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Drakonan Report T10: 01-30-2012 - 41
For: Clan Drakonan's
Posted By: ADT Tuba
Posted On: January 29, 2012

Dark Greetings!  It's been a busy couple of weeks in our corner of the EH with the Sith Order consolidation and the new Emperor's Hammer Website becoming official.  We also have some promotions to announce which I will get to presently.  This one's pretty verbose so please bear with me and read the entire message.  If you've already hit the 'delete button' or navigated away, I will still patiently repeat the answers to your questions in the coming weeks.  Well, once or twice anyway.

Sith Order Consolidation
If anyone's checked their profile recently, you probably noticed some changes.  First, we are all One Sith Order now.  No more Krath or Obelisk, although their legacies certainly live on.  From now on we refer to ourselves by the canonically-appropriate moniker, Sith.  I, MAA Montte, and the Command Staff have fielded some questions about the consolidation which I'd like to both share with you and answer at this time.

  • Since we're Sith, do we have to become fighter pilots?
    • No.  The transition was carried out to make our organization compliant with established Star Wars Canon.  Just calling ourselves Sith does not limit anyone to a predefined role within our organization.  As we've seen in countless examples, the Sith are warriors, poets, sorcerers, scribes, pilots, statesmen, and philosophers.  If anything this allows our members the freedom for them and their characters to act as they choose rather than in an artificially predefined role.
  • Do we have to wear the red robes?  It's not in my color wheel!
    • After some high-level discussion on the matter, at this time we are all wearing red robes in place of the blue and purple of the defunct Obelisk and Krath Orders.
  • What about ranks and Force Powers?
    • For most of our members, their rank is unchanged.  For anyone between the ranks of Dark Jedi Knight and Dark Side Adept, your current rank transitions to the Sith Order equivalent, e.g. Obelisk Battle Master and Krath Archpriest become Sith Battle Masters.  Your Force powers and Force Power Paths remain unchanged at this time.
  • Where did the Battleteams go?
    • After several conversations between myself, the Dark Council, and the Command Staff, we decided to disband the traditional Battleteams and remove the office of Battle Team Leader.  This action removes a layer of bureaucracy from our organization, reflecting the current activity levels of the group.  If future activity levels permit, we will certainly reinstate the offices of Battle Team Leaders at that time.  This is in no way a reflection or punishment of either DJK Mirtez or SBM Xantros for their exemplary service.  Instead, this is a necessary streamlining of our organization to better serve our members' needs.
  • Are we just a TOR support club now?
    • Absolutely not.  While SWTOR is a new and popular game, we recognize that not everyone wishes to play it.  Both MAA Montte and myself vigorously support our traditional variety of activities (flight engines, fiction, 1st person shooters, console gaming, poetry contests, and trivia just to name several) and will continue to provide such activities for the enjoyment of all our members while supporting our TOR players to the fullest extent.
  • Why did we move to the enjin.com site?
    • The old EH.org site was plagued with obsolete code and broken or outdated links.  After GA Rapier and GA Ronin built the Enjin site for TOR players and found it simple to update and expand, they decided to move our entire organization to the new site.  Now everything will be on one site and easy to find.  The transition is ongoing but GA Ronin, our founder, is personally supervising to ensure no records or awards are lost.  The Enjin site allows our organization the flexibility and capability to grow while maintaining service to our current members.
  • What about the EH Message Boards?
    • While the Message Boards functioned well, the Enjin site has a fully functional forum capability.  Many of our members have availed themselves of this feature in recent days.  We have our very own Drakonan thread there for everyone to post in, but don't limit ourselves to our particular thread.  Take the new site out for a spin and tell us what you do and don't like.  Only through your feedback can we create a quality product for you!

Those are the most commonly asked questions at this time.  As more come up, please do not hesitate to ask me or at least CC me on any queries you may have.  I may be able to answer your question but if not, I will find out the answer for you and report back!

I'm pleased to announce DJK Fenris Uhlahn has accepted the interim position of Aedile.  You all know Fenris from our last run on when he quite literally saved the House with some excellent space combat fiction over Black Rock Prison.  I'm excited to have him on the command staff, so please join me in welcoming the new XO of House Drakonan!

Tygra Shadowclaw promoted to Jedi Hunter!  For his tireless efforts and SoD monthly records rivaling my own!  Tygra is our most active member by far, as his TOR and Enjin activity show.  I'm sure this isn't the last time you'll see his name at the top of our list.  Wonderful work!

The next three promotions are the direct result of an email from then-Apprentice Canis Loopus.  Canis contacted me about recognizing his activity from month's past and after reviewing the monthly activity spreadsheets and 2011 totals, I realized a mistake: 3 of our most junior members had earned promotions for their cumulative activities.  The fact that Canis felt comfortable contacting me and that there was room for improvement on my part pleases me greatly and should serve as an example of how I hope you all perceive my leadership.  Please never hesitate to contact me if you feel an error occurred.  It keeps me on my toes!

Dylan Martin promoted to Protector!
Scuslem promoted to Novice!
and finally, Canis Loopus advanced to the rank of Novice, all for cumulative activity in 2011.

Quaestor Tuba advanced to Sith Battle Lord.  I am grateful to GM Hades for his kind words of praise and recognition in the promotion email and will continue doing my best to faithfully serve the Dark Council and our valued members.

TOR activity rockets ever upward!  This past week our own DA Scoser led our first EH Guild Event, Scoser's Great Datacron Hunt!  Several members received the all-important datacron granting +10 to all in-game stats.  Great work, Scoser!

Rise of the Rakghouls Flashpoint went live last Tuesday with the 1.1 update.  Fight the minions of Muur on Taris!

Rise of the Rakghouls Fiction Contest
3-10 pages of fiction about Rakghouls featuring either your TOR or DB character.  Turn these into MAA/SWL Montte via email and remember: no artifacts, exploding stars, canon characters, or strange and unusual Force powers outside your normal allotment.  Blasters, thermal detonators, and air strikes are not only legal, but encouraged!

Sword of Drakonan!
Lots of activity this month, and not just from JH Shadowclaw, although he once again has an overwhelming lead.  Check out the updated spreadsheet on our House Site for your January numbers.  If anything is missing or you have questions, let me know!

Course Completions:
GM Czulvang Lah completed History of the Jedi Order!

NOV Canis Loopus completed Artifacts of the Force!

Topaz Star awarded to JH Tygra Shadowclaw for 50 Lifetime Correct Answers in DB Trivia.  For those keeping score, I accidentally awarded Tygra a Quartz Star two weeks ago, which is the award for 25 LCA.  Fortunately Darth Trebek pays attention to these things and those responsible in the Awards and Recognition Department have been sacked.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Legion of the Scholar to DA Scoser for victory in round 52 of DB Trivia!  That marks Scoser's 11th victory, placing 2nd in overall wins.

That's all I have for this installment, folks.  Hopefully some of your questions were answered but if not or you think of anything at all, just ask me.  It's my job to either know the answer or find out!

Keep it Sithy.

QUA/SBL Pel “Tuba” Morba/Drakonan House/FRG Swift Fury
(ED) (GC) (SoP) (DC-O) (Cr-D-R-Ax5-Sx4-Ex9-Tx4) (LSG) (LSG) (LSS)



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