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Grand Master's Report July 2015 - 1
For: Grand Master
Posted By: D Tomaas Montte
Posted On: July 8, 2015

Dark Brotherhood Grand Master’s Report




  • Leadership Positions available!

Currently we have several leadership positions available to be filled and I’m asking people with any interest to please contact Consul Crsepe and cc: myself if they are interested. We’d like to organize and reopen the following units as soon as possible and need leaders to take charge of them and organize their activity.

  • Battleteam Stingray (Primary Activity- Star Wars Flight Sims)

  • Battleteam Sentinel (Primary Activity- First Person Shooters)

  • Battleteam Dark Prophets (Primary Activity - Fiction and Run Ons)

If you have an interest in getting this groups reopened and leading them then let us know along with your ideas and plans going forward.


  • Clan Alvaak Closing

Clan Alvaak is being closed in the database per GA Rapier’s instructions. If you are a member of Alvaak you will be transferred to Clan Drakonan.  Your SWTOR activity will still be counted and awrded but you will now report to Consul Crsepe. If you have an interest in creating a SWTOR centered Battleteam as mentioned in the news above simply contact Consul Crsepe and cc: myself  If youhave any questions I’d be glad to answer them.



  • Weekly Trivia on DB mailing list.

  • Pimp The Fleet Competition in STO

  • Open gaming ( Any of our approved platforms can be played or participated in for activity credit and awards. Contact you direct superior for more information)



  • Master at Arms Elwood the Brave elevated to Dark side Primarch.

Its my pleasure to elevate Elwood the Brave to the rank of Dark Side Primarch. He is truly a credit to the Dark Brotherhood and the Emperor’s Hammer as  a whole. During his tenure as Master at Arms he has worked diligently to increase activity and process awards and promotions to reward our membership. Aside from his hard work and enthusiasm, Woody is a genuinely great guy and is always there to help anyone in the Dark Brotherhood with anything they need. Its members like Woody that make me proud to be a part of this group.

  • Praetor Pellaeon elevated to Sith Warlord.

Pellaeon is an indispensable officer and member of the Dark Brotherhood.  His elevation to the rank of Sith Warlord is in recognition of all the hard work he has done to promote activity, recruit members, and somehow maintain a very high level of activity of his own. It is members like him that drive this club and make it so enjoyable to be a part of.



  • GM Nocturnus awarded a Diamond Sword

Nocturnus is extremely active and impressive in the Dark Brotherhood. He has been instrumental in moving our STO Fleet to its present position and I don’t exaggerate when I say it wouldn’t have been possible to make the progress we have in developing our Fleet as much as we have without him. In addition, he has always been willing to lend his perspective as a past Grand Master to me whenever I called on him and aid both me and the group as a whole in whatever way he can. This award is well deserved and a mark of the high esteem we all hold Nocturnus in.


  • SWL Pellaeon awarded Diamond Sword

Pellaeon is a marvel really. He has made STO a very suceessful platform for the Dark Brotherhood and truthfully developed and ran it for EH members for quite some time before it was official with no thought of reward. In addition he has promoted other activities and platforms among DB members while doing so and been an active recruiter. This award is simply a recognition of his outstanding achievements.


  • DSP Elwood the Brave awarded the Silver Sash.

I say this often, but Elwood the Brave is an outstanding and invaluable officer.for everything he's done as an officer and a very active member I'm pleased to award him the rare Silver Sash. The sash is awarded to Dark Council members that have helped the groweth and function of the group as a whole and Elwood the Brave certainly qualifies. The Sash is an extremely rare award reserved for truly outstanding members of the Dark Council and Woody deserves it.


Darkness Defend,


GM Tomaas Montte/DC-1

(SL) (ED) (SB) (GCx8) (SoI) (SC) (DC-K) (KS) (Cr-D-R-Ax7-S-Ex12-Tx9-Qx8) (CF-R) (LSB)

Darth Beskad


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