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Hyperion Flight Report - 34
For: Clan Drakonan's
Posted By: L Pellaeon
Posted On: August 17, 2015


Dark greetings members of the Dark Brotherhood to report number 34.
This will be my last Hyperion Report, after some disscussions with the Dark Consil and CON Crsepe I was appointed to Proconsul to help rebuildung and restructuring the Clan. I want to thank for this position elevation and I hope for a good work together.
Albeit my appointment to PCON, Hyperion Flight will remain as my personal escort and under my direct command. For the STO Fleet and the Battleteam nothing will change.
Once again the Crystalline Entity Event is on. Once Again a chance to grab easy many Dilithium and Fleet Marks. Details are here: http://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online/news/detail/9500363-star-trek-online%3A-crystalline-entity-event
Additional to that, a second event "The Butterfly Effect" is on too. Full details are here: http://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online/news/detail/9502123-star-trek-online%3A-butterfly-effect-now-live%21
The evaluations were reviewed a with a lot of nice medals awarded. Details below.

Current Fleet status:
- Fleet Level: 23
- Star Base Level: 3
- Dilithium Mine Level: 2
- Embassy Level: 1
- Spire Level: 1
- Science Lab Level: 0

We should try to develop our Dilithium Mine first, every level gives us discount for the other structures.


Pimp the Fleet V3.0:

Every month I count the contributions of the Members to the Fleet. This will be sorted in a rankinglist for every of the 5 sections. Additional to that there will be an overall rankinglist. One high active Member in all 5 sections is able to grab up to 6 awards! Additional to that we have the small ancillary effect that our Fleet increases in level and functionality. With permission of our MAA, I'll participate from now on in the competition too. So everybody has now an additional hard opponent.

Overall winner counting all 5 sections together:
1st Place Amethyst Star (Cr-1A)
2nd Place Sapphire Star (Cr-1S)
3rd PLace Emerald Star (Cr-1E)
Winner of one Section: (Base, Embassy, Dilithium Mine, Spire and Science Lab)
1st Place Emerald Star (Cr-1E)
2nd Place Topaz Star (Cr-1T)
3rd Place Quartz Star (Cr-1Q)


GM Tomaas Montte: Grand Cross of the Dark Side
GM Nocturnus: Grand Cross of the Dark Side
DSP Elwood the Brave: Grand Cross of the Dark Side
DSM Exar Kit: Grand Cross of the Dark Side
SWL Pellaeon: Grand Cross of the Dark Side
JH Rau Aznable: Dark Cross



Hyperion Roster:

P:GM-PCON/SWL Pellaeon
BTM/JH Wolfverine
BTM/GM Nocturnus
BTM/SK Jedi Eclipse
BTM/PRT Cerberus
BTM/PRT Mordred
BTM/PRT Marcus Caine
BTM/DSM Daniel Licinius Trajanus
BTM/SBL Torres
BTM/SK Iceman
BTM/JH Rau Aznable


http://mb.emperorshammer.org -> our message board
our channel @ undernet servers #EHDB
my handle in STO is @Arcion
my name in Steam is [EH]Pellaeon


If you know someone with interest in STO and the EHDB, feel free to recruit him/her. A lot of changes will be done in the DB soon, so if you have questions about it, don't wait for asking them. Mail me or the Dark Counsil, we will try to answer your questions or solve any occuring problems.
I also want to remember your SC players to submit their MP screen shoots. Maybe there is any of them eligible for a CoF.
That all for now, have a nice time, and the most important: have fun!

STO Group Commander, Proconsul and Praetor to the Grand Master Sith Warlord Pellaeon:
P:GM-PCON/SWL Pellaeon/Clan Drakonan
POTM January 2002, August 2002, September 2002, October 2002
Sith Champion April 2002
Hyperion Sith/Qua Escort Winner NOV/DEC 2002
Best pilot of Hyperion for all time


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