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FA La'an - 10
For: Strategic Operations Officer
Posted By: GN Jarek La'an
Posted On: June 3, 2013

Report #10, 21 May 2013
Opening Comments
All MSEs have now been received in and the final medals awarded for activity in April should be done within 24 hours.  I remain hopeful that we can improve on this next month, so to that end I would ask that all CMDRs start looking towards their next evaluations and getting things in order.  The quicker the turnaround the less time spent sending mails requesting info or details, the more time I get to write congratulations and ensure our active pilots understand that their efforts are acknowledged.  On a connected point, I would like to see a lot more active pilots, specifically in the next few days - the participation for the XWA phase of Karana has been low so far, understandable due to the single platform, but I know from checking every pilot's page that XWA is listed as an owned game on a great many more than those few who have submitted so far.  Those that have taken part have my thanks, but I look forward to seeing more!  Other than that little to report from my office at this point, daily work is ongoing.  I'd like to remind you all that any queries or concerns can always be directed to myself or the TCCOM.  While in the past inactivity at a high level has been problematic I can assure you all that myself and Dan stand ready to assist where we can, and are in communication daily without fail - we're here to help you all, and help the club as a whole.
Fleet Status
The TCCOMs weekly report will continue to detail promotions and transfers, as well as all major awards.  A number of medals have been awarded this week, so congratulations to all, particularly those as a result of April's MSE for which the quantity and range of awards was impressive.  Records of all MP matches should continue to be made in MSEs and thus contribute to monthly activity awards, I'm very pleased with the number of Star Conflict screenshots that keep flooding the inbox, and particularly just how many of you are flying. Any additional activity should always be reported, you may not think it relevant, but much can contribute to your overall activity. 
Weekly Orders
Success has followed success, our forces have flooded the threat systems with long range patrols and escorts for our merchant traffic.  Piracy has fallen sharply and the public has reacted positively, with order and stability prevailing once again after the chaos that effected the markets and public forums of the EH last week.  What they do not know at present is that a number of pirate attacks have continued, relatively minor, but their attacks have been carefully targeted on military and engineering components being shipped in unremarkable bulk freighters.  This has raised a number of important points at Intel - we are hitting our enemy hard, his activity has fallen off, and we have confirmed proof that they are raiding our own supplies in order to keep themselves vaguely operational.  However the concern is that they knew exactly where to strike...  Intel believes an asset is aiding the Void Raptors and the only logical conclusion is that an officer within the Hammer or her battlegroup is feeding intelligence to our enemy.
The Hammer at present continues to prosecute suspected Raptor operating areas, aiming to drive enemy forces into the waiting arms of our border patrols and escorts.  Only a handful of enemy ships have been sighted, with the successful engagement of the frigate "Idolator" less than 36 hours ago.  All pilots should ensure they are well rested and follow the briefed squadron rotation, this is not a time to lose our focus.  Next duty squadron is Gamma, with Delta at ready state.  Alert levels remain high, and until we identify our leak we will maintain a comms blackout.  That is all.
The conflict continues, we need to keep the pressure on before our opportunity to end this menace slips away...
In Service,
FA La'an, SOO
ISD Hammer


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