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Drakonan Report T28: 10-06-2012 - 28
For: Clan Drakonan's
Posted By: ADT Tuba
Posted On: October 6, 2012

Dark Greetings!  News, awards, and a transfer.  Oh my!


EH News:

Mark Schueler named Logistics Officer!  Please take a moment to congratulate our Rogue comrade and newest Admiral!  LO Schueler’s asking for help whipping our EH Wiki into shape.  If you’d like to contribute, please sign up here:  http://wiki.emperorshammer.org/index.php?title=Special:UserLogin&type=signup


DB News:

The EH Guild Bank now has a special vault for Rakata and better items.  All items are donated by our guild players for our guild players.  Contact any guild officer for access.


DB Trivia!

SBM Starkillerny claimed sole victory in DBT 86.

DBT 87 saw a 3-way tie between DSM Trajanus, SBM Starkillerny, and SK Kaisin Mirtez.

DA Scoser triumphed in round 88.


September Activity Awards!

Steel Cross awarded to SBM Elwood for some great activity, including 59 TIE missions, DBT, and the only entries in our Force Powers Haiku contest.  Great work, Woody.  Keep it up!

Dark Cross awarded to SBM Zsinj for DBT, and SWTOR.  Good job!


September Competition Awards!

Amethyst Star awarded to SBM Elwood the Brave for winning the Force Powers Haiku competition.

SBM Elwood defended his Sword of Drakonan title and earned another Amethyst Star!

Sapphire Star awarded to SBM Zsinj for 2nd place in September SoD!

Topaz Stars awarded to DSM Daniel Trajanus, SBM Starkillerny, and SBM Elwood for earning 50 Lifetime Correct Answers in Dark Brotherhood Trivia!

Legions of the Scholar awarded to DSM Trajanus (3 career victories), SBM Starkillerny (6 career victories), SK Kaisin Mirtez (27 career victories), and DA Scoser (26 career victories).

Congratulations to all our award recipients.



SBM Xantros left our merry band, transferring to the Rogues.  While losing such a veteran member is regrettable, real life must and does take precedence.  We wish him well and hope for his eventual return.


September Sword of Drakonan:

SBM Elwood: 67 pts (59 missions, DBT, Force Powers Haiku)!

SBM Zsinj: 17 pts (DBT, SWTOR)!

SW Tygra Shadowclaw: 5 pts (DBT)!

DA Scoser: 4 pts (DBT)!

SK Kaisin Mirtez: 4 pts (DBT)!

SBM Anahorn Dempsey: 1 pt (DBT)!

SBM Xantros: 1 pt (DBT)!

NOV Scholasticus: 1 pt (DBT)!

DA Dante: 0 pts (but sent me an email!)

SWL Destavol Gin: 0 pts (also emailed!)



Handy Links:

House Drakonan: http://sites.google.com/site/housedrakonan/home
EH Guild and the EH Forums: http://emperorshammer.net


DB Trivia continues steaming along.  Force Powers Haiku flopped, despite two solid entries by Woody (thanks for those, btw!).  How about a short fiction contest?  Maybe a paragraph?


I received a request for a flying comp. so if anyone’s interested, let me know what platforms you have and I’ll make it happen.  Even if it’s just two pilots, that’s enough.


Keep it Sithy.


QUA/SWL Tuba/Drakonan House/FRG Swift Fury
(ED) (GC) (SoP) (DC-O) (GN) (Cr-Dx2-R-Ax5-Sx4-Ex9-Tx4) (LSG) (LSG) (LSS)

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