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FA La'an - 5
For: Strategic Operations Officer
Posted By: GN Jarek La'an
Posted On: April 4, 2013

Report #5, 04 April 2013

Opening Comments

A longer gap than intended between reports, the delays of last week were made worse by my moving house and being reappointed unexpectedly away from my previous unit.  Suffice to say all is now back to normal and I will be returning to my favoured habit, harassing the members of the TC!  Submissions for the 1a section of the Karana Initiative (the fiction element) will be accepted until 2359GMT on April 5th to allow the last handful of submissions to come in.  This will be the final deadline, having already provided an extension.  I would encourage more submissions as the field remains open for late entries.  A number of pilots have flown, taken courses, been generally present, or a combination of all of the above which has been very positive to see - particularly with the Star Conflict based discussion and MP activity.  More of the same would be very encouraging, but for now MSEs will be the main effort.  Delta's has been submitted, Alpha will be delayed until the return of the CMDR, the other two are expected any time soon.  I still intend on completing all processes by the 7th, but this will be reliant on others as well as myself.  

Work on the new database continues, my only point would be to remind all those with any concerns that the EH is the TC and vice versa, any move away from a one-site solution reflects the stated needs of the TC and doesn't reflect any attempt to isolate ourselves.  Any such actions would verge on lunacy in the current climate, so calm heads will prevail - any queries, misunderstandings, or problems will always receive honest answers and feedback.

Fleet Status

The TCCOMs weekly report will continue to detail promotions and transfers, as well as all major awards.  A short entry only as there will only be a few days between this report and my next.  Activity has risen compared to the last period and report, so I will take this as an encouraging sign.  I look forward to announcing further awards, comp winners, and similar in the next few days.

Weekly Orders

No sign has been seen of Void Raptor activity in the last ten days, far from encouraging this lull is likely the calm before a storm.  Anvil, Rapier, and Compellor are in close company with further units inbound to reinforce.  The Aggressor and Sinister will be on scene to rendezvous at our next jump point and from there a thorough search of the surrounding systems will be conducted.  Expect the unexpected.

News has reached the Hammer of a recent literary sensation sweeping Aurora, the anonymously authored "Confessions of a TIE Pilot" - having had my Flag Lieutenant summarise this vapid and sordid tale of debauchery it would appear that a number of characters match serving officers on this ship.  If the author wishes to come forward he will probably escape with a sound beating from those "characters".  I can not assure his safety if he is found out by other means.  

This weeks duty squadron will be Gamma, expected CAP routine remains alert, one flight will trail the battlegroup to ensure no other units are tracking, assessed threat level remains severe. Threat assessments will be made watch by watch, stand by for revisions at short notice.


Improvement, slow, but more positive than last week, as always my door is always open, feel free to forward queries or concerns to my inbox, or contact me on IRC using a variation of the FA|Laan nick on #tiecorps.  I look forward to seeing your contributions in fiction and mission creation over the coming week,

In Service,

FA La'an, SOO
ISD Hammer

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