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Clan Drakonan Report - 11
For: Clan Drakonan's
Posted By: INQ Crsepe
Posted On: August 14, 2015

Well now, I'm extremely certain that this is a huge surprise to you all.  A report from me.  Its unheard of and hasn't happened in a long time. 
Well I'm here to rectify my mistakes and failures from the past year.  And I'm hoping that you all will help/allow me to try.  I'm not going to go into a very in-depth review of my plan for this, as I will be relying you everyone's feed back and participation in the competitions that I will be putting out in the near future.  I will be playing off everyone's, especially the winners, for the next phase.  
Activity has been a bit on the slow side, with only Star Conflict and Star Trek Online making the big splashes in the Sword of Drakonan numbers.  I will be hoping to change that soon with a few old games that have made a resurfacing.  I, myself, have Jedi Academy, and will be looking to hold a gaming night where we can either just battle each other or have a tournament.  Force Commander is another that I have, and might be looking to try my hand against others as well, though I don't know about a competition or game night for this...any ideas?  Here is what I believe to be the most current list of EH/DB approved games, someone please correct me if I'm wrong or if there are some missing.  I would also like to remind those SWTOR players, that points and/or rewards will be given out for any max level characters, and completed flash-points and operations.  All I would need is a screenshot, sent to crsepe@gmail.com, of the mission complete screen or your character at the current max level.  
To help in this I've created a small fiction comp, Finding the Source.  Which has the following prompt: Informants have been arriving with information about an alarming number of beings asking very pointed questions about the defenses and lay-out of the Dark Hall of Eos. This has been happening on a majority of EH planets, but most recently on the planet Sif. Your are tasked with travelling to the City of Juraas-Kur, finding those asking questions, and ascertaining what their ultimate goal is. Kill only if you must, as your goal is to report your findings without revealing that we are on to them.
I'm looking for a minimum of 500 words, there is no maximum.  You can send your submissions in to me at crespe@gmail.com.  (Should participation prove very good, I "may" even add awards for 4th and 5th place, but there would need to be a fair amount of submissions.)
Sword of Drakonan numbers have remained steady throughout 2015, but I'm hoping that with the beginnings of this new phase of competitions, and hopeful activity, numbers will increase.  This is what I'm hoping will be the beginning of a new era for Clan Drakonan and the Dark Brotherhood.  
As always, competitions can be found here.
Finding the Source. 
A fiction comp that has you traveling to the city of Juraas-Kur on the planet Sif, where you must find the persons or group that is inquiring about the Dark Hall's layout and defenses.  Your orders are to obtain what information you can and report back with what you know, kill only if you must, but don't tip them off that we are aware of them.  Awards: 1st Place Amethyst Star (Cr-1A) 2nd Place Sapphire Star (Cr-1S) 3rd Place Emerald Star (Cr-1E)
Pimp the Fleet V3.0
Every month SWL Pellaeon counts the contributions of the Members to the Fleet. This will be sorted in a ranking list for every of the 4 sections. Additional to that there will be an overall ranking list. One high active Member in all 4 sections is able to grab up to 5 awards! Additional to that we have the small ancillary effect that our Fleet increases in level and functionality.
Word Run-on
Post on the Word Run-on.  Event runs through the end of the year. 
To end this very belated report, I would like to  re-emphasize my new competition and to encourage everyone to try their hand at some fiction.  Also, look forward to at least a gaming night in the near future, and I'm taking ideas on which game and night to have it, so let me know.  

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