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Clan Drakonan Report - 9
For: Clan Drakonan's
Posted By: INQ Crsepe
Posted On: August 3, 2014

Dark Greetings Clan Drakonan,

Welcome to the 9th installment, and first of the year, of a Clan report.
A lot has happened these past months, and again not much has happened.  We've had some new members join us and some returning Sith have decided to make a come back. To those that have returned, welcome back to the fold, to those that are new Sith, welcome to Clan Drakonan.
There has been some activity in recent months, Star Conflict mutliplayer, some TOR activity, DB Trivia, and missions flown.  We now have a vast array of activity that all can participate in: Star Conflict, The Old Republic, TOR Galactic Starfighter, most Star Wars games that have a multiplayer aspect, Killing Floor, Star Trek Online, and the normal activities: writing, graphics, and the missions compendiums' custom missions.  
Since I can't think of much else to say I will leave it at this and make sure that there is more for the next report.  If there are any questions that anyone has regarding anything Dark Brotherhood related, feel free to ask.  
Sword of Drakonan is still going strong, I recently got caught up with the numbers, and will be kept up as best I can from now on.  That being said, if I missed something let me know.  

CON/SBM Crsepe/Clan Drakonan/FRG Swift Fury 
(ED) (SoI) (KS) (Cr-D-E-T-Q) (CF-R) (LSAu)


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