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Drakonan Proconsul Report - 1
For: Clan Drakonan's
Posted By: L Pellaeon
Posted On: September 1, 2015


Clan Drakonan Proconsul Report #1

Date submited: 1st September 2015
From: P:GM-PCON SWL Pellaeon
To: GM Tomaas Montte
CC: entire Dark Brotherhood



Dark greetings!
Welcome to my 1st report as Proconsul of Clan Drakonan.
There are a lot of discussions EH wide about its future, development and supported games. It seems there is a huge uncertainness about the approved platforms. All from the Fleet Commander approved games are Dark Brotherhood approved. For completeness I add here the full list. If I forgot any platform, correct me. Nobody is perfect:

First Person Shooters:

Jedi Outcast
Jedi Academy
BattleFront II
BattleFront III (when released)
BattleField 2
BattleField 2142
BattleField Bad Company 2
BattleField 3
Call of Duty 4 (Modern Warfare)
Call of Duty 6 (Modern Warfare 2)
Call of Duty 7 (Modern Warfare: Black ops)
Call of Duty 8 (Modern Warefare 3)
Team Fortress 2 (free to play and its 4 years old so most anyone should be able to play it)
Killing Floor

Also any mods of these as a couple of them even have Star Wars mods but we’re not making those mandatory.

Real Time Strategy:

Empire at War
Rebellion (aka Supremacy)
Sins of a Solar Empire
Dawn of War I and II
Starcraft II

Flight Sims:

Freeworlds (Freelancer mod that some are already playing)
Star Conflict


The Old Republic
Star Wars Galaxies (closed)
Star Trek online

You see, a very wide line-up in games. So what to do now with all these opportunities getting awards in the DB? At first all interested players for one or even more platforms need to form up a Battleteam with one Sith as its respective BTL. With this great amout of games, it is impossible to manage it alone on Clan leader level. Very often demands forget, that all what we are doing here is in our free time and voluntary. Nobody gets money here to run the club or the subgroup. Far from it. Servers and websites estimate costs. So it is once again on you to build something that works. At the moment are 2 BTL spots open, one for flight sims and one for FPS games. For the FPS games I allready got an application on my desk. If there are any other ideas or interest in a BT for one or more of the above approved games, let me know. We can build it. Just follow my example of building my own Star Trek online Battleteam. It requires hard work, addiction and ideas. But it payed out. For the active players in my BT earning awards and promotions as well for myself.

Continue your dark way to mightier sith powers. The DB wants you!


Pimp the Fleet V3.0: (Star Trek online / DB wide)

Every month I count the contributions of the Members to the Fleet. This will be sorted in a rankinglist for every of the 5 sections. Additional to that there will be an overall rankinglist. One high active Member in all 5 sections is able to grab up to 6 awards! Additional to that we have the small ancillary effect that our Fleet increases in level and functionality. With permission of our MAA, I'll participate from now on in the competition too. So everybody has now an additional hard opponent.

Overall winner counting all 5 sections together:
1st Place Amethyst Star (Cr-1A)
2nd Place Sapphire Star (Cr-1S)
3rd PLace Emerald Star (Cr-1E)
Winner of one Section: (Base, Embassy, Dilithium Mine, Spire and Science Lab)
1st Place Emerald Star (Cr-1E)
2nd Place Topaz Star (Cr-1T)
3rd Place Quartz Star (Cr-1Q)

Finding the Source: (Clan Drakonan)

Start Date: August 14, 2015
End Date: September 13, 2015

Informants have been arriving with information about an alarming number of beings asking very pointed questions about the defenses and lay-out of the Dark Hall of Eos. This has been happening on a majority of EH planets, but most recently on the planet Sif. Your are tasked with travelling to the City of Juraas-Kur, finding those asking questions, and ascertaining what their ultimate goal is. Kill only if you must, as your goal is to report your findings without revealing that we are on to them. 500 word minimum.

Send your entries to CON/SBL Crsepe

1st Place Amethyst Star (Cr-1A)
2nd Place Sapphire Star (Cr-1S)
3rd PLace Emerald Star (Cr-1E)

Word Run-on: (entire EH)

Start Date: October 4, 2014
End Date: December 31, 2015

Post on the Word run-on at http://mb.emperorshammer.org/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1996&sid=ab2e5fa7aed951a06119def1a57ac3d5

Top 3 posters across the EH win IS-GR, SR, BR or Cr-R, Cr-A, Cr-S, depending on choice.

Comp Admin: VA Mark Schueler

Competition Results

Pimp the Fleet V3.0 - August 2015 Results:

Star Base:
#1: GM Tomaas Montte: 619.585
#2: SWL Pellaeon: 393.426
#3: GM Nocturnus: 94.762
#4: DSP Elwood the Brave: 45.954
#5: JH Rau Aznable: 14.702
#6: DSM Exar Kit: 9.000
#7: SBL Torres: 1.744

#1: GM Tomaas Montte: 127.507
#2: DSM Exar Kit: 94.890
#3: GM Nocturnus: 94.230
#4: SWL Pellaeon: 42.700
#5: JH Rau Aznable: 22.299

Dilithium Mine:
#1: GM Nocturnus: 383.049
#2: SWL Pellaeon: 349.193
#3: GM Tomaas Montte: 237.331
#4: JH Rau Aznable: 65.962
#5: DSM Exar Kit: 48.175
#6: DSP: Elwood the Brave: 12.252
#7: SBL Torres and SBM Delak Krennel: both 1.200

#1: GM Tomaas Montte: 86.890
#2: SWL Pellaeon: 35.750
#3: DSP Elwood the Brave: 19.110
#4: GM Nocturnus: 10.556
#5: JH Rau Aznable: 8.450
#6: SBL Torres: 1.000

Sience Lab:
#1: GM Tomaas Montte: 205.268
#2: SWL Pellaeon: 80.078
#3: GM Nocturnus: 34.336
#4: DSP Elwood the Brave: 4.930
#5: JH Rau Aznable: 4.484
#6: SBL Torres: 3.000

Total Scores:
#1: GM Tomaas Montte: 1.276.581
#2: SWL Pellaeon: 901.147
#3: GM Nocturnus: 616.933
#4: DSM Exar Kit: 152.065
#5: JH Rau Aznable: 115.897
#6: DSP Elwood the Brave: 82.246
#7: SBL Torres: 6.944
#8: SBM Delak Krennel: 1.200

Congratulations to the winners! Next round just started today. Crescents are on their way.

Open Command Positions

- Stingray Battleteam: flight sims (X-Wing,TIE Fighter, XvT, XWA, Star Conflict)
- Hammer's Fist Battleteam: "First Person Shooter" games


Hyperion Battle Team Roster

P:GM-PCON/SWL Pellaeon
BTM/JH Wolfverine
BTM/GM Nocturnus
BTM/SK Jedi Eclipse
BTM/PRT Cerberus
BTM/PRT Mordred
BTM/PRT Marcus Caine
BTM/DSM Daniel Licinius Trajanus
BTM/SBL Torres
BTM/JH Rau Aznable

STO Fleet Status

Current Fleet status:
- Fleet Level: 23
- Star Base Level: 3
- Dilithium Mine Level: 2
- Embassy Level: 1
- Spire Level: 1
- Science Lab Level: 0

We should try to develop our Dilithium Mine first, every level gives us discount for the other structures.

Awards and Promotions

SWL Ulrich Drachen: 26xCoF
SWL Pellaeon: 3x CoF, 1x Cr-E
SBM Plif: 10x CoF, 1x LS, 1x Cr-Q
NOV Archenksov: 1x CoF, 1x Cr-Q
NOV: Ra'nnar Volfe: 1x Cr-E, 1x Cr-T, 1x Cr-Q, 1x CoF
NOV Jarion Renalds: 1x Cr-T
SBM Wraith: 1x Cr-E, 1x Cr-T, 1x Cr-Q
PRT Cerberus: 1x Cr-T


I hope I was able to point out, that there are more than one door is open for desired gaming platforms. Now it is your task to give CON Crsepe and me a roster with a leader and you can start. Even if your team starts with only 4 or 5 members. It doesn't matter. Prosperity comes with time and work for.

respectfully submitted


Praetor to the Grandmaster and Proconsul Sith Warlord Pellaeon
P:GM-PCON/SWL Pellaeon /Clan Drakonan

POTM January 2002, August 2002, September 2002, October 2002
Sith Champion April 2002
Hyperion Sith/Qua Escort Winner NOV/DEC 2002
Best pilot of Hyperion for all time
Admiral Pellaeon
SOO-LOA/AD Pellaeon/TC-2/ISDII Challenge

GSx2/SSx2/BSx9/PCx10/ISMx11/IS-9GW-31SW-44BW-12SR-13BR/MoI-BC/MoT-1gh/LoC-PS-Rx3/LoS-CSx8/DFC-BW/MoC-1doc-1poc-2goc-2soc-13boc/CoLx2/CoB/LoA/OV-14E [EXCR] [Veteran 2nd]
YT-1300 Corellian Transport "Krümelmonster"
Avenger Black Shirt


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