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FA La'an - 8
For: Strategic Operations Officer
Posted By: GN Jarek La'an
Posted On: June 3, 2013

Report #8, 30 April 2013
Opening Comments
A hiatus of two weeks for this report, due to the issues I raised over the previous weeks.  I'm very glad to see that all CMDRs have reacted positively and engaged in discussion regarding activity and the intended direction of the group.  Activity has been steady throughout the period which has been encouraging, although it remains restricted largely to a select few.  If we achieve nothing else over the next few months I want to see squadron-wide activity rise and see far fewer "no contact" entries in WSRs and MSEs.
There are a number of competitions currently running, CMDRs have been tracking them in reports and its now up to us all as members to participate.  If we don't then there are very few reasons for them to continue, and that way leads only to continued inactivity.  The MSE for this last month will be compiled very shortly if CMDRs haven't already started doing so, this will reflect a steady rise in activity and I will ensure ALL activity is rewarded.  MoCs will once again be awarded when all MSEs are submitted, I would ask for these by May 7th at the latest - any issues with this deadline should be reported to myself or the TCCOM.  I look forward to processing the reccs as they arrive!
Fleet Status
The TCCOMs weekly report will continue to detail promotions and transfers, as well as all major awards.  A number of medals have been awarded this week, so congratulations to all, particularly the MoTs for the TAC.  Records of all MP matches should continue to be made in MSEs and thus contribute to monthly activity awards.  Any additional activity should always be reported, you may not think it relevant, but much can contribute to your overall activity. 
Weekly Orders
The Hammer will depart the repair facility in the next hour, all personnel are to conduct final inventory and ensure all equipment has been returned aboard.  We will be returning to our wider battlegroup in orbit of Aurora while we await tasking.  The Void Raptors activity has fallen markedly thanks to the patrols of the Sinister and her sister vessels, as always we are all to remain watchful for this threat to increase, even where we don't expect it.  Shakedown will occur in transit, emphasis being placed on action stations, damage control, and launch drills.  All pilots are to ensure their craft have been returned at full fighting efficiency and stand ready for short-notice deployment.
Duty squadron will be Ares,  the TIE Phantom squadron using us as transit for their return to Aurora Prime and posting on the SSSD Sovereign.  As we're giving them a lift the least they can do is put in a week's work.  
As an aside I would ask you all to moderate your attitudes towards the embarked passengers and pilots from other units, we do things differently here on the Hammer and they don't necessarily know that.  While I agree that the Lt Col commanding Ares is a pompous arse he doesn't need to be reminded of the fact at every public event, meal, or briefing.  Certainly not to his face...
Steady progress as the month draws down, we'll see what the MSEs hold...
In Service,
FA La'an, SOO
ISD Hammer

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