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Tomaas Montte - 1
For: Grand Master
Posted By: D Tomaas Montte
Posted On: January 10, 2013

Dark Brotherhood Grand Master’s Report #1


Welcome to the first Grand Master’s report in quite some time. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Fleet Commander for giving me the opportunity to lead the Brotherhood into the future and allowing me the opportunity to build upon a piece of the Emperor’s Hammer that is close to my heart.


Now, enough of that sort of thing, let’s get on to the…



There are actually quite a few things to announce here so lets get started.

·        New Grand Master! - That’s me of course. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, ideas for activity, etc.  Please feel free to email me at : gm@emperorshammer.org.  I want to stress that I’m going to try a much less ‘top down’ approach to things.  I want to help all of you move our activities and events in the direction the group would like to see them go, so get with me if you have an idea and we’ll see what we can do about getting it going.

·        We are SITHThis actually occurred some time ago but I can’t recall it ever being posted or emphasized, so I’m doing it now.  We are no longer going with a structure of being Dark Jedi that study several paths.  We are Sith and we are the top of the food chain.  We play Dark Jedi like puppets, we enslave Nightsisters, we fight to maintain our rightful place, as RULERS of the galaxy and the paragons of Imperial thought.


What does this mean? Well in practical terms we have done away with the old Order system and we’ll be rewriting the Darkside Compendium to reflect this, a task I’m working on now.  Look for changes in rank names (though we’re keeping the structure so all you’re hard work won’t disappear. The gist is, if you were a Dark Jedi Knight, you’ll now be a Sith Knight.  That’s it, only cosmetic.  Many ranks won’t change at all, but I wanted to let everyone know before they started seeing changes in ID lines. Also we've opened all events to all members and have even extended this idea to grant you credit for EH activity outside the DB.  If you fly a mission in the TIE Corps or write a piece of fiction for an EH wide contest be sure to let your Clan Summit know so that you can get credit for it. We want to make sure you’re having fun and don’t want you to ever feel restricted in your activity by membership in any group.


·        Crossovers - One of the first things I did upon assuming the Iron Throne was to enact a flip-side of the above policy as well.  For those in the EH that are members of the TC (or any of the inactive subgroups, you can also participate in DB events and fiction and earn medals.  Your SG commanders will of course hold final say on any credit you get in their SG, but if you participate, whether as a Bounty Hunter, a Stormtrooper, etc.  I’ll gladly award you an EH award for your efforts and contributions to DB events/fiction. I did this for two reasons: I want to provide an outlet for all members of the EH (even currently defunct ones) to have fun and interact with their Sith brethren. Secondly,  I think it enriches us all to have the diversity of the EH in our fiction and events. It just makes sense to have Stormtroopers and Sith fighting side by side. So welcome everyone to the new Dark Brotherhood!


·        New EosFictionally speaking one of the most dramatic changes that’s happening is that we are colonizing Eos.  You read that correctly, Eos will no longer be a dead moon where we hide in a hole.  The Dark Hall will of course remain, but with a large surface addition of a Sith Temple, which will include its own Throne Room for interaction with non-DB dignitaries like Fleet officers, TIE Corps pilots, Directorate Governors etc. Spreading out from the temple will be the first city of the moon with everything you’d expect there like bars, shops, a spaceport, corporate offices etc. We are Sith and we proclaim ourselves and our right to rule, we do not hide in holes!


This was actually a way to further bring us in line with canon as Sith and to open new fictional options to our writers. Each Clan will have a compound inside the city to develop as their own, though if any Clan grows large enough we’ll have an entire moon to colonize and they may get a city of their own.  How’s that for a fictional incentive to recruit?


·        New Powers!Along with the DSC rewrite we are restructuring the system we use for powers based on rank. You can get a preview from Consul Pel “Tuba” Morba if you’re interested, but the goal here (again) was to cleave closer to canon, eliminate the unwieldy system that was based on Orders, and allow each member to customize their EH persona as much as possible. Sith can be pilots, scholars, dueling warriors, tactical/strategic geniuses or all of these.  Now it’s up to you to decide how you’ll spread the Dark Side in the galaxy.


·        New TitleFinally and least importantly in my mind, I’ve chosen my Darth name. I’ll be adding Darth Beskad to my signature and feel free to use it when referencing the Grand Master in current pieces of EH fiction. A Beskad is a Mandalorian saber and it seemed a good melding of my character’s Mandalorian heritage and Sith training.  I can only hope it will also be symbolic of the changes to the DB as we cut away what has previously hampered us and cut a path into the future.



The Old RepublicWe are still an active presence in the Old Republic and I hope everyone realizes that their activity there will be rewarded.  Even if you’re not a member of a TOR Clan, make sure your Consul is aware of  your TOR activity because you get credit for it.  If you haven’t tried TOR, give it a shot.  It’s free to play these days and can be a lot of fun.  If you need any help or have any questions, contact myself or Fleet Commander Rapier who is doing double duty as Consul (and Guildmaster) for our TOR guild.

DB Fiction Initiative Sith Warlord Tuba currently has a lighthearted, and humorous run on begun at http://emperorshammer.net/forum/m/3268063/viewthread/5486477-darth-loki-01-returns Its purposely non canon and slightly askew so have fun with it. 

Planetary Mission FictionI’m sponsoring the first of what I hope will be many larger fiction contests. You can get the details here: http://www.emperorshammer.org/comps.php

Our Supported platforms Keep in mind we have general activity still open to everyone on any and all of our supported game platforms.  So keep gaming, and let me know if there is a platform you think we can get off the ground.  Also, if you are a Steam gamer get in touch with Rapier and join the EH Steam group. We have a lot of activity there and always welcome more people.


I want to take a moment and recognize the outstanding performance of one of our members, Tygra Shadowclaw.  Tygra has for the past two years won the title of Sword of Drakonan which tells you something about his level of activity. He participates in TOR, DB Trivia, and more. So in addition to his recent accomplishment of securing a second Sword of Drakonan  title I’m going to do something I rarely do and directly elevate him in rank from Sith Warrior to Sith Battlemaster.  Please, everyone join me in congratulating him on his achievements and promotions.


Darkness Defend,

Darth Beskad

GM/GM Tomaas Montte/DC-1/

(ED) (GC) (SoP) (DC-K) (Cr-D-R-Ax2-E-T-Q) (LSAg)




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