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Tomaas Montte - 2
For: Grand Master
Posted By: D Tomaas Montte
Posted On: February 14, 2013

Dark Brotherhood Grand Master’s Report #2

Darth Beskad sat on the iron throne leaning forward to look at a holo transmission hovering blue and ethereal in front of him.  Women and children ran screaming across the view of the camera.  Blood dripping down terrified faces  as they staggered and fell in mud, then pulled themselves up and ran again.  Occasionally the Dark Hall would also echo with the transmitted sound of blaster fire as a stormtrooper or marine retreated firing all the while.  He even saw one airman wearing a TIE pilot uniform retreating and firing his blaster to defend civilians escaping behind him.  And then there were the images of the enemy, they were a motley lot. Pirates and scum but fighting with precision and discipline unheard of in their kind. 

The Sith Lord shifted to his guests standing at the footr of his dais, his armor making a screeching noise as mandalorian iron rubbed across mandalorian iron. “An attack?” he asked raising an eyebrow at the Trooper wearing a lieutenant’s insignia and operating the holoprojector controls. “Not in our territories or I’d already know of it.”

“An attack my lord.” the lieutenant confirmed, “Rimward of us. It’s in the Unknown Regions.”

Beskad leaned forward clasping the pommel of his Sith Sword and staring intently at the lieutenant. “Why am I watching it?”

“Because of this.” Answered his second guest.  He was a black uniformed colonel from the Intelligence Division. Who then clicked a button and the imagery sped into a fluid scroll forward at high speed before coming to a stop then resuming.

In the image a Fleet marine was in staggering retreat with a trooper draped over his shoulder.  Long and deep burn marks marred the trooper’s white plastoid armor, and he seemed to be missing a hand, though no blood seeped from the wound. This image brought the Dark Lord to his feet.  The next , a robe wearing figure leaping into view with a red lightsaber blade, brought him forward to the floor of the throne room.

Beskad stabbed his gauntleted hand into the image as if he could strangle the recorded image. Then watched coldly as the unknown assailant cut down both the valiant marine and his wounded trooper cargo in one swipe them looked directly at the holocamera and with a gesture ,it went blank.

“Go back, I want to see that again.” Beskad commanded and the trooper obliged him, then froze the image on the black robed figure.

The Sith Lord stared impassively for several moments and then spat on the throne room floor. “Dark Jedi. Weakness incarnate, not idealistic enough to seek the Light and not strong enough to do more than play at the power of being a true Sith.”

The Intelligence Officer cleared his throat mildly. “It’s all outside of our territory and not our concern of course my lord.” He said in an odd tone.

“Even if some of those colonists originated from here in the Hammer territories.” The man added. “Certainly something the Fleet Commander and the official military couldn’t become involved in.”

“But I can.” replied the Sith Lord.

“Exactly my lord.” The intelligence colonel replied a bit patronizingly as if a dull child had worked out a secret.

“Then I’ll send out teams to fight these marauders and perhaps earn some ‘goodwill’ from these Imperial colonists.” Beskad said narrowing his eyes at the man. “And if others in the Fleet want to join my Sith, off duty, and on a volunteer basis of course, they can.”

“What a wonderful idea my lord.”  The Intel officer said with a patronizing smile.

Beskad’s hand lashed out in a lightning fast strike that defied normal vision and sent the man flying back several feet  with an eruption of blood, before he landed on the throne room floor and skidded to a dazed stop with his mouth and nose bleeding.

“Most of my predecessors would have turned you to ashes for that tone.” Beskad said calmly wiping blood from his gauntlet with a cleaning rag from his belt. “I will give you the chance to learn from this lesson.  But dare think you can outwit me or condescend to any Sith  again and I will slowly beat you senseless and only then will I begin to explore your true pain thresholds through the Force.  Am I clear colonel?”

The man nodded numbly from his position on the floor, as a scantily clad slave girl scampered up with a rag and her mouth set in a moue of irritation. “You really shouldn’t go bleedin’ on the lord’s floor, ya know.  Tis disrespectful,l it is.”

The man could only stare at her in dazed amazement.

Montte let out a small chuckle at the look of incredulity on the man’s face before returning his attention to the trooper.  “Get the word out lieutenant, and make sure the navy knows as well.  I can’t start a war, but I can send out ‘scouting parties’ and any sailor, soldier or pilot that wants to join is welcome as well. “

“Yes my lord.” the man said with a salute and turned on his heel in military fashion to carry out his orders.

Beskad sat again on his throne and began composing orders for his Sith. It seemed there was some hunting to be done and if it also managed to kill off a few of the weak pretenders to Sith power, so be it. That thought brought a smile to his normally rigid features.

“Good hunting my Sith,” Beskad said softly with an evil chuckle. “I may even sneak away to join you in killing our prey from time to time…”


As you can see I’ve decided to restore the old tradition of a bit of short fiction to the GM’s report.  Hope you enjoyed it, if not, well that’s why mouse wheels were invented.  You can scroll on down to the rest of the report.



There are actually quite a few things to announce here so let’s get started.

·         Clan Drakonan has gotten itself a new Proconsul and from what I’ve seen so far he’s going to be excellent in that position. Everyone make a point of congratulating Tygra Shadowclaw on his new position!


·         New Positions! I’ve made my first appointments.  Consul Pel “Tuba” Morba has been named my Praetor.  That means if I’m unavailable for any reason he can speak in my stead.  It also grants him the access he needs to focus more fully on our fiction efforts going forward.  Please extend to him all the courtesies you would to me.


I’ve also selected Starkillerny as one of my Magistrates.  Star was an excellent leader when he was in Alvaak and showed great ability at organizing gaming and recruiting new members.  With that in mind I’ve asked him to assist me in getting gaming going on other platforms.  So far he’s doing well and has even brought some members back into the fold.  If you have any gaming related questions or comments he can help you out if I’m not available.


·         A New Platform! After receiving the Fleet Commander’s approval I’m excited to announce that we have a new platform available to us for EH activities.  The game Killing Floor will now be available for official events and activities in the DB!  As our gaming continues to grow it is very possible we can add other platforms if there is enough interest from the membership so I’m always open to suggestions.


·         Weekly Gaming Nights! The intro fiction was a lead in to this.  Starting as soon as possible, I’m aiming for next week we are going to begin weekly gaming nights for two platforms.  We will be having a weekly gaming night for two platforms: Team Fortress 2 and Killing Floor.  That’s two chances for members to earn EH awards and yes some of those will be Clusters of Fire which have been sadly absent for far too long. We’ve already got a committed core group of people to make this happen, but this event is open to everyone and we can always have more than one match going at once so if you’re interested get in touch with myself or my Magistrate.  As a side note this event is open to everyone in the EH, so if you have a pilot friend or even a retired Trooper looking to get back into gaming, invite them along.   If the win a medal spot I’ll award them an equivalent EH medal.


Do make a point of contacting Starkillerny or myself as soon as possible because we are still trying to set days and times for these events, and while I’m sure there will be adjustments over time I want everyone to have a chance to participate in the games.  Kep in mind Team Fortress 2 is free to play so there isn’t any cost whatsoever to pick up a weapon and earn some awards! I’ll announce the days and times as soon as I think we have a majority consensus. I’ll announce scoring and how we award medals in my announcement on those times.


·         A Fun Addition- I’ve created us an EH tag for use in our gaming nights and I’ll be glad to email a copy of the file to anyone that asks.  You just drop it into your tf2 file in Steam then activate it in your multiplayer options.  After that you can hit ‘t’ anytime in game and voila an EH symbol on black appears on the floors, walls, ceilings, etc.  Its fun and good advertising and you can of course use it in other platforms that use tagging if you choose even if they aren’t official yet! To see one in game in TF2 check out my screenshot posted on Steam!


·         GamertagsWe’d like folks to start wearing the [EH] tag on their names in Steam whenever possible.  It isn’t an order, or required (I know some of you belong to other clans on Steam) but if you don’t have one yet, please add [EH].  It goes on the front end, for example my Steam tag is [EH]Hitman. I’d particularly like to see this in official Emperor’s Hammer events. It only takes a few moments to switch this so help out the club and get us some free advertisement and take time to recruit if someone asks.


·         New Powers! (Again)I’m happy to announce that the Force powers list devised by Tuba, which was announced in my previous report  has received approval! The goal was to cleave closer to canon, eliminate the unwieldy system that was based on Orders, and allow each member to customize their EH persona as much as possible. Sith can be pilots, scholars, dueling warriors, tactical/strategic geniuses or all of these.  Now it’s up to you to decide how you’ll spread the Dark Side in the galaxy. Stay tuned for an announcement from him on the exact list and description and how they’ll be used in fiction and roleplaying endeavors like the Dueling Institute of Eos.  (Which actually makes me think perhaps someone should write a fiction about that place and where it sits in relation to the Dark Hall in New Eos.)





Weekly gaming Nights- Staring as soon as possible we’ll be having weekly gaming nights where everyone can get together and earn a few medals by gaming together!  The first two platforms are Team Fortress 2 and Killing Floor.  We can add more if the interest is there .Go  out and earn yourself some medals! As an added incentive, if we can reach full (EH) teams on either platform I’ll award a Dark Cross  (or equivalent) to each mem

ber of that full team(s).

Our Supported platforms Keep in mind we have general activity still open to everyone on any and all of our supported game platforms.  So keep gaming, and let me know if there is a platform you think we can get off the ground.  Also, if you are a Steam gamer get in touch with Rapier, myself or Starkillerny and join the EH Steam group. We have a lot of activity there and always welcome more people.

The Old Republic We are still an active presence in the Old Republic and I hope everyone realizes that their activity there will be rewarded.  Even if you’re not a member of a TOR Clan, make sure your Consul is aware of  your TOR activity because you get credit for it.  If you haven’t tried TOR, give it a shot.  It’s free to play these days and can be a lot of fun.  If you need any help or have any questions, contact myself or Fleet Commander Rapier who is doing double duty as Consul (and Guildmaster) for our TOR guild.

Clan Activities- Make sure to check with your Clan Summit as well for what’s happening there activity wise, each of our Clans tailors activities to the interest of the majority of its members, take a look and get involved.


I just wanted take a moment and recognize that Consul Pel”Tuba” Morba has been named EHer of the month!  Maker sure to congratulate him and thank him for all the hard work he does with trivia, fiction, etc. 

Congratulations Tuba!


Darkness Defend,

Darth Beskad

GM/GM Tomaas Montte/DC-1/

(ED) (GC) (SoP) (DC-K) (Cr-D-R-Ax2-E-T-Q) (LSAg)


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