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Name: Kate Flyer
E-Mail: Member's E-mail Address
Quote: Always
Chat Systems:
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Kate Flyer's Imperial Navy Pilot Record

    No INPR entered.

Kate Flyer's Platforms

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Kate Flyer's Skills

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Kate Flyer's Fiction

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Kate Flyer's Images

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Kate Flyer's Combat Record

Dragoon (135 Points)

Battle Stats:
Total overall missions flown: 135
Battles Completed: 19
Free Missions Completed: 1

Battle High Scores (0):
   No Battle High Scores
Mission High Scores (0):
   No Mission High Scores
Battles Created (5):
   XvT-TC 118: Operation Spyglass
   XvT-TC 120: Wing X - Thunder
   XvT-TC 129: Zero Hour: Operation: Disruption
   BoP-TC 25: Flyer Chronicles # 1 - Sisters in Arms
   BoP-FCHG 3: A Family Affair - Behind Enemy Lines
Free Missions Created (5):
   XvT-F 191: Flyer Prelude - Ambush the Echo Hawk
   XvT-F 193: Death Trap
   XvT-F 194: Major Fritz - Leave No Pilot Behind
   XvT-F 202: A Family Affair: Operation Achilles Heel
   XvT-F 203: Battle at Pelican\'s Point

Completed Combat Engangements

TIE Fighter

 TIE Corps
   TIE-TC 200: Ascension (Medal of Ascension)
   TIE-TC 201: Quarga\'s bounty: The life and death of COL Beef
   TIE-TC 208: Special K's (Medal of K-Suprise)
   TIE-TC 213: Locke Setzer\'s Day Off (The Tempest Crescent)
   TIE-TC 219: Shinsen Gumi Saga #2 : Gunsmoke and Haze
   TIE-TC 223: The Search for Mosh (Commendation of Craziness)
   TIE-TC 225: Inferno's Crazy Adventure
   TIE-TC 229: The Wasii Conflict (The Wasii Cross)
   TIE-TC 233: The Adventures of Darby the Love-Bot (Medal of Fertility)

X-Wing vs TIE Fighter
   XvT-TC 53: INT Shire III (Hobbit flight pilot of the month award)
   XvT-TC 54: Avengers, Frodo, and a Lost Mission Compendium (Traitor's Nightmare Plaque)
   XvT-TC 64: The Shire and the Mastery (Medal of Mastering the Shire)
   XvT-TC 96: 10 Mission Mess (The crumpled piece of paper of doom)
   XvT-TC 99: 8 missions of insanity (The Perfect Empty Turquoise Square of Death)
   XvT-TC 120: Wing X - Thunder (Storm Medallion)
   XvT-TC 121: Mystery in Space - Part 1 (The Bronze Snake)
   XvT-TC 129: Zero Hour: Operation: Disruption (Medal of Disruption)

 Free Missions
   XvT-F 203: Battle at Pelican\'s Point

X-Wing Alliance

 TIE Corps
   XWA-TC 53: Imperium Invasion

X-Wing vs TIE Fighter: Balance of Power
   BoP-TC 20: Captain Cook\'s Great Adventure (One of Captain Cook's Cookies)
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