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PIN #:

Name: Turtle Jerrar
E-Mail: Member's E-mail Address
Chat Systems:
    No Chat Systems selected
Homepage: https://chrishutton.com

AD Turtle Jerrar's EH Group Information

ID Line:
IO/AD Turtle Jerrar/CS-4/SSD Avenger
Group Rank: Admiral
Group Position(s): Internet Officer
Group Unit Position: EHCS
Group Join Date: May 3, 2020
Group Last Promotion Date: Jun 27, 2020

AD Turtle Jerrar's EH Medals

Grand Order of the Emperor
AD Turtle Jerrar has not earned any medals yet.

AD Turtle Jerrar's EH Competitions Participated in

AD Turtle Jerrar has not participated in any EH Competitions

AD Turtle Jerrar's EH Training Completed

Imperial University Courses:
Active Server Pages | Score: 100
AOL Instant Messenger | Score: 91
BitchX | Score: 93
Computer Basics | Score: 80
Tie Corps Core
Eggdrop | Score: 100
JavaScript | Score: 100
Linux | Score: 100
mIRC 1
mIRC 2
PHP | Score: 100
Squadron Management 1 | Score: 85
VB Script | Score: 100
XML | Score: 95

AD Turtle Jerrar's EH Uniform

AD Turtle Jerrar's Uniform

AD Turtle Jerrar's TC Group Information

ID Line:
RSV/AD Turtle Jerrar/Reserves [PLDN] [Officer 4th]

Group Rank: Admiral
Group Position(s): Reserves
Group Unit Position: Reserves
Group Join Date: Sep 1, 1997
FCHG Ranking: Paladin (327 Points)
Combat Rating: Officer 4th (32 Points)

AD Turtle Jerrar's TC Medals

Gold Star of the Empire
Bronze Star of the Empire x3
Palpatine Crescent x2
Imperial Security Medal x7
Medal of Instruction (2 awards)
Medal of Communication
     Bronze Oak Cluster x6
Iron Star
     Gold Ribbon x2
     Platinum Ribbon
Legion of Combat - Copper Scimitar (27 awards)
Distinguished Flying Cross
Order of the Vanguard - Twelveth Echelon (12 awards)
Commendation of Bravery
Commendation of Excellence
Commendation of Loyalty x3
Letter of Achievement
AD Turtle Jerrar has not earned any medals yet.

AD Turtle Jerrar's TC Competitions Participated in

AD Turtle Jerrar has not participated in any TC Competitions

AD Turtle Jerrar's TC Training Completed

AD Turtle Jerrar's TC Uniform

AD Turtle Jerrar's Uniform

AD Turtle Jerrar's TC History

No history stored.

Turtle Jerrar's Imperial Navy Pilot Record

Name Turtle Jerrar
Additional Comments So yeah, this is bad.
Date last updated Apr 27, 2020

Turtle Jerrar's Platforms

    No Platforms Selected

Turtle Jerrar's Skills

    No Skills Selected

Turtle Jerrar's Fiction

Title Date Approved

Turtle Jerrar's Images

Title Date Approved

Turtle Jerrar's Combat Record

Paladin (327 Points)

Combat Rating: Officer 4th (32)

Battle Stats:
Total overall missions flown: 300
Battles Completed: 56
Free Missions Completed: 17

Battle High Scores (0):
   No Battle High Scores
Mission High Scores (0):
   No Mission High Scores
Battles Created (0):
   No Battles Created
Free Missions Created (0):
   No free missions created

Completed Combat Engangements

TIE Fighter

 TIE Corps
   TIE-TC 2: Strike at Calamari (Medal of Vengeance)
   TIE-TC 4: Recapture Zaarins Technology (Medal of Retribution)
   TIE-TC 5: Pirate Uprising (Medal of Security)
   TIE-TC 6: Destruction (Medal of Destruction)
   TIE-TC 7: Betrayal (Medal of Folly)
   TIE-TC 8: Strike Against the Pirates (Medal of Prevailing)
   TIE-TC 9: Tracking the Defectors (Medal of Loyalty)
   TIE-TC 10: Battle for the DeathStar (Medal for the Death Star)
   TIE-TC 11: Renegade Battle (Medal of Victory)
   TIE-TC 12: Jedi Hunt (Medal of Pursual)
   TIE-TC 13: Finding the Lakul (Medal of Alertness)
   TIE-TC 14: Vader Takes Command (Medal of Sith)
   TIE-TC 15: Special Operations (Medal of Stealth)
   TIE-TC 21: Break the Sky (Medal of Pain)
   TIE-TC 22: Aftermath (Medal of Avenge)
   TIE-TC 23: Daedalus (Medal of Readiness)
   TIE-TC 30: Save the Emperors Archives (Medal of Archives)
   TIE-TC 32: Assassinate the Fleet Commander? (Medal of Assassination)
   TIE-TC 33: Strike at Incom (Medal of Devastation)
   TIE-TC 34: Encounter at Charybdis (Medal of the Chromium Cloak)
   TIE-TC 50: Ackbars Trick (Medal of Trickery)
   TIE-TC 51: The Space Supremacy (Medal of Supremacy)
   TIE-TC 65: Pruscian Betrayal, Part II (Second Medal of Payback)
   TIE-TC 66: Minos Cluster, Battle One (First Medal of Strength)
   TIE-TC 67: The Siege of Maltar (Medal of Obliteration)
   TIE-TC 71: Praetorian Glory (Medal of Heroics)
   TIE-TC 72: Accident in the Carrida System (Medal of Establishment)
   TIE-TC 74: Protect the Inquisitor (Medal of Inquisition)
   TIE-TC 75: Stop the Mon Mothma (Medal of Arrogance)
   TIE-TC 80: Reassignment (Medal of Reclamation)
   TIE-TC 91: Supply Incident (Medal of Protection)
   TIE-TC 94: The Ultimate Shield (Medal of Invulnerability)
   TIE-TC 100: The Battle for Manhood (Medal of Manhood)
   TIE-TC 101: The Chase at Lyccos (Medal of the Dying Sun)
   TIE-TC 103: Minos Cluster Invasion (Medal of Skill)
   TIE-TC 104: Spam Wars (Medal of Silence)
   TIE-TC 105: Treachery Aboard the Challenge (Medal of the Tornado)
   TIE-TC 106: Battle in Corellia
   TIE-TC 107: Farewell to Old Friends
   TIE-TC 110: Advanced Mag Pulse Technology (Medal of Research)
   TIE-TC 121: Battle of Principles (Medal of Principles)
   TIE-TC 122: Rebels and Pirates (Medal of Steel)
   TIE-TC 123: Strengthen the Emperor's Hammer
   TIE-TC 124: Rebel Tenacity
   TIE-TC 125: Operation 'Silent Scream'
   TIE-TC 126: Strategic Termination (Medal of Termination)

 Fleet Commander's Honor Guard
   TIE-FCHG 1: The Stalwart Campaign (Medal of Artificial Intelligence)

 Free Missions
   TIE-F 8: Ronin #1
   TIE-F 9: Ronin #2
   TIE-F 10: Ronin #3
   TIE-F 11: Ronin #4
   TIE-F 12: Ronin #5
   TIE-F 13: Ronin #6
   TIE-F 16: Pappy #1
   TIE-F 17: Pappy #2
   TIE-F 18: Pappy #3
   TIE-F 19: Pappy #4
   TIE-F 32: Compton #1
   TIE-F 81: Khaine #1
   TIE-F 82: Farewell to Renegade
   TIE-F 97: The Nightshift

X-Wing Alliance

 TIE Corps
   XWA-TC 7: Assault on Chimera
   XWA-TC 8: Hammer to Anvil
   XWA-TC 11: Heroes of the Immortal
   XWA-TC 13: Hammer to Anvil Part II
   XWA-TC 16: The History of the ISD Relentless
   XWA-TC 17: Secrets and Lies: The Exile (Bronze Crest of Truth)
   XWA-TC 24: The History of the SSSD Sovereign
   XWA-TC 35: Hammer to Anvil, Part III (Hammer of Valor)

 Fleet Commander's Honor Guard
   XWA-FCHG 1: Race Through Time (Medal of Temporal Tactics)

 Free Missions
   XWA-F 27: Rescue Praetorian
   XWA-F 49: Praetorian At Work
   XWA-F 98: Operation Divide and Conquer, Part 1
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