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FA La'an - 11
For: Strategic Operations Officer
Posted By: GN Jarek La'an
Posted On: June 3, 2013

Report #11, 03 June 2013
Opening Comments
Time it would appear often makes a mockery of us all, or in my case a liar!  Despite statements to the contrary this report is late by a number of days and far from the example I would like to set.  That said, I have been utterly happy with the last reporting period - I consider the last stage of Karana a success in terms of participation, generated activity, awards, and all round communication.  I'm pleased to see that everyone is willing to get behind a concept, whether flawed or immaculate, and do what they can to drive their own squadron's forward.  Of course this time Delta were victorious, with Epsilon breathing down their necks in numbers, but Dempsey's persistence in flying on higher difficulty settings paying off.  While the battle's result may well have been indecisive in terms of narrative, we can only assume that the pirate threat will continue.  At present the TIE battle is ready to go, with the XvT battle undergoing testing - whichever we decide to run next I look forward to the same levels of interest!
On a slight tangent, Delta's MSE has already arrived and hopefully three more will follow down its bearing.  I'm very pleased with the way things are looking at the moment, but there's always room for improvement.
Fleet Status
The TCCOMs weekly report preceded this report, so I won't repeat him unnecessarily - however stay tuned for further medals as MSEs roll in.  Standard message on repeat, records of all MP matches should continue to be made in MSEs and thus contribute to monthly activity awards, I'm very pleased with the number of Star Conflict screenshots that keep flooding the inbox, and particularly just how many of you are flying - Gyssler and Crsepe spring to mind, so address queries or interest in the EH participation to these two pilots if the game is unfamiliar. Any additional activity should always be reported, you may not think it relevant, but much can contribute to your overall activity. 
Weekly Orders
We have lost pilots; friends, colleagues, rivals.  The last engagement was a bloody one, continuing the pattern of hit and run attacks we have suffered over the previous weeks.  Initial success has turned into protracted stalemate as we flush pirate forces from their lairs and drive them into the cold light of day.  The burden of maintaining our external borders and prosecuting this internal threat has stretched our fleet thin, but we will prevail.  The losses have been keenly felt by our fighters, with enemy forces fading out before the Hammer can bring her guns to bear, but every sacrifice we make costs the enemy threefold, and they cannot hope to survive that statistic.
Attacks on merchant shipping remain low, with Void Raptor activity seeming to focus on our military forces at present.  This change in tactics goes against our expected doctrine and reflects an enemy growing desperate. Whatever battleplan or dogma they are operating to seems driven by personal enmity and we will use this to lure them into our killing ground.  As we speak additional forces are being directed into the conflict, tightening the noose and driving the Raptors towards a more isolated corner of our territory.  They cannot hope to survive under constant pursuit, with no logistical chain to support them, or local systems to hide within or hold hostage.  Our last operation to capture Val Duquesne was unsuccessful, but in this action we gained valuable intel that will inform our next moves.  We still believe a mole within our own force is feeding information to the Raptors, but no leads have been uncovered - we must all remain vigilant to the threat within, as well as without.
The Hammer has withdrawn from the primary operating area to rearm and rendezvous with additional escorts, on completion of this brief we will hyper to this meeting place and take on additional fighters and personnel to make good our losses.  We remain on a conflict footing, Delta Squadron will be on CAP, with Lambda at short notice to reinforce.  Preparations are underway for the next stage of the conflict and all pilots will be briefed prior to the action.
The net is closing, stay the course...
In Service,
FA La'an, SOO
ISD Hammer


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