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PIN #:

Name: Aardvark
E-Mail: Member's E-mail Address
Chat Systems:
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CT Aardvark's TC Group Information

ID Line:
TRN/CT Aardvark/Platform Daedalus

Group Rank: Cadet
Group Position(s): Trainee
Group Unit Position: Platform Daedalus
Group Join Date: Oct 16, 2020
Group Last Promotion Date: Oct 16, 2020
FCHG Ranking: None
Combat Rating: None

CT Aardvark's TC Medals

Commendation of Loyalty
CT Aardvark has not earned any medals yet.

CT Aardvark's TC Competitions Participated in

CT Aardvark has not participated in any TC Competitions

CT Aardvark's TC Training Completed

Imperial University Courses:
Phase I CORE - Dark Brotherhood Completed on September 5, 2021 | Score: 22
Lightsaber Construction Completed on May 17, 2022 | Score: 30

CT Aardvark's TC Uniform

CT Aardvark's Uniform

CT Aardvark's TC History

Rank Change from No previous rank to Cadet
Reason: Induction Rank
Occured on: October 16, 2020

Unit Transfer:Platform Daedalus to Platform Daedalus
Reason: Induction Unit
Occured on: October 16, 2020

Position Transfer:No previous position to Trainee
Reason: Induction Position
Occured on: October 16, 2020

KNT Aardvark's DB Group Information

ID Line:
BTM/KNT Aardvark/Stingray Battleteam/Clan Drakonan
(CF-R) (Cr-Q) (DC-Tx2-E) (SoI-S) (SE-TB) (GC)

Group Rank: Knight
Group Position(s): Battleteam Member
Group Unit Position: Stingray Battleteam
Group Join Date: Sep 1, 2021
Group Last Promotion Date: Nov 11, 2022
Order: Sith

KNT Aardvark's DB Medals

Cluster of Red Fire (34 awards)
     Quartz Star
Dark Cross
     Topaz Star x2
     Emerald Star
Steel Cross w/ Star of Immortality
     Sapphire Star
Star of Eos w/ Terran Band
Grand Cross of the Dark Side
KNT Aardvark has not earned any medals yet.

KNT Aardvark's DB Competitions Participated in

KNT Aardvark has not participated in any DB Competitions

KNT Aardvark's DB Training Completed

Imperial University Courses:
Phase I CORE - Dark Brotherhood Completed on September 5, 2021 | Score: 22
Lightsaber Construction Completed on May 17, 2022 | Score: 30

KNT Aardvark's DB Uniform

KNT Aardvark's Uniform

KNT Aardvark's DB History

Rank Change from No previous rank to Apprentice
Reason: Induction Rank
Occured on: September 1, 2021

Unit Transfer:Initiates to Initiates
Reason: Induction Unit
Occured on: September 1, 2021

Position Transfer:No previous position to Initiate
Reason: Induction Position
Occured on: September 1, 2021

Rank Change from No previous rank to Apprentice
Reason: Change to rank
Occured on: September 3, 2021

Unit Transfer:Stingray to Stingray
Reason: Change to unit
Occured on: September 3, 2021

Position Transfer:Initiate to left the position
Reason: Left position
Occured on: September 3, 2021

Position Transfer:No previous position to left the position
Reason: Change to position
Occured on: September 3, 2021

Rank Change from Apprentice to Novice
Reason: Since becoming a Dark Brother, Aardvark has completed the DBCORE, submitted for Clusters of Fire and has demonstrated activity within SWTOR. I commend him for promotion to the rank of Novice.
Occured on: September 6, 2021

Rank Change from Novice to Acolyte
Reason: NOV Aardvark has demonstrated substantial growth of their powers since becoming an Acolyte. Taking part in Conquests for the Dark Brotherhood, flying space combat missions and seeing success in these endeavours has proven that they have grown to a point where they should be granted the privileges of Acolyte.
Occured on: October 12, 2021

Rank Change from Acolyte to Marauder
Reason: NOV Aardvark has been a dedicated member of the Brotherhood for some months now. Aardvark has earned the Steel Cross these last 2 months, and last month took on the role of managing the SWTOR platform - setting Conquest goals, tracking member activity in both Sith and Republic Guilds and running competitions. For these reasons I would recommend Aardvark for promotion, at least to Acolyte, if not Marauder.
Occured on: December 13, 2021

Rank Change from Marauder to Juggernaut
Reason: Aardvark has been a vital member of the Dark Brotherhood for many months. As lead for the SWTOR game platform, they have run competitions, managed weekly goals and done an excellent job of informing members of the Dark Brotherhood of current events in game, including changes due to patches and new content. In addition to this, they have maintained a high level of activity in multiple fields. It is with pride that I recommend Aardvark be awarded the rank and privileges of Juggernaut.
Occured on: April 30, 2022

Rank Change from Juggernaut to Stalker
Reason: For regaling us all with the tale of how they were to find their Kyber Crystal, as well as consistent effort and dedication in growing their power within the Brotherhood, I am pleased to recommend Aardvark for promotion to the rank of Stalker.
Occured on: August 14, 2022

Rank Change from No previous rank to Knight
Reason: Change to rank
Occured on: November 11, 2022

Position Transfer:No previous position to left the position
Reason: Change to position
Occured on: November 11, 2022

Aardvark's Imperial Navy Pilot Record

Name Aardvark
Gender Male
Species Togorian
Birthdate 5 ABY - young adult for his species
Place of Birth Togoria
Relationship Status As an outcast, he is forbidden from taking a mate.
Family Status Though they mate for life, Togorian males and females live separately. Males live a nomadic lifestyle centered around hunting and warring while the females live in permanent camps and even cities. For one month a year, the males return to the females' camps but for the rest of the year, they live apart. Mir's father was a minor noble and ruled over a large territory. Mir's elder brother is now head of that tribe but Mir is an outcast and is forbidden from returning to that area of the planet.
Social Status Outcast from his people
Significant Youth Events Mir Aar-D'vark is a male Togorian, second son of a minor noble. Upon his father's death, control of the band was supposed to pass to Mir's elder brother. However, prideful and ambitious, Mir challenged his brother to ritual combat for the throne. During the fight Mir was about to lose when his anger and rage triggered latent force abilities. Reaching out with the Force to attempt to slay his brother, his skill with the Force was not great enough and Mir's brother defeated him but did not kill him. Most Togorians have a strong sense of honor and attempting to use the "magic" to influence the combat brought shame and dishonor upon Mir Aar-D'vark so he was banished from the tribe. Mir Aar-D'vark is allowed to return to Togoria, but he is forbidden from trespassing upon territory claimed by his brother's tribe. He is also forbidden from pitching his tent in the head monarch's camp and is not allowed to take a mate. It is possible for Mir Aar-D'vark to regain his honor, but it will be a long and difficult task.
Significant Adult Events Dishonored and banished from his tribe, Mir Aar-D'vark booked passage on a freighter and left Togoria in disgrace. He didn't know or care where he was going and he ended up on a back-water planet that he had never heard of. There, he found work where many of his space-faring people do - as a bounty hunter. He had great success tracking and rounding up local criminals and became somewhat of a local celebrity but his lack of piloting and technological skills prevented him from taking more lucrative contracts off-world. Angry and resentful, Aar-D'vark took a job as a mercenary for a small-time crime boss to get off the planet. He found this new line of work particularly distasteful. Not only was the pay poor, he greatly resented being told what to do, who to kill and worse, who not to kill. Still, he had signed a contract and his honor bound him to fulfill it. When their contract ran out, his band of mercs joined up with a group of pirates. This work was more to the Togorian's liking. The pirate ship was run in a democratic fashion, of sorts. The pay was good and afforded him luxuries like fine clothes, armor, weapons, drink, spice and women. Best of all, there were plenty of opportunities for killing. All was well and life was good for several years. In secret, Mir continued to attempt to tap into the Dark Side of the Force but was never able to achieve more than levitating small objects and somewhat heightening his own senses. One day, his pirate ship was set upon by a much larger force. The enemy's prowess and skill in combat was unlike anything Mir had ever seen. He was knocked unconscious by a nearby explosion and when he awoke, he found that he was a prisoner of the infamous Emperor's Hammer.
EH Alignment Mir Aad-D'vark has embraced the Dark Side and is lawful evil. He craves power and control over others and will not hesitate to kill and use deceit and treachery to achieve his goals. Still, as a Togorian he has a sense of honor. This causes him conflict at time and he will often twist what "honor" means to fit his own ends according to the situation. As an aspiring-Sith, he respects the hierarchy of the organization and strives to live up to the Sith code.
Previous Employment Nomadic hunter Outcast and drifter Mercenary Bounty-hunter Pirate
Hobbies Mir Aar-D'vark is obsessed with Power. He believes the path to power involves increasing his control of the Dark Side and honing his combat abilities so he spends much of his time in those pursuits. Not a scholarly sort, he is nonetheless curious and hungry for power so he takes every opportunity to research and seek out the location of lost Sith tomes and datacrons. He hasn't found one, yet.
Traggedies At a young age, Mir's father was killed in a hunting accident. Mir's brother, who was kindly and wise like their father, was next in line for succession but Mir despised his kind nature as weakness and sought to usurp power. They engaged in ritual combat for the throne but Mir lost and was exiled.
Phobias/Allergies No phobias or allergies but he does have some significant flaws: Having been born into a nomadic hunter society, Mir is not adept at the use of technology and scorns those who rely heavily upon it. During his time on a pirate vessel, Aar-D'vark learned rudimentary piloting skills but is unable to perform complex maneuvers such as evasive actions or space combat. Difficult technological tasks such as repairing complex equipment, slicing or code-breaking, are practically impossible for him. Though crafty and scheming, Mir is not particularly intelligent and is prone to outbursts of anger and rage. Mir Aar-D'vark has poor impulse control and has been known to kill enemies with his teeth and claws to make a point or just for fun. He also has weaknesses for drink, spice and women.
Views on the EH I have finally found a home in the Emperor's Hammer - a new tribe who accepts and recognizes my abilities. Here, I will grow my power so that I can return to Togoria, kill my sniveling brother and eventually seize control from the weak monarch known as "Margave of Togoria". I will unite all the tribes under one ruler, me! Finally the Togorian people will achieve respect and power.
Enlisting Reasons Banished from his tribe's territory and dishonored, Mir Aar-D'vark left Togoria and found work in bounty hunting, as a mercenary and eventually, piracy. It was during this time on a pirate vessel that Mir's ship was attacked by a contingent of Emperor's Hammer forces and he was captured. A member of the Dark Brotherhood was impressed with Aar-D'vark's fighting skills and detected his force sensitivity. Mir was offered a choice - join the Dark Brotherhood as an apprentice or die. He chose the former.
Date last updated May 28, 2022

Aardvark's Platforms

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Aardvark's Skills

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Aardvark's Fiction

Title Date Approved
In Search Of... May 28, 2022
On building a lightsaber Nov 3, 2022

Aardvark's Images

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Aardvark's Combat Record

Battle Stats:
Total overall missions flown: 0
Battles Completed: 0
Free Missions Completed: 0

Battle High Scores (0):
   No Battle High Scores
Mission High Scores (0):
   No Mission High Scores
Battles Created (0):
   No Battles Created
Free Missions Created (0):
   No free missions created

Completed Combat Engangements

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