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FA La'an - 4
For: Strategic Operations Officer
Posted By: GN Jarek La'an
Posted On: March 25, 2013

Report #4, 25 March 2013

Opening Comments

A mixed week on both TC and personal fronts, my notable 3-day absence was unfortunately a necessity due a severe stomach bug, however I'm back to where I began the week, so all on that front at least is remedied.  The Karana Initiative is ongoing, with a week left to run - so far the quality of the submissions has been high, and that is very encouraging to me.  What is less encouraging is the quantity as only 2 submissions have been made.  Hopefully this will give way to a late flurry of submissions, needless to say a medal place by default is up for grabs but I would much prefer to see some honest competition for it.  This is an opportunity for you all to shape the direction the TC is taking, and activity that doesn't require anything more than a little time, imagination, and no reliance on games that may or may not work for you.  We are doing all we can at present but we are at a tipping point where only your activity can drive us forwards; otherwise we risk stalling and settling back into another long period of disarray and discontent.  The choice is yours.

Fleet Status

The TCCOMs weekly report will continue to detail promotions and transfers, as well as all major awards. I'm sad to see Giovanni Palermo head to the RSVs, but he remains active as the EH Security Officer and hopes to return to full activity at a later date.  It is no simple thing to take yourself out of the equation but reflects on strong loyalty to his squadron - many pilots will simply drift away without courtesy and leave us unsure of their status or whether they will ever return.  The numbers of these pilots used to be significant but most have been identified and transferred, but its up to us all to maintain dialogue and communication, the CMDR shouldn't be the first to notice.  As we approach the end of this month it is to the CMDRs that I and the TCCOM will look for prompt MSEs and equally prompt reward will follow.  My aspiration is to have the entirety processed by the 7th at the very latest.

Weekly Orders

The INT Compellor has rejoined us in company with the Anvil and Rapier following the actions of the last week.  The suspected Void Raptor heavy cruiser that escaped us before we could initiate our ambush has not yet been detected again by any of our units.  The last augur and sensor captures showed her heading deeper into the border territories, with a trio of Lancer class frigates and a TIE Advanced squadron acting as rearguard.  It is of the utmost imperative that we find and destroy this group before they have a chance to join the larger body of the Void Raptors.  Cutting the head off the serpent will be the only way to break the cohesion of the enemy faction, Val Duquesne must be located and utterly destroyed before she is able to unite other groups to her cause.

The effort to poison me has been traced back to my own cook, rather than malice aforethought or Void Raptor subversion it would appear that simple incompetence is to blame...  With this in mind he has been reassigned to provide culinary support to a Wing I squadron.  I will let you decide amongst yourselves which squadron is to be blessed with his unique talents.

This weeks duty squadrons will be Alpha and Epsilon, expected CAP routine remains alert, one flight will leapfrog ahead of the battlegroup to reconnoitre, assessed threat level is now increased to severe. Threat assessments will be made watch by watch, stand by for revisions at short notice.


Good work again but there remains room for improvement, particularly in submitting to the Karana Initiative, as always my door is always open, feel free to forward queries or concerns to my inbox, or contact me on IRC using a variation of the FA|Laan nick on #tiecorps.  I look forward to seeing your contributions in fiction and mission creation over the coming week,

In Service,

FA La'an, SOO
ISD Hammer

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