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FA La'an - 9
For: Strategic Operations Officer
Posted By: GN Jarek La'an
Posted On: June 3, 2013

Report #9, 13 May 2013
Opening Comments
Another hiatus of two weeks for this report, I'm afraid my activity was hit my a medical requirement for surgery.  Suffice to say all is now well and whilst I'm unable to walk or drive in RL, my alter ego is ready as ever.  With that in mind I am pleased to announce the commencement of Phase 2 of the Karana Initiative in the form of the XWA battle that will be attached to a separate e-mail immediately following the issue of this report. I'm happy with the activity of the last few weeks and looking forward to expanding this over the remainder of the month.  Notable activity from individual pilots has been very encouraging, special mention to MAJ Elwood the Brave whom I know has been keeping the TO busy single-handed.  Imperial University courses are a diverting activity and easily located and completed, so if you are looking to expand your MSE entry then it is a surefire way to add a few lines.
MoCs will be awarded this evening, with members of the outstanding MSE to receive them as and when the report comes in, so other than that, business as usual!
Fleet Status
The TCCOMs weekly report will continue to detail promotions and transfers, as well as all major awards.  A number of medals have been awarded this week, so congratulations to all, particularly those as a result of April's MSE for which the quantity and range of awards was impressive.  Records of all MP matches should continue to be made in MSEs and thus contribute to monthly activity awards, I am aware that some LoCs have been awarded but I am equally aware that due to the database transfer the TCCOM will be holding off on the awards until we have an ETA - if this policy changes all relevant personnel will be briefed.  Any additional activity should always be reported, you may not think it relevant, but much can contribute to your overall activity. 
Weekly Orders
The last ten days have passed without incident in our local area, however Void Raptor activity has begun to climb once again across our territories.  Strikes on merchant shipping have been reported in five systems spanning our borders to the very edge of Auroran space.  Now they have shown their hand we need to move fast to catch them before they disappear back into their lairs once again.  As previous priority is to be given to the capture or destruction of Val Duquesne and her associated officers - she cannot be allowed to continue this campaign of terror and opportune piracy, the markets of Aurora and the populations of the affected systems have already responded negatively.  Corporate Division executives are reporting huge hikes in merchant shipping insurance premiums and a growing clamor from the Merchant and Navigator Guilds for the navy to step in and escort all shipping within our own space - to do so would stretch us to the limit and leave significant blind spots in our layered scheme of defense.
The Hammer has been tasked to seek out and destroy all Void Raptor units in our assigned patrol area, current intel suggests a number of independent cells operating from multiple outposts, we will start at the site of the last attack and track outwards from there.  Friendly units will join us en route as the situation develops, at this time all units are on high alert for imminent launch.  All squadrons will be briefed independently on patrol routes and assignments, Lambda and Beta will be retained for point defence of the Hammer herself and will be further tasked as required.  Once again, our priority is the destruction of Val Duquesne and all forces under her command.  We cannot countenance any failure to stop them, the line will be drawn here, no further.  The consequences of defeat will be far ranging as our disparate enemies unite behind a single banner, it cannot be allowed to happen... 
Pilots to your fighters, those of you not owning XWA stand by for further platforms in the latter stages of Phase 2...
In Service,
FA La'an, SOO
ISD Hammer

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