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Drakonan Report T30: 01-06-2013 - 0
For: Clan Drakonan's
Posted By: ADT Tuba
Posted On: January 6, 2013

Dark Greetings!  For this first report of 2013 we have a pile of awards and a promotion!


First up, we have some exciting Sword of Drakonan medals!


Since there was little activity besides trivia in November, I combined the activities and awards period with December.  Our Nov/Dec SoD awards are as follows:


1st place with 41 pts, an Amethyst Star, and a Steel Cross: SBM Elwood the Brave!

2nd place with 27 pts, a Sapphire Star, and a Dark Cross: DSM Exar Kit!

3rd place with 14 pts and a Dark Cross: SK Kaisin Mirtez!

Tying for 4th place with 10 pts and a Dark Cross each: SBM Zsinj and SW Tygra Shadowclaw!

5th place with 9 pts and a Dark Cross: DA Scoser!


The 2012 Sword of Drakonan medals:

SW Tygra Shadowclaw took the Gold Nova this year with an impressive 612 pts.  With that, Tygra becomes the Sword of Drakonan for 2012.  That’s two years running!


SBM Elwood the Brave earned 430 pts last year, garnering himself the Silver Nova.


DA Scoser earned 334 pts, and took home the SoD Bronze Nova.


As you know, it is both my and GM Montte’s position that we should evaluate overall activity at year’s end, to reward members for cumulative activity who might otherwise not receive recognition for any given month.  Those awards are:

DSM Exar Kit: Steel Cross

SBM Zsinj: Steel Cross

SWL Arion Sunrider: Steel Cross

GRD Canis Loopus: Steel Cross

SK Kaisin Mirtez: Steel Cross


SWL Victor Tylyon (aka Destavol Gin): Dark Cross

SK Fenris Uhlahn: Dark Cross

GM Czulvang Lah: Dark Cross

PRT Scholasticus: Dark Cross

SBM Azurin Luna: Dark Cross

JH Rhal: Dark Cross


Before continuing with trivia awards, I’d like you to join me in congratulating Scholasticus on a well-deserved promotion to the rank of Protector.  Drinks in the Dark Hall Cantina are on him!


We’re doing something a bit different with DB Trivia awards.  You all know about the weekly Legion of the Scholar and the cumulative Crescent medals for Lifetime Correct Answers (LCA).  Now we reward yearly activity, including most victories and most responses.  First, the victories!


Out of 52 rounds, DA Scoser claimed 20 victories in 2012, earning a Gold Nova.

SW Tygra Shadowclaw won 17 times, for the Silver Nova.

SK Kaisin Mirtez won 14 times, earning a Bronze Nova.


Those 52 rounds comprised 260 separate questions.  Our top three responders for 2012 are:

243 correct answers – SW Tygra Shadowclaw, Gold Nova!

226 correct answers – DA Scoser, Silver Nova!

219 correct answers – SBM Zsinj, Bronze Nova!



That wraps up our November/December and 2012 awards.  Some of our members turned in a truly impressive showing last year and you have my thanks.  2012 saw the rise and fall of SWTOR, the end of Drakonan’s secret mission to bring justice to the Aurora Prime attackers, Lucasfilm/LucasArts/ILM sold to Disney, and finally a change in our own command with GM Montte taking the helm.


With every change of command follows a change in emphasis and a different way of doing things.  Some changes are small, some not, but here’s a primer of what you may expect:


Greater emphasis on fiction and run ons.  This was the backbone of the DB for many years and can become so again.  With that comes a lifting of the fictional genre restrictions.  You’re no longer limited to stories about Sith.  We want to hear your Star Wars stories, no matter the subject.  Send us your tales of Stormtroopers, pilots, bounty hunters, and gamblers.  Sad or funny, entertaining or informative, we need our writers!


Dark Side Compendium (DSC) revisions reflecting the changes in our Force Powers and the Dark Brotherhood.  We are all Sith, united for the common defense of the Emperor’s Hammer.


Website consolidation.  Long time readers noticed the abandoning of the House Drakonan site.  I still maintain DBT and SoD totals there, but that’s it until those functions are eventually merged into emperorshammer.org.  Hopefully soon all of the EH will exist under one web domain.


More fun!  This is always our primary goal, and perhaps the secret of Dark Brotherhood Trivia’s success.  More quick, fun activities to bring us together in more opportunities.  We all love Star Wars so let’s celebrate it together!


Until next time, Keep It Sithy.


CON/SWL Tuba/Clan Drakonan/FRG Swift Fury
(DS) (ED) (GC) (SoP) (DC-O) (GN) (Cr-Dx2-R-Ax5-Sx4-Ex9-Tx4) (LSG) (LSG) (LSS)

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