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FA Laan - 1
For: Strategic Operations Officer
Posted By: GN Jarek La'an
Posted On: March 4, 2013

Report #1, 04 March 2013

Opening Comments

I would like to open this report with a brief thanks to the TCCOM for giving me this opportunity to act once again in a command role within the TC.  In the past my commitments have led me to disappear from the EH/TC for prolonged period but it always impresses me that every time I return the EH/TC continues to soldier on.  With this in mind I consider this continued existence to be my main objective as SOO.  I have already outlined the TCCOM/SOO relationship and compared it to that of the COM/WC of old, a comparison more fitting than ever these days with the relatively small size of the TC.  As our core games continue to age we have spent an unsure few years attempting to force newer games into our modus operandi, or exploit whatever mods or alternatives we could acquire.  Nothing has quite gripped us as those first flight sims did, and in many cases continue to do so as evidenced by the constant stream of BSF notifications into my inbox.  The fact that so many of our members continue to participate in this club remains its greatest strength, despite the setbacks we have all encountered.  My intentions for now will be simple; encouraging communication and activity, co-ordinating squadrons, and maintaining the active participation of every willing TC pilot.

I have a number of personal issues that I will be clarifying with the relevant CS, chief amongst those is the exact state of the groups timeline, as well as the nature and role of the OOB to us as a tool and aid.  While work on the database will take precedence we cannot forget the past and the rich heritage of the TC and this should be carefully clarified, questioned, and made available to all as it should inform every comp and drive the group narrative.  Speaking only for myself I am not a fan of the OOB in its current format, or its previous iteration - I find it too proscriptive, too large for our territorial holdings, and tactically a touch dubious.  In the near future I will be speaking to the TCCOM about future competition plots and what we can do to fit them into the EHs wider narrative and include other SGs, but my focus will be on just what the ISD Hammer represents, our mission, and our capabilities.

Fleet Status

The TCCOMs weekly report will continue to detail promotions and transfers, as well as all major awards.  In this regard I will avoid repetition and offer a quick precis.  Following a number of command changes at all levels we are all taking a period to take stock, adjust, and ready ourselves for the rest of 2013.  Alpha and Delta have submitted MSEs in admirable time with a number of recommendations.  I am pleased to see a mixture of activity, fewer inactive pilots than expected, and MoC and ISM awards rightly earned.  This activity will offer a solid foundation for future improvement, and at present I am happy with our current position - but there will always be room for improvement.  Talk to your colleagues, reach out to inactive pilots, aid your CMDR by letting them know whats going on. I look forward to the remaining MSEs and future reports from this office.

Weekly Orders

The ISD Hammer remains on an extended patrol of the EHs border regions in company with the VSDs Anvil and Rapier, as well as the INT Compellor, while the remainder of her battlegroup continues to refit in the orbital yards of Aurora.  Increased piracy has been reported in neighbouring systems and may indicate the existence of a new faction in the region.  Reports will be made available to all Flag Officers as the strategic picture is resolved.

Officers are reminded of the requirement for military discipline at all time, to that end the serving of all forms of alcohol and derived spirits is to be stopped in all officer's messes until such time as the pilot's responsible for the "Mouse Droid Derby" and the "Naked Hangar Dash" report to the Master-at-Arms.  A number of Colonels have been implicated in similar events previously and should consider themselves under suspicion.

This weeks duty squadron will be Delta, expected CAP routine is normal, threat level is moderate. 


I'd like us to start as we mean to go on, working towards this club's continued success and existence.  At the risk of using any more cliches my door is always open, feel free to forward queries or concerns to my inbox, or contact me on IRC using a variation of the FA|Laan nick on #tiecorps.  By this point next week I hope to have made ALL squadron evaluation awards and the latest round of MoCs.  Until then, 

In Service,

FA La'an, SOO
ISD Hammer

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