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FA La'an - 6
For: Strategic Operations Officer
Posted By: GN Jarek La'an
Posted On: April 9, 2013

STRATEGIC OPERATIONS OFFICER Report #6, 09 April 2013 Opening Comments My earlier e-mails have yielded a rapid response from all CMDRs, my thanks to them for taking the time to respond. Hopefully this will not be repeated next month and we can hit the target timings for MSE submissions. The Karana comps have also ended, with the TAC and TCCOM soon to announce results. The Phase 2 of the competition will kick off around mid-May, this delay being a necessary pause in which the relevant TIE/XWA missions and battles can be created and fully tested. Hopefully the next mention of Karana will be a pre-comp brief and herald an increase in flight activity. I'm glad to see a number of awards being recommended by all CMDRs and this clearly shows that activity continues to persist at all levels; we need to take this forward and develop it if we stand a chance of achieving anything in the immediate future. Work on the new database continues as ever, the TCCOM has already highlighted issues with the site's mailing limits and the display of battles as highlighted by the TAC. All users of the site should ensure they check what they are expecting to see on their profiles against what is actually displayed there and report errors! Fleet Status The TCCOMs weekly report will continue to detail promotions and transfers, as well as all major awards. A short entry only as there will only be a few days between this report and my next. Activity has risen compared to the last period and report, so I will take this as an encouraging sign. I look forward to announcing further awards, comp winners, and similar in the next few days. Weekly Orders The Void Raptors have withdrawn into the fringes of the EH borders for now, licking their wounds following a series of costly skirmishes. We too have sustained losses, but all capital vessels will remain on scene to monitor activity, with the exception of the Hammer. We will be heading out of area to conduct a rearm and repair at the +++LOCATION CLASSIFIED+++ fleet depot. There will be a limited opportunity for downtime, all personnel are to consult line managers and divisional officers for duty assignments. No further reports of Duquesne have surface but she is assumed to be planning her next strike. Downtime and a brief repair period will be coming up within the week, including an overhaul of all Wing I fighters. All pilots are reminded that their craft need to be stripped of paraphenalia before submission to the fleet depot's artificers - this includes all beaded chair covers, fluffy gambling equipment, lewd posters, and frankly dubious neon lighting arrangements. I would remind all personnel that we are allegedly a fleet of professional warfighters rather than a galactic armoured brothel... This weeks duty squadron will be Delta, expected CAP routine is heightened, one flight only will be required, rotating daily. Threat assessments have been lowered to moderate, stand by for revisions. Conclusion Improvement continues slowly, we'll see what the next few weeks hold, In Service, FA La'an, SOO ISD Hammer

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