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FA Laan - 2
For: Strategic Operations Officer
Posted By: GN Jarek La'an
Posted On: March 11, 2013

Report #2, 11 March 2013

Opening Comments

I am more than happy with the last week - on all fronts are going well, with the return of two RSVs to the fleet, a general increase in all activity, the rejuvenation of the MBs and old comps, and a significant effort to bring a new TC database online.  In addition myself, the TCCOM, and TAC are working on a TC comp.  At present we have drawn up a background to the coming conflict that will be shaped by TC members, with fiction submissions determining key plot developments.  I have submitted a TC/EH narrative summary to the FC for approval which will clarify the current "canon" position of the TC and give us a solid foundation for further narratives and plot developments, and a new campaign nemesis has been drawn up, a piratical NPC that will be making an appearance in the coming comp.  These things together should hopefully give a comp a lot more depth and interest to those taking part and kick off a new narrative chapter for the TC that will run for the long-term.  Stay tuned for details as we put the finishing touches on all these documents which will be released together in the near future.

Fleet Status

The TCCOMs weekly report will continue to detail promotions and transfers, as well as all major awards. We've started strongly and I'm very happy to see the BSFs, comp approvals, and medal awards roll in.  The stream of promotions and reappointments have made this previous week all the more positive and I look forward to more of the same.  At present we are only waiting on a single MSE and when this comes in MoCs will be awarded for the first time since... a while.  In the continued absence of a COMM I will be handling these for the TC as well as maintaining and moderating the MBs - if anyone has a problem in this area, let me know and I'll do what I can to assist.  I'm gratified to see Gamma at full strength and even more so to hear discussion of opening Lambda - while this was said jokingly all it would take would be a minimum of 4 officers to volunteer and one of those to be a suitable CMDR candidate.  If the trend of returning RSVs continues I will be keen to look into this possibility.

Weekly Orders

The ISD Hammer has moved away from its escorts to conduct an inspection of the outlying reaches of the local system, while uninhabited it would appear that numerous vessels have passed through the system in recent days.  The Anvil and Rapier have approached the system from the standard arrival vector and will flush out any vessels into the path of the INT Compellor.  The Hammer will reinforce as required. The remainder of her battlegroup continues their lengthy refit in the orbital yards of Aurora.  Intelligence reports on the emergent pirate faction in this sector have indicated a single dominant faction, tentatively ID'd as the Void Raptors - expect further updates on this group and their leader in the coming weeks.

Officers have heeded my earlier calls for increased discipline and this is pleasing to see.  However it has been brought to my attention that non-authorised compartments are being used for the creation of alcoholic beverages - particularly something labelled as "Chalquilla".  Four pilots have been removed from flight duties to partial and temporary blindness.  All pilots formerly serving on the Challenge are to ensure this activity ceases before I am forced to conduct random cabin inspections.

This weeks duty squadron will be Alpha, expected CAP routine is normal, threat level is heightened. 


Good work so far, as always my door is always open, feel free to forward queries or concerns to my inbox, or contact me on IRC using a variation of the FA|Laan nick on #tiecorps.  Stand by for further updates on the TC narrative, pirate faction NPCs, and the opening fiction for a TC comp and battle creation,

In Service,

FA La'an, SOO
ISD Hammer

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