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Clan Drakonan Report - 5
For: Clan Drakonan's
Posted By: INQ Crsepe
Posted On: June 30, 2013


Dark Greetings, and welcome Clan Drakonan's Report.
SW News:
This year’s Celebration Europe includes a Jabba’s Palace cast reunion, Four (4) Boba Fetts, and Die Modal Nodes. Reserve your tickets for July 26-28 in Messe Essen, Germany.
EH News:
SWL Elwood the Brave has been elevated to the Master-at-Arms position in the Dark Council.

DB Trivia: SWL Elwood the Brave won this past weeks trivia with 8 points followed closely by DSM Scoser with 6 points.

Sword of Drakonan:
DSM Exar Kit - Steam activity
SWL Elwood the Brave - Steam activity( went 4-6 on PvP and 1-1 in PvE), won this weeks trivia, promoted to Sith Warlord and joined the Dark Council as Master-at-Arms

SWL Starkillerny - Steam activity

SK Kaisin Mirtez - Steam activity
DSM Scoser - Steam activity, participated in trivia
I know that I've already sent out an email asking what everyone is or would like to be doing for the Clan, so I won't ask twice, for now.  But what I ask of you now is each Saturday or Sunday until noon, your time, sent me a quick reporting in about what you've done for the past week.  For you Steam players let me know an approximate time that you played that week as well as any level increases that you achieved, as that goes for Sword of Drakonan points.  For those of you that are a cross-over from the TIECorps and are in a position that sends out weekly flight or squadron reports, I generally get those through the mailing list so I'll make sure you get credit for any activity that you did that week that pertains to Dark Brotherhood activity as well.  For those of you that haven't checked in with me from my email 4-5 days ago, you have until Friday July 5th to respond.  As always, trivia starts every Monday and this weeks theme is: what is the person's first line from Return of the Jedi!

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