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Clan Drakonan Report T36: 04-06-2013 - 36
For: Clan Drakonan's
Posted By: ADT Tuba
Posted On: April 6, 2013

Dark Greetings!  Two new members from our Steam group, piles of medals, and enough SoD points to fill a star destroyer.  Let’s get to it!


EH News:

Disney shutters LucasArts.  Our beloved video game house is no more, as the House of Mouse licenses out the titles to various 3rd party companies.  Not that the video game division has done much in recent years, but it is sad to note their passing.


DB News:

Hardly anyone showed up for Star Conflict on Friday night.  Is there a time that works better for you?  We did have many more players for the subsequent Killing Floor round, though.


Sunday game nights are now reserved for testing new platforms.


The Coruscant Run On remains open.  We’re finishing the story.


Superweapons Course is open for business.  8 graduates so far.  Can we get more?  Drop by Imperial University to learn about Star Wars-scale WMDs!


Drakonan News:

Two shiny new Apprentices joined our ranks today: Cerberus and McClain!  Please join me in welcoming our newest recruits aboard Frigate Swift Fury!


I’m pleased to announce our first two Battleteam Leaders in over a year: BTLs GRD Gio Palermo and SW Talon Jade are now heading up game nights for Killing Floor and Team Fortress 2!



An impromptu audit of Legions of the Scholar revealed 5 missing awards.  I’m unable to account for the discrepancy, but I do thank GM Montte for helping me rectify the situation quickly.

Crsepe, Kaisin (x2), Starkillerny, and Tygra’s LSS count is now accurate.  My apologies for this oversight.

Silver Sash awarded to GM/GM Tomaas Montte (Darth Beskad) for exemplary leadership in and of the Dark Brotherhood.  GM Montte is only the 4th recipient of the 2nd highest DB award in the entire history of the EH.  Congratulations, sir!


Emperors Hammer Game Night (EHGN) 12:

GRD Giovanni Palermo: KS and CFx2

SW Crsepe: CFx2

SWL Starkillerny: CFx2


EHGN 13:

SW Talon Jade: KS and CF

GRD Giovanni Palermo: CF


EHGN 14:

KS to SWL Starkillerny

GM Tomaas Montte: CFx5

GRD Gio Palermo: CFx2

DSM Scoser: CF


EHGN 15:

DA Tuba: KS and CFx9

GM Tomaas Montte: CFx2

DSM Scoser: CFx5

SWL Starkillerny: CFx3

GRD Giovanni Palermo: CFx2


Sword of Drakonan April 1st-6th:

SWL Starkillerny: 53 pts (Steam, DBT)

DSM Scoser: 46 pts (Steam, DBT)

BTL/GRD Giovanni Palermo: 43 pts (Steam)

SW Crsepe: 28 pts (Steam, TOR, DBT)

SBM Elwood the Brave: 17 pts (5 courses, DBT)

APP McClain: 6 pts (Steam)

BTL/SW Talon Jade: 3 pts (Steam, DBT)

APP Cerberus: 3 pts (Steam)

SK Kaisin Mirtez: 2 pts (DBT)

PCON/SBL Tygra Shadowclaw: 1 pt (DBT)

SBM Zsinj: 1 pt (DBT)

GM Hades: 1 pt (DBT)

DA Dante: 1 pt (DBT)


DB Trivia Champions!

SK Kaisin Mirtez claimed sole victory in DBT 114.  That’s two in a row and 39 career wins!


Handy Links:
EH Guild and the EH Forums: http://emperorshammer.net

DB Trivia LCAA Leaderboard: https://sites.google.com/site/housedrakonan/competitions/db-trivia-lcaa-leaderboard

2013 Sword of Drakonan Standings: https://sites.google.com/site/housedrakonan/competitions/sword-of-drakonan

Emperor’s Hammer Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Emperors_Hammer


I’d like to remind everyone that we have many courses available through Imperial University (Woody’s doing some great work there!) and the Coruscant Run On remains open.  Let’s finish that story so we can put paid to a long overdue butcher’s bill.


Steam is dominating our activities list and I’m very proud to announce that in the first week of April, you earned 205 Sword of Drakonan points.  That’s easily our best single week ever!  Truly outstanding work.


Keep it Sithy.


P: GM-CON/DA Tuba/Clan Drakonan/FRG Swift Fury
(DS) (ED) (GC) (SoP) (SE) (DC-O) (GN) (KS) (Cr-Dx2-R-Ax5-Sx4-Ex9-Tx4) (CF) (LSG) (LSG) (LSS)

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