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Drakonan Report T32: 02-20-2013 - 0
For: Clan Drakonan's
Posted By: ADT Tuba
Posted On: February 20, 2013

Dark Greetings!  SoD standings, another new member, and a new contest!


EH News:

Our Steam club is growing rapidly with 25 members on the books.  If you’re not playing yet, please note that one of the approved platforms, Team Fortress 2, is 100% free to play and download.  Check it out!



Drakonan News:

Clan Drakonan's first fiction comp (since becoming a clan), appropriately titled: Mission 1.  Take the newly Revised Force Powers list out for a spin on a mission of your choice and write about your experience.  No min/max length. 


Members may choose their own mission including, but not limited to infiltration, recon, sabotage, combat, bodyguard, training, or any other task a Sith might be assigned.  It's your mission, so have fun with it!


Deadline is 23:59 CST (GMT-6) on March 7th 2013.  Awards are Amethyst through Quartz Crescents for 1st - 5th places.  Best of luck, writers!  Show us what you've got!



TOR 2.0 released on Public Test Server.  Updates include Level 55-specific gear, Operation Scum and Villainy, and Legacy Achievements.  View the full story at http://www.swtor.com/info/news/%5Bnews-category%5D/20130220


SW News:

Casting began for Ep. VII.  To my dismay, I’ve not been contacted.


Sword of Drakonan February Standings:

All points tabulated as of this afternoon.  If something’s in error, please let me know quickly so I can fix it.  Tygra and I want very much to credit you for your work so check your numbers for accuracy, please!


SBM Starkillerny: 46 pts (DBT, 2 SA Courses, and Steam play: 6 hrs on Team Fortress 2 and 31 hrs on Killing Floor)

SBM Zsinj: 20 pts (DBT and Steam play)

PCON/SBM Tygra Shadowclaw: 16 pts (DBT, TOR, and Steam play)

SBM Elwood the Brave: 8 pts (DBT and 6 TIE Missions)

SK Crsepe: 7 pts (DBT)

SK Kaisin Mirtez: 3 pts (DBT)

DA Dante: 2 pts (DBT)

DA Scoser: 2 pts (DBT)

SW Talon Jade: 2 pts (DBT)


DB Trivia Champions!

SBM Starkillerny took sole possession of last week’s Legion of the Scholar!

DA Scoser earned the Amethyst Star for 400 LCA!

SBM Starkillerny earned the Emerald Star for 100 LCA!



SK Crsepe transferred in, along with GRD Entername.  Welcome, Gents!


Handy Links:
EH Guild and the EH Forums: http://emperorshammer.net

DB Trivia LCAA Leaderboard: https://sites.google.com/site/housedrakonan/competitions/db-trivia-lcaa-leaderboard

2013 Sword of Drakonan Standings: https://sites.google.com/site/housedrakonan/competitions/sword-of-drakonan

Emperor’s Hammer Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Emperors_Hammer



Steam is rolling along (pun intended) and we’re gaining more members.  I look forward to seeing many of you tomorrow night for our first official EH Steam Gaming Night.  Drop by and have fun with us!



Keep it Sithy.


CON/SWL Tuba/Clan Drakonan/FRG Swift Fury
(DS) (ED) (GC) (SoP) (DC-O) (GN) (Cr-Dx2-R-Ax5-Sx4-Ex9-Tx4) (LSG) (LSG) (LSS)

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