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FA La'an - 3
For: Strategic Operations Officer
Posted By: GN Jarek La'an
Posted On: March 17, 2013

Report #3, 17 March 2013

Opening Comments

The week has almost seemed to be over before it began, a measure perhaps of how busy things have been behind the scenes.  Work on the new database and site are ongoing and very encouraging, full credit must be paid to those members working under difficult circumstances to the benefit of the entire group.  In addition the promised timeline/narrative has been released, as well as a bio/intel piece on the NPC who will represent the villainess in a future TC flight comp, as well as a number of minor comps en route.  Flight activity among others has continued an upwards trend but is still limited to a minority and I would love nothing more than to see this change - with no joystick and only XWA I managed to use a PS3 controller to fly 38 missions in just over a week, If I can, you can.  Doing so has highlighted a concern I was previously not aware of, namely that users of 64-bit systems can't use EH patches, which severely limits the battles available for flight.  In my case as a solely XWA pilot, I am running out of missions to fly.  All the more reason for some more to be created - the Karana Initiative Phase 1a and 1b competitions will hopefully go some way to correcting this.  Full details can be found on the EH comps page, but the important theme to be drawn is that 1a will allow pilots to compose fiction based on our new narrative, NPC, and the TACs prologue - the best of which will inspire the battle for a future TC comp.  1b is the TACs brainchild and will focus on mission and battle creation based on the same themes.  The next two weeks promise to be very fruitful.

Fleet Status

The TCCOMs weekly report will continue to detail promotions and transfers, as well as all major awards. I'm pleased to see LCM Kroan step into a deserved FL role, particularly as it is the one I have only recently vacated!  I am equally happy to see an increased online presence in recent days from all manner of pilots that I have not encountered for some time.  Leading nicely into the next topic, MoCs will be awarded on conclusion of this report, with Epsilons to be awarded as and when those reccs are able to be made. LC Dempsey and COL Zosite Styles continue to work hard behind the scenes and are again to be commended for their continuing dedication and efforts. 

Weekly Orders

The Anvil and Rapier have continued to work in concert with the INT Compellor, flushing the last of the encountered pirates out of their lairs within the limits of the system.  Losses have been light, but resistance tenacious and enemy ferocity has come as a surprise.  Something other than greed is motivating this disparate band.  The Hammer has acted on intel acquired from prisoner interrogation and we are moving to intercept a supply convoy bound for a combat group of Void Raptors, headed by the suspected flagship of Val Duquesne, a Vindicator class heavy cruiser. All squadrons are to stand ready for action. 

The continued theft of female officer's uniforms has been reported from at least one officer's mess.  The reason for such continued, and to my eyes disturbing, criminality is unclear.  How my Flag Lieutenant is supposed to report to duty when her entire wardrobe has been creatively liberated is beyond me, I cannot help but connect this incident with the reported theft of a medical practice dummy and be concerned by the likely depravity of at least one of my pilots.  The less said on this matter the better...

This weeks duty squadron will be Epsilon, expected CAP routine is alert, threat level remains heightened. Threat assessments will be made watch by watch, stand by for revisions at short notice.


Good work so far, as always my door is always open, feel free to forward queries or concerns to my inbox, or contact me on IRC using a variation of the FA|Laan nick on #tiecorps.  I look forward to seeing your contributions in fiction and mission creation over the coming week,

In Service,

FA La'an, SOO
ISD Hammer

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