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FA La'an - 7
For: Strategic Operations Officer
Posted By: GN Jarek La'an
Posted On: April 30, 2013

Report #7, 16 April 2013

Opening Comments

MoCs have just been awarded, congratulations to all eleven recipients. I should note that with regards CMDRs there is a reliance on self reporting of activity due to my present inconsistent appearances on IRC. It is difficult to assess criteria when all I have to go on are "IRC, E-mail contact" and this will mean, as it did earlier, that deserving officers are passed over. This has been corrected and next month should proceed without problem or delays. Speaking of next month, there are two weeks remaining to push activity that will be eligible for April MSE awards. Things have been relatively slow from the majority of pilots so far, I'd like to see this improve. At present 2 of the 4 squadrons have yielded 99% of the activity - the others need to pull their weight or any realistic chance of hosting fair wing competitions will be greatly reduced.

On a related note, the last 2 MSEs have yielded a distressing number of "no contacts" - in many cases I know these to be the latest in a long line from many officers. In the past I have made my feelings clear on the retention of officer's long past the AWOL/RSV point, as it distorts the squadron's successes and activity figures and in comp provides no advantage. I am equally aware that at this stage we will struggle to maintain numbers as has been the trend for the last few years. I know CMDRs approach this issue differently, but I am of the firm belief that the worst cases should be removed after review. I will ask the TCCOM for his own opinion on this and act accordingly with his instructions.

Reports from CMDRs will be focused on over the next few weeks as I am increasingly concerned by the extended silence from a number of officers and pilots. Of two squadrons in particular my only visibility has been reports from a single Flight. I would remind everyone of my message of 27th March...

"WSRs are generally good but again we need to see them from all 4 squads. Activity starts from the top and not through expecting pilots to motivate themselves, we need to do it for them for the most part. You all know that these things are the core of your role, if you have concerns or problems, we can only sort them out if we know about them. If you cannot meet this core requirement, then it is important to realise that there are other potential CMDRs who may have the energy and drive to do the job well, but no available space to move into. We simply cannot accept failure to perform (without mitigation) despite having other candidates who can't move any further upwards than FL."

...this sentiment remains unchanged and continued lack of visible performance will lead to action from the TC-CS.

Fleet Status

The TCCOMs weekly report will continue to detail promotions and transfers, as well as all major awards. A number of medals have been awarded this week, so congratulations to all. A reminder to all MP participants, by the TCCOMs last update all LoCs will be awarded through the pending new database. Records of all matches are to be made in MSEs and thus contribute to monthly activity awards.

Weekly Orders

The Hammer remains alongside this repair facility whilst we undergo a brief maintenance period. While shore leave will be granted by watch and squadrons all personnel are to remain at short notice to depart and act accordingly. While our fighters are undergoing their own overhauls I expect all squadron CMDRs to drive a programme of training in our own and the depot;s simulators. This is not a time to let our guard down or our reflexes slow. This will make the difference when we come up against the Void Raptors again. The near future for us is presently being discussed at a strategic level. It is more than likely that we will execute a brief shakedown cruise on departure from this facility, possible taking us to Aurora for a personnel transfer and debriefing. Further updates will follow.

On a more sombre note it is my sad duty to announce the death of the ship's mascot during the recent fighter offload, the Ysalamiri formerly known as "Sal" and found around the Main Hangar since our commissioning. Nominations or donation of a new mascot will be considered by the Hammer's Flag Captain - I am well aware of a number of illegal pets onboard, do the decent thing and share.


We're at a slow point at present but hopefully Spring and the following few months will bring with it an improvement in activity, for now we'll see what the next few weeks hold,

In Service,

FA La'an, SOO
ISD Hammer

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