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FA La'an - 12
For: Strategic Operations Officer
Posted By: GN Jarek La'an
Posted On: June 17, 2013

Report #12, 17 June 2013
Opening Comments
A decent period since my last report, a number of short LoAs due to work commitments gave me the pleasant sight of e-mails piling up in my inbox.  Normally this would be a sign of impending disaster, however the volume of them including medal awards, reports, and MSEs was hugely encouraging.  This is exactly the level of admin/support that we can use to build a foundation for activity and ensure that everyone who deserves it is rewarded efficiently, and those who are slipping away are hauled back or at least (in one case this week) given the appropriate last rites.
As we are presently between Karana phases until testing on the two battles (XvT/TIE) is completed this is an ideal point to take a short break and look at the comp so far.  The initial phases led to the first battle, with some storyline development from the original concept.  This has encouraged a number of you to make your own contributions, as many of which as possible are being folded into the competition.  The downside of this may well be that the narrative drifts along with increasing repetition between phases, so lots of inconclusive skirmishes with a never-ending amalgam of pirate types.  In future this may well be streamlined and more well developed in advance, for now however we're dealing with the cards we dealt ourselves.  Criticism or constructive comment can be directed to myself or the TCCOM at any time, I would only ask its done privately until a valid assessment can be made.  Overall I am happy with the progress so far, but ever there is always room for improvement, and we look to you all to steer us in the right direction!
Fleet Status
The TCCOMs weekly report preceded this report, so I won't repeat him unnecessarily - suffice to say all MSEs came in for May and led to a frankly outstanding number of awards, particularly the clutch of Bronze Stars, and that rarest of beasts, a Gold Star.  MoCs have now also been awarded, so well done to all recipients.  Standard message on repeat, records of all MP matches should continue to be made in MSEs and thus contribute to monthly activity awards, I'm very pleased with the number of Star Conflict screenshots that keep flooding the inbox, and particularly just how many of you are flying - Gyssler and Crsepe spring to mind, so address queries or interest in the EH participation to these two pilots if the game is unfamiliar. Any additional activity should always be reported, you may not think it relevant, but much can contribute to your overall activity. 
Weekly Orders
The last two weeks have seen no incidence of pirate activity in our patrol area, or in the previously attacked territories.  I have no doubt that we have inflicted significant damage on our opponents, but even at a mere eight sectors  our territory is too vast for our fleet to be everywhere.  While they may have slunk back to whatever lairs have thus far escaped our cleansing fire the Void Raptors are likely far from beaten, a wounded animal is at its most dangerous when its hunter believes it cornered - and Raptors are known for their sharp claws...  The merchant fleets remain on increased alert and our convoy systems will continue through high-risk systems and high-value cargoes.  The issue we face is that such a system takes ships off the front line, leaving fewer of us to search our designated area of operation.  We will all be worked hard in the coming weeks, despite the months we have so far committed to this cause.  It will all be worth it in the end when we can say without doubt that Duquesne has been dragged from under her rock and exposed to the full weight of Imperial justice.
Following our resupply and relative inactivity in the last few weeks we have no requirement for further resupply at this point, as a change of tack we will be commencing random patrols while our battlegroup continues to hold our assigned area.  This will mean independent operations in the border areas, so all pilots are to reacquaint with New Republic capabilities and deployments, the last thing we need is a fragile peace to be broken by a trigger-happy pilot bagging a Reb rather than a Raptor.   Think twice, shoot once.  On a similar note, rumours have been circulating regarding our TCCOMs potential contact with his NR counterpart - this sort of talk is not helpful and will not be assisted by ready room-gossip.  Any diplomatic contact or military co-operation is a command decision far above your, and my, pay grades.
Alert status will continue at heightened, duty CAP squadron will be Epsilon, with Gamma at short notice to reinforce.  While we may have lost our sister squadrons back to their original ships we are still carrying a number of additional pilots beyond complement.  They are assigned to the Hammer's Fist units we took aboard to supplement our own naval troopers - they're groundpounders who've spent too much time in atmosphere and flying shuttles, so cut them a little slack, they know we're better than they are - they don't need to be reminded more than once... or twice...
Not the time to rest on our laurels, but take what rest you can...
In Service,
FA La'an, SOO
ISD Hammer

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