mission 3: Score: 21694
   XW-IW 2 - Mission 2: Score: 35478
   XW-IW 6 - Mission 1: Score: 16033
   XW-IW 6 - Mission 2: Score: 38693
   XW-IW 9 - Mission 1: Score: 21849
   XW-IW 9 - Mission 4: Score: 26462
   XW-DB 1 - Mission 1: Score: 17965
   XW-DB 1 - Mission 2: Score: 22332
   XW-CAB 1 - Mission 2: Score: 36544
   XW-CAB 1 - Mission 3: Score: 24701
   XW-CAB 1 - Mission 4: Score: 15489
   XW-F 4 - Mission 1: Score: 27923
   XW-F 8 - Mission 1: Score: 13068
   TIE-TC 60 - Mission 4: Score: 53645
   TIE-TC 60 - Mission 5: Score: 40294
   TIE-TC 60 - Mission 6: Score: 63311
   TIE-TC 150 - Mission 3: Score: 23544
   TIE-TC 226 - Mission 5: Score: 54262
   TIE-F 34 - Mission 1: Score: 189463
Battles Created (0):
   No Battles Created
Free Missions Created (1):
   TIE-F 253: Save the Alcohol

Completed Combat Engangements


 TIE Corps
   XW-TC 1: ASF: Combat Collection II (the ASF Combat Medal II)
   XW-TC 2: Operation: Dark Hammer (Dark Hammer)
   XW-TC 3: Week of War XLIII (Week of Combat)
   XW-TC 4: ASF: Avenger Squadron I (Bronze Avenger Cross)
   XW-TC 5: ASF: Avenger Squadron II (Silver Avenger Cross)
   XW-TC 6: ASF: Avenger Squadron III (Gold Avenger Cross)
   XW-TC 7: Wing XVII: Intruder Squadron I (Flight of the Intruder)
   XW-TC 9: Wing XVII: Intruder Squadron II (Squad of the Intruder)

 Infiltrator Wing
   XW-IW 1: Capture Renegade Moff
   XW-IW 2: Attack the Toakara System
   XW-IW 3: Renegade Imperials
   XW-IW 4: Savior (First Savior's Medal)
   XW-IW 5: Eagle Tour of Duty
   XW-IW 6: Lyccos Doom: The Blasted Landscapes (Trial of Fire)
   XW-IW 7: Karana Takeover Campaign: Karana Infiltration (Bronze Karana Cross)
   XW-IW 8: Rion's Shadow Campaign: Infiltrate Rion (Copper Infiltration Crescent)
   XW-IW 9: Rion's Shadow Campaign: Seeds of Corruption (Bronze Infiltration Crescent)
   XW-IW 10: Rion's Shadow Campaign: Eliminate Friendship (Silver Infiltration Crescent)
   XW-IW 11: Rion's Shadow Campaign: Ambassadors (Gold Infiltration Crescent)

 Dark Brotherhood
   XW-DB 1: The Ways of the Sith

 Combined Arms Battle
   XW-CAB 1: Assault of Aurora (Medal of Aurora)

 Fleet Commander's Honor Guard
   XW-FCHG 1: Racing the Beltway (Calidor of Ronin)

 Free Missions
   XW-F 3: Wing XVII: Intruder Squadron
   XW-F 4: Promethian Encounter
   XW-F 5: Star Destroyer Alley
   XW-F 8: Deceiving the Traitorous
   XW-F 9: Smuggler's Run

TIE Fighter

 TIE Corps
   TIE-TC 1: Capture of Zaarin (Medal of Darkness)
   TIE-TC 2: Strike at Calamari (Medal of Vengeance)
   TIE-TC 3: New Dimensions (Medal of the Emperor's Gate)
   TIE-TC 4: Recapture Zaarins Technology (Medal of Retribution)
   TIE-TC 5: Pirate Uprising (Medal of Security)
   TIE-TC 6: Destruction (Medal of Destruction)
   TIE-TC 7: Betrayal (Medal of Folly)
   TIE-TC 8: Strike Against the Pirates (Medal of Prevailing)
   TIE-TC 9: Tracking the Defectors (Medal of Loyalty)
   TIE-TC 10: Battle for the DeathStar (Medal for the Death Star)
   TIE-TC 11: Renegade Battle (Medal of Victory)
   TIE-TC 12: Jedi Hunt (Medal of Pursual)
   TIE-TC 13: Finding the Lakul (Medal of Alertness)
   TIE-TC 14: Vader Takes Command (Medal of Sith)
   TIE-TC 15: Special Operations (Medal of Stealth)
   TIE-TC 16: Dacian Downfall (Medal of Dacian)
   TIE-TC 17: Zaarins Missile Boats (Medal of Finality)
   TIE-TC 18: Interception (Medal of Speed)
   TIE-TC 19: The Tethys Honeymoon (Medal of Commitment)
   TIE-TC 20: Escort Carrier Missions (Medal of Renewal)
   TIE-TC 21: Break the Sky (Medal of Pain)
   TIE-TC 22: Aftermath (Medal of Avenge)
   TIE-TC 23: Daedalus (Medal of Readiness)
   TIE-TC 24: Save the Emperors DNA (Medal of Replication)
   TIE-TC 25: Spoils of War (Medal of Aries)
   TIE-TC 26: The Dark Troopers (Medal of FutureShock)
   TIE-TC 27: (X)-Wings of Glory (Medal of Wings)
   TIE-TC 28: Conquest (Medal of Conquest)
   TIE-TC 29: Communications Wars (Medal of Vigilance)
   TIE-TC 30: Save the Emperors Archives (Medal of Archives)
   TIE-TC 31: Hidden Agenda (Medal of Revelation)
   TIE-TC 32: Assassinate the Fleet Commander? (Medal of Assassination)
   TIE-TC 33: Strike at Incom (Medal of Devastation)
   TIE-TC 34: Encounter at Charybdis (Medal of the Chromium Cloak)
   TIE-TC 35: Unexpected Encounter (Medal of Efficiency)
   TIE-TC 36: Weekend Retreat (Medal of Recreation)
   TIE-TC 37: CM Howies Battle (Medal of Metallurgy)
   TIE-TC 38: Deepspace Syndicate (Medal of Orion)
   TIE-TC 39: Up and at Em! (Medal of the V-Wing)
   TIE-TC 40: Deception (Medal of Deception)
   TIE-TC 41: Rebel Demise (Medal of the Dark Sheath)
   TIE-TC 42: Jealousy (Medal of Envy)
   TIE-TC 44: Military Complex Operation (Medal of MilCom)
   TIE-TC 47: Get That Rat! (Medal of Personal Combat)
   TIE-TC 48: Ski Hoth - Star Wars Mercenaries (Medal of Reconciliation)
   TIE-TC 49: Construct the Sovereign (Medal of Construction)
   TIE-TC 50: Ackbars Trick (Medal of Trickery)
   TIE-TC 51: The Space Supremacy (Medal of Supremacy)
   TIE-TC 52: Freedom Task Force (Medal of Freedom)
   TIE-TC 54: Excaliber (Medal of Excaliber)
   TIE-TC 55: Double Threat (Medal of Defiance)
   TIE-TC 56: Combined Attack (Medal of Lightning)
   TIE-TC 57: Raptor (Medal of Quickness)
   TIE-TC 58: The Outcast (Medal of Redemption)
   TIE-TC 59: Encounter at Dar'Telis (Medal of Unbelievable Defiance)
   TIE-TC 60: Operation Harpoon (Medal of Queequeg)
   TIE-TC 61: Grand Admiral's Birthday (Medal of Celebration)
   TIE-TC 62: Taco Wars (Medal of Sustanence)
   TIE-TC 63: Beyond the Minos Cluster (Medal of Necessity)
   TIE-TC 64: Pruscian Betrayal, Part I (First Medal of Payback)
   TIE-TC 65: Pruscian Betrayal, Part II (Second Medal of Payback)
   TIE-TC 66: Minos Cluster, Battle One (First Medal of Strength)
   TIE-TC 67: The Siege of Maltar (Medal of Obliteration)
   TIE-TC 68: Minos Cluster, Battle Two (Second Medal of Strength)
   TIE-TC 69: Point Patrol (Medal of Tenacity)
   TIE-TC 72: Accident in the Carrida System (Medal of Establishment)
   TIE-TC 73: Cobra Squadron (Medal of Animosity)
   TIE-TC 104: Spam Wars (Medal of Silence)
   TIE-TC 105: Treachery Aboard the Challenge (Medal of the Tornado)
   TIE-TC 108: Unexplored Territory (Medal of a New Race)
   TIE-TC 118: Omicron's Initiation
   TIE-TC 123: Strengthen the Emperor's Hammer
   TIE-TC 131: TIE Fighter Covert Missions
   TIE-TC 132: Battle of the Bins
   TIE-TC 150: Crush Weapons Development
   TIE-TC 151: Rebel Prototypes
   TIE-TC 159: The Destruction of Rogue Squadron
   TIE-TC 165: The Hunt for Zsinj (Medal of Ruthlessness)
   TIE-TC 184: Chronological Influences
   TIE-TC 188: Battle for Endor (Death Medal)
   TIE-TC 200: Ascension (Medal of Ascension)
   TIE-TC 202: A Wormhole Too Far
   TIE-TC 203: Battle For Myrkr (Medal of Annexation)
   TIE-TC 222: Challenge ECR Missions (Medal of Challenge ECR Tour)
   TIE-TC 224: ECR IV - Training Maneuvers
   TIE-TC 225: Inferno's Crazy Adventure
   TIE-TC 226: Rendez-Vous with Peril (SSL 2005 Participation Certificate)

 Dark Brotherhood
   TIE-DB 11: Black Dragon Rising
   TIE-DB 16: Heading for Pyrath (Pyrathian Medal of Haste)

 Free Missions
   TIE-F 1: Ja24 #1
   TIE-F 2: Ja24 #2
   TIE-F 3: Ja24 #3
   TIE-F 16: Pappy #1
   TIE-F 17: Pappy #2
   TIE-F 22: MFlux #1
   TIE-F 23: MFlux #2
   TIE-F 24: Krett #1
   TIE-F 26: Ace #2
   TIE-F 30: John #3
   TIE-F 33: Katarn #1
   TIE-F 34: Katarn #2
   TIE-F 35: Havok #1
   TIE-F 104: Aurora Online
   TIE-F 105: Blowing Crap Up
   TIE-F 116: Protect the Admiral
   TIE-F 154: Khadgar #1
   TIE-F 155: Khadgar #2
   TIE-F 190: Serendipity
   TIE-F 193: Red Baron's Demise
   TIE-F 209: Historic Mission #1367
   TIE-F 221: The Relentless COM's Honour Guard
   TIE-F 241: Training Mission 1
   TIE-F 250: Rescue Brukhar
   TIE-F 251: Khadgar #3
   TIE-F 252: The Promotion Party of AD BubbaX
   TIE-F 253: Save the Alcohol
   TIE-F 254: The Inspection
   TIE-F 255: The Defector
   TIE-F 256: Tides Of War
   TIE-F 257: Chaos vs. The Evil Pirates
   TIE-F 258: Sovereign: April Fool\'s
   TIE-F 259: Interceptor Escort
   TIE-F 260: A Station Too Far
   TIE-F 264: Assault on Kuat Yard N226G
   TIE-F 265: Kappa Squadron: Crackdown
   TIE-F 276: MTT10: Pirates!
   TIE-F 278: Report retrieval

 Bounty Hunters Guild
   TIE-BHG 1: The Hunt Begins
   TIE-BHG 2: Eliminating the Competition
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